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Tasmanian devil populations have been decimated by a contagious cancer for decades, but they are finally showing signs of fighting back.

How The Tasmanian Devil Has Responded To Infectious Cancers
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This unusual Beehive Cluster of stars will mesmerize you!

Turn Your Binoculars To The Night Sky For The Beehive Cluster
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The extreme weather seen in Canada this past year is set to become the new norm, a scientist says.

Scientist Says Canadians Should Get Used To Wild Weather
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Fast N' Loud returns tonight! Don't miss a special episode at 9ET / 6PT followed by an all new episode at 10ET / 7PT.
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Sea otters may have been using stone tools for thousands or even millions of years, say scientists.

Sea Otters Ahead Of Dolphins In Using Tools
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This week on Jade Fever, it's a race for amazing jade before other miners close in. Catch up now on Discovery GO &

Jade Fever | Episode 5 "High Stakes Claim"
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The tardigrade, otherwise known as the water bear, is a very small, but tough little animal.

Why Tiny Tardigrades Are Nearly Indestructible
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Athabasca Glacier is a massive slab of ice and snow in the Canadian Rockies. Travel into the icy world deep beneath the surface with world-renowned ice climber Will Gadd tonight on Daily Planet at 7ET / 4PT.
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Researchers are planning what they say is the first manned submersible expedition to the Titanic since 2005.

First Manned Expedition To Titanic Shipwreck Slated For 2018
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Twins Eric & Justin, 10, & younger brother β€œBaby” Steve, 8, surf like they’ve been doing it for decades. Their next big feat: Jaws, one of the biggest waves in the world. Catch them on Daily Planet tonight at 7ET / 4PT.
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Has the team found a spot that promises jade? Find out tonight on new episodes of Jade Fever starting at 10ET / 7PT.
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This season miners are pushed to extreme new locations in a desperate search for gold. Bering Sea Gold returns with back-to-back episodes tonight at 9ET / 6PT.
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While commuting to work in northern Canada, a driver came across two black wolves speeding down the road.

Woman Films Encounter With Wild Wolves Running Along A Highway In Canada
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An extreme athlete & a book-smart bartender tackle an Ecuadorian cloud forest where it rains daily. Catch Naked and Afraid tonight at 9ET / 6PT.
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David Milarch is on a quest to save California's coast redwoods, some of the world's oldest and largest living things; he may be saving the planet along the way.

This Man Is Cloning Old-Growth Redwoods And Planting Them In Safe Places
A news team & number of tourists have suffered minor injuries after being caught up in an incident on the erupting volcano Mount Etna.

Crew Caught Up In Volcano Blast at Mount Etna
This week on Jade Fever, Claudia's new partnership begins to crumble. Catch all new episodes this Tuesday at 10ET / 7PT.
With marble, mirrors and Swarovski crystal staircases, the MSC Cruises Divina is divine. Don't miss the season finale of Mighty Cruise Ships Sunday @ 7ET / 4PT.
Tonight the Diesel Brothers are up against the clock for their SEMA build: a replica Ford Bronco from an F350 and an Excursion. Don't miss it @ 8ET / 5PT.