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Jetpacks may soon be taking firefighters out of the fire and into the air. Check it out tonight on Daily Planet @ 7ET / 4PT.
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Archaeologists claim to have found the site of the lost kingdom of Rheged, the most elusive of all the sixth century kingdoms of Dark Age Britain.

Lost Dark Age Kingdom Uncovered in Scotland
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Hundreds of climbers and Sherpas attempt to reach the top of Everest every year. The pilots of #EverestRescue are their only hope if something goes wrong. Don’t miss the premiere of this new series tonight @ 10ET / 7PT.
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Know someone who's a hazard on the road? Make your nomination for Canada's Worst Driver now: [ Link ]
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The sedimentary rock, called "Old Soaker" by the Mars rover team, was likely once part of a lake bed three billion years ago.

Curiosity Finds Fossilized Slab of Cracked Mud on Mars
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Watch all of Frontier Season 1 now on Discovery GO! [ Link ]
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The 6,200-mile-long structure was observed by Japan's Akatsuki spacecraft and is believed to be created by mountains on the surface of Venus.

A Giant Gravity Wave Has Been Found in Venus' Clouds
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Frontier is now streaming on CraveTV, just in time for the weekend!
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Missed this week's episode of Heavy Rescue 401? Catch up now on or the Discovery GO app: [ Link ]
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The generation of NASA astronauts who traveled beyond Earth orbit is now in their 80s.

After Cernan, Only Six Apollo Moonwalkers Remain
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An enormous reptile motors past onlookers at a Florida nature preserve.

Video of a Giant 12-Foot Gator on the Prowl Goes Viral
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With a huge storm preparing to hit Toronto, Steve must fix one of his heavy wreckers and mobilize his crew. See more from Heavy Rescue 401 on [ Link ]
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Fossilized bones riddled with enormous shark bite marks reveal the mega shark's main prey.

Megalodon Met Its Demise When Its Prey Went Extinct
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A vicious storm puts Abrams driver Mark in the middle of a crash zone on the 401. Don't miss Heavy Rescue 401 tonight @ 10ET / 7PT.
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Spider silk is a miracle material that could create super-strong fabrics.

Step aside, spiders — there’s a new way to spin artificial spider silk
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What will happen when Parker breaks his truck's air hoses while transporting his washplant? Find out tonight a new episode of Gold Rush @ 9ET / 6PT.
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The hidden element found in our planet's inner core has been a long-standing question for researchers.

We're Closer to Solving Mystery of the 'Missing Element' in Earth's Core
The three-mile-high structure, developed by futurists, would have a smog-eating surface.

3D-Printed Skyscraper Would Clean Itself and the Air Around It
The human burials and remains were discovered in a site where stones were cut to build the pyramids, and they date to the reign of the 18th Dynasty.

Dozens of Tombs and Mysterious Crocodile Remains Found in Egypt