5 more days to a gritty adventure set in the heart of Borneo. #FrontierBorneo premiering on 28 Feb. Stay tuned!

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For all the fans not in Malaysia, fret not! You can catch the event LIVE on Facebook at 8:30 pm!

Those who are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, come down to the #FrontierBorneoLive event on 24 Feb and catch the Pre-Screening of #FrontierBorneo! #DiscoverySEA

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Baring your pearly white teeth is seen as a form of aggression to our furry primates. So shut it.

#FrontierBorneo #TwoWorldsOneBorneo #DiscoverySEA
In China's Qinling Mountains, we see the behaviour of wild pandas and discover threats to their future.

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Anthony tries the national hangover cure, Hashi, after a night of hard-drinking in Georgia.

Uncover the beautiful Georgia with Anthony Bourdain on ANTHONY BOURDAIN PARTS UNKNOWN 7 every Monday at 9PM (SEA/KUL), 8.10PM (MNL) & 8PM (JKT/BKK). #GetDisrupted #MenOnMission
Meet the Pangolin... the only scaly mammal in the world! #WorldPangolinDay #mindblown

Catch the raw action in Discovery Southeast Asia's Brand New Series, #FrontierBorneo premiering 28 Feb. [ Goo.gl Link ].
From saving sun bears to hunting killer crocs, the fate of the third largest island in the world hangs in the balance. Stay tuned for the biggest, most thrilling series coming soon.

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#FrontierBorneo #TwoWorldsOneBorneo #DiscoverySEA
Borneo is facing its biggest struggle between human and nature. Catch all the action in a brand-new original Discovery Southeast Asia series on 28 February. #FrontierBorneo #TwoWorldsOneBorneo #DiscoverySEA
Flushed cheeks, racing heart, clammy palms. Your mind only takes 90 seconds to 4 minutes to know if it’s in love. #lovestruck #DiscoverySEA
Catch Idris Elba in a different kind of limelight and experience what he's made of. #MenonMission #GetDisrupted

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Because change is what drives progression. #DiscoverySEA
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Idris Elba trains in South Africa and Cuba with Olympic boxing coach, Nardo Mestre Flores. Will he be able to put the skills he has learnt to the test? Catch IDRIS ELBA: FIGHTER tonight at 9PM (SEA/KUL), 8.10PM (MNL) & 8PM (JKT/BKK). #GetDisrupted #MenOnMission
Artificial breeding amongst Giant Pandas can cause several complications. Catch You You on Hour China on Discovery Channel every Saturday 10.50pm (SEA and MY), 10.40pm (PH) as she gives birth to twins.
BREAKING NEWS! Discovery Southeast Asia has 16x new shows in its alley and is bringing you more local stories than ever before. #DiscoverySEA #tlcseasia

Discovery Unveils 16 New Shows in Asia Localization Effort

This is no Beverly Hills. Will these celebrities pull through the ultimate survival test? Watch and find out. RUNNING WILD WITH BEAR GRYLLS premieres tonight at 9PM (SEA/KUL), 8.10PM (MNL) & 8PM (JKT/BKK). #GetDisrupted #MenOnMission
Every day calls for a celebration—in Greece at least. So eat, drink and be merry with ANTHONY BOURDAIN'S PARTS UNKNOWN premiering tonight at 9PM (SEA/KUL), 8.10PM (MNL) & 8PM (JKT/BKK). #GetDisrupted #MenOnMission
Get ready for some hard-hitting action with Idris Elba and see what it takes to train a champion. Catch the first episode of IDRIS ELBA: FIGHTER tonight at 9PM (SEA/KUL), 8.10PM (MNL) & 8PM (JKT/BKK). #GetDisrupted #MenOnMission
Denise Keller and Liam Bates takes on a cultural adventure of a lifetime. From China to Turkey, culture exchanges come alive.
Lock it in with Hour China every Saturday 10.50pm (SEA and MY), 10.40pm (PH).