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One species of winged Dinosaurs, also arguably the smallest Dinosaur; also has four wings.

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Meet Microraptor, the World's Smallest Dinosaur

A change of the clocks could help save this iconic cuddly bear.
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Discovery Africa | Daylight Savings Could Save Koalas

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Discovery Africa | Gold Rush Giveaway

On Nov. 10, 2016, scientists on NASA's IceBridge mission photographed an oblique view of a massive rift in the Antarctic Peninsula's Larsen C ice shelf. Icebridge, an airborne survey of polar ice, completed an eighth consecutive Antarctic deployment on Nov. 18.

Photo credit: NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Some plants can release chemicals that attract the predators of the bugs eating them.
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USDA ARS Online Magazine Vol. 46, No. 10

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One astronaut on board the International Space Station captured a powerful image of a sunset which could be mistaken for a large sheet of flame. Astronauts see the atmosphere like this roughly every 90 minutes, as they view sixteen sunrises and sixteen sunsets every day. Astronauts often comment on how thin and fragile Earth’s atmosphere seems.

Credit: NASA - National Aeronautics and Space...
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The odd health implication of being a heavy Facebook user

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Discovery Africa | Using Facebook Might Help You Live Longer

New find may help explain the composition of rocks in the Earth's continental crust.

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Discovery Africa | Massive Lake Found Under Bolivian Volcano

Can Todd recover from his slow start? Will Tony's ancient dredge pay off? Can Parker lead without his late Grandpa?

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Two Schoolgirls from South Africa have designed Africa's first ever private Satellite. Great job girls!

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Two Teenage Girls Built Africa's First-Ever Private Satellite

Fish have been swimming in the ocean more than twice as long as mammals have been on Earth.
The first Dinosaur to be described scientifically & named is the Megalosaurus in 1824, by William Buckland. Buckland (1784-1856) was a British fossil hunter and clergyman.
How a pessimist pig could have big implications for animal welfare.

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Discovery Africa | Some Pigs Are Optimists, Others Pessimists