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While Bear Grylls does what he does, his dedicated team follows. Snow, desert, jungle- there are one with the champ! Man vs Wild, tonight 10 PM. #DareToSurvive
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We have come a long way from transporting India's first rocket on a cycle to making world records with the number of satellites launched. All credit to ISRO - Indian Space Research Organisation
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It is a magnet falling through a copper pipe. Who can explain why this happens? #Magnetism
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Bear Grylls crosses a river on a tree trunk to cross a river in New Zealand's toughest terrain. Can you do the same? #DareToSurvive
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Bear Grylls gets down to giving tips on how to survive, be it air, ground or water. Catch him tonight 10 PM to know the tricks of the trade.
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Take the space challenge by TeamIndus Moon Mission and solve a fun puzzle. If you win, you get to fly down and assemble a rover with TeamIndus Engineers!
Participate here: [ Link ]
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Could food get any more interesting? Tune into Food Factory, 2 PM today to witness more delicacies in the making.
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Ever wondered if any gathering can be seen from the space? Here's the view of the Kumbh Mela from the space. #IndiaFacts
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Here's wishing Jeremy Wade a very happy birthday. His desire to show us River Monsters has delighted all his fans. Join us in wishing him!
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This is our tribute to the courageous Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev. The young boys who became men for the independence of India. #ShaheedDiwas
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Curious Wednesdays are back and here's your chance to ask @BearGrylls anything you want to know about his adventures. Ask Away!
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We live in a world where 783 million can't access clean water, for some its sheer struggle. Let's change that: Close the tap #worldwaterday
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Isn't this hypnotic? Watch how your favourite foods get made today 2 PM, on Food Factory. Get ready for some serious food cravings.
Wouldn't you want to know how America's favourite candy is made! Tune into Food Factory, today 2 PM where these yummy treats are waiting for you.

Warning: The video may lead to some serious mouth watering and an early lunch.
The countdown has begun as teams around the world get ready to make a landing on moon! Are you supporting India's team TeamIndus Moon Mission in their quest for international glory and achieve something never done before? #HarIndianKaMOONSHOT
"A sparrow is to a city, what a tiger is to a jungle". Don't let the chirp die, save them before it's too late. #worldsparrowday
A bride is dragged to her death in the Amazon River, Colombia. Jeremy Wade tries to find the culprit, tonight 8 PM. Can you guess the fish?
Watch a star getting hit by a blackhole. Know we know who is eating this star!

Black Hole Found Choking on Massive Meal of Stardust
What would you do when your friend blacks out under water? Watch it all on camera on Selfie Survival to catch the story. #DareToSurvive
In his newest adventure, Bear has embarked upon his Zambia adventure. He cooks a frog and battles the worst rapids. Man vs Wild at 7 PM. #DareToSurvive