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Brain imaging of the dog-sized, carnivorous marsupial confirms it had complex thought processes associated with hunting behavior.

First Neural Scans of Extinct Tasmanian Tiger Reveal It Was a Predator
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The Gas Monkeys are always down for a flippin'.
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Find out what happens to the Puppy Bowl puppies who didn't make the cut.

The Untold Stories of Puppy Bowl
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After being hidden away by her mother for 16 weeks, a young lion cub joins her pride's nursery group.

Lion Cubs Play Under Pride’s Protection
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The Diesel Brothers know you've never seen tires like these.
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The county's emergency management agency tweeted that shelters were being set up for displaced residents.

Powerful Storms Kill at Least 18 in Southeast US
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Watch Kari, Grant and Tory fire their designer-inspired leather cannon.

Leather Cannon Angle 1
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Outer space is full of free-floating orphan planets searching for a new home. What would happen if one flew into our solar system?

Did The Sun Steal Planet Nine From Another Solar System?
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Archaeologists claim to have found the site of the lost kingdom of Rheged, the most elusive of all the sixth century kingdoms of Dark Age Britain.

Lost Dark Age Kingdom Uncovered in Scotland
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The mill uses trees from nearby peatlands, increasing the risk of devastating wildfires.

One of the World’s Biggest Pulp Mills Is Devastating Indonesia's Environment
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Flying fish fly to escape predators, and then deposit their eggs on a raft of palm fronds.

Flying Fish Fly
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Scientists have developed a machine that can read your emotions - even when your facial expression remains constant.

Robots Can Now Sense Your Emotions Via Radio Waves
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Atz and Nikos head to Raspberry Island for Nikos' first deer hunt.

The Raspberry Island Deer Hunt
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Michael and Ashley meet - completely naked in Botswana - on day 1 of their Naked and Afraid challenge.

A Naked Meeting in Botswana
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A new theory helps explain the cause of the odd patterns in the Namibian desert — and can even help predict them.

The Mystery of African Desert 'Fairy Circles' Might Have Just Been Solved