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05/26/2017 at 11:50. Facebook
Here's an amazing view to help you get through your Friday!
Jamie Reeve
Marian Thompson
Darren Anthony Bell
Discovery Cove
Discovery Cove
05/24/2017 at 21:30. Facebook
Here's a peek into paradise to help you get through the rest of the week!
Here's a peek into paradise to help you get through the rest of the week
Sarah Burton
Sally Barclay
Laurie Mulder
Gregory Shrader
Kelly Wilkinson
Heidi Corrado
Now here's a view worth waking up for!
Violet Smith
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Diane Marie Ledes
Happy Mother’s Day from our family to yours!

Today we’re celebrating our small, but mighty marmoset mom that keeps up with her own tribe of six. Learn more about Lorraine here [ Link ].
Happy Mother’s Day from our family to yours
Amanda Strickland White
Laurel Deschenes
Zachary Sands
Good Morning from paradise!

(Fan photo: @viciousmaroon)
Good Morning from paradise 

Fan photo viciousmaroon
Sally Christmas
Adam McVay
Hayley Michelle Rogers
Travel underwater as we complete our morning check in with our Cownose rays!
Sharon Wood
Hollie Coates-Seamster
Neil Mottram
Now this is how you spend a Sunday!

(Fan photo: @slstorey)
Now this is how you spend a Sunday

Fan photo slstorey
Susan L. Storey
Sharon Wood
Mary Green
It's Friday and we're celebrating a new drink package! Tune in to learn how you can upgrade your cocktails during your next visit.
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Roll call!

Can you name all 7 marmosets?
Joy Potts
Eileen Starr
Doris Rachel Nieves
Wishes come in all shapes and sizes! Some wish for magic while others dive deep into exploration, but what they all have in common is Make-A-Wish America. #WorldWishDay
Wishes come in all shapes and sizes Some wish for magic while
Megan Sutton
Not your typical view in the Grand Reef!
Isabel Crane
Cristina Isabel Rucabado
Tina Clayton
How are you celebrating Earth Day?

Here’s a friendly reminder that if Annabelle can recycle so can you!
Kerri Wyeth
Helen Jane
Caprice Kelley
Have you heard the exciting news from our sister park in San Antonio?

Takara gave birth to her calf at 2:33 p.m. CST yesterday! Both mom and baby are off to a great start. A team of veterinarians and killer whale trainers witnessed the historic birth and are continuing to monitor Takara and her new baby 24-hours a day.

Find out more here: [ Link ]
Anne Walsh
Kristin Smith
Linda Sargent
You otter believe hard boiled eggs are enrichment!

Did you know our team provides different enrichment for our Asian small-clawed otters daily? That’s right from plants to scents, there’s always something new for our otters to explore.
Mary Heiges
Gavin Smith
Eileen Starr
Did you know sharks lay eggs? You've got to watch this video from our sister park SeaWorld Orlando to learn more!
Start your day (or end it) with this view! Happy National Dolphin Day.
Christina Nottingham
Glyn Goodchild
Rebecca Gagne
A lot of exciting news was announced this morning from across the street at our sister park SeaWorld Orlando!

The best part... you'll get to enjoy all these new experiences with your Discovery Cove reservation because it includes SeaWorld and Aquatica.
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Hannah Ross
Nanette Patrick
We're taking you on Marmoset Island! You're going to love how close-up we're getting you to our marmoset family.
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Louie Derbyshire
Kelly Stilwell
Breakfast is served! Who wishes they were exploring our aviaries this morning?
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