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“The entire lunar surface can be contaminated with biogenic terrestrial oxygen, which has been produced by photosynthesis over a few billion years.”

Earth Has Been Sneezing Biogenic Oxygen on the Moon for Billions of Years - Motherboard
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Missed this week's episode of Heavy Rescue 401? Catch up now on or the Discovery GO app: [ Link ].
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A geomagnetic reversal may have a severe impact on humans.

Are Earth's Magnetic Poles About to Flip?
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With 5 masts supporting 42 sails, the Royal Clipper is the largest sailing cruise ship in the world. Don't miss it this Sunday on Mighty Cruise Ships @ 7ET / 4PT.
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Authorities in Ontario try to hit the brakes on a deadly problem. See more from Heavy Rescue 401 on [ Link ]
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The intensity of the solar winds may be decreasing, and that means the northern lights are visible in fewer places.

The northern lights may become a rare sight
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Newborn jaguar cubs were a surprise to zookeepers at Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown since their parents were 'first-timers.'

2 adorable (and unexpected) jaguars born at Pennsylvania zoo
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Tonight a whiteout pile-up scatters heavy l-beams across the highway, testing Jamie and his crew. All that & more on a new episode of Heavy Rescue 401 @ 10ET / 7PT.
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For the first time, the magnetic fields of stars have been included in computer simulations, giving a clue about how the stars in the center of our galaxy respond to straying too close to a monster black hole.

Our Supermassive Black Hole Could Be 'Supercharging' Stars' Magnetism
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Courtesy of the European Mars Express orbiter, a new perspective of the Red Planet's north pole provides a stunning new view of the ancient Martian ice.

Here's What Mars' Amazing Polar Ice Cap Swirls Look Like From Above
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Scientists and engineers are building the world’s largest solar telescope to help predict and prepare for space weather. Catch The Dark Side of the Sun, tonight @ 8ET / 5PT [ Link ]
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A purification system that harnesses the sun's energy to kill toxic bacteria could soon allow India's countryside to easily access clean water.

Solar Purification Could Provide Clean Water in Rural India
This quickly degradable drone has been designed to carry medical supplies to pre-programmed GPS locations.

A One-Way Paper Drone Flies to the Rescue With Humanitarian Aid
The ancient vessel found near the coast of Spain's Balearic Islands was carrying thousands of jars of a pungent fish sauce called garum, a popular Roman condiment.

1,800-Year-Old Shipwreck Found Almost Completely Intact Off Spanish Coast
Tonight's "Snow Moon" coincides with a lunar eclipse that will cast shadow over full moon's face! Watch live: [ Link ] #DailyPlanet
This weekend explore the Carnival Vista, new flagship for one of the world's largest cruise lines. Don't miss the season premiere of Mighty Cruise Ships Sunday @ 7ET / 4PT.
A lightweight robot with thin, silicone-based wings can deep-dive and make sharp turns.

Flying 'Bat Bot' Is Designed to Soar Like the Real Thing
With a crew member rigging on top, Nate uses a hammer on the trailer with unexpected results. See more from Heavy Rescue 401 on [ Link ]
These new photos from the Cassini spacecraft show off Saturn's rings in a new way.

New photos from venerable spacecraft show off incredible details in Saturn’s rings