Check out a fun new movie that addresses tuberculosis! [ Link ] #worldtuberculosisday
Great Capitol Hill event featuring The Lucky Specials yesterday! Great words from Rep. Eliot Engel. Thanks to Management Sciences for Health for hosting!
What is more compelling than a good story? Powerful new film addresses #TB in a unique way #WorldTBDay [ Link ]

Lucky Specials Trailer

It's #WorldTBDay!! Learn more a/b a film that is changing individuals' understanding of #tuberculosis: [ Link ]

New Movie “The Lucky Specials,” Delivers a Sensational Musical Journey...
The cast, director & producer of The LuckySpecials on the red carpet last night W/ Oros Mampofu Sive Mabuya Rea Rangaka RubyGold Music
The U.S. premiere of The Lucky Specials last night was amazing!! Check back for photos from the event!
Media can play an invaluable role in addressing global health, as in our latest film The @LuckySpecials: [ Link ] #WorldTBDay
#WorldTBDay is March 24! Our new film helps indivs make informed health decisions around #TB. Trailer here: [ Link ]

Lucky Specials Trailer

Film has a large role to play in helping indivs make informed health decisions a/b #TB #WorldTBDay #LuckySpecials [ Link ]

New Movie “The Lucky Specials,” Delivers a Sensational Musical Journey...
Girls' clubs play a strong role in keeping girls in school and improving their academic performance. [ Link ]
Girls around the world will become strong, self-sufficient women with education! On #WomensDay2017, support education for all girls.
With #education, girls can change the world! Strong, educated girls empower themselves and their communities. #IWD2017 #BeBoldforChange
Empowering girls to be smart, strong women starts in school. See what girls have to say: [ Link ] #IWD2017 #BeBoldforChange

“A Girl’s Dream”: Girls Share How Education Is Key to Achieving Their...
Interested in the discussion points from today's Oxford Comparative International Education Seminar Series, about teacher professional development and its role in improving student academic outcomes. Teacher professional development is a big part of what we do!
The Lucky Specials, our latest feature film, premieres tonight in Johannesburg! Follow #LuckySpecials on Twitter for updates from the event!
Around the world, millions of people live in poverty and ill health, with little hope for the future. #Education changes that picture, giving communities hope, and more importantly, the skills to make their futures brighter. Discovery Learning Alliance is proud to be a part of that change.
Curriculum, teaching and learning environment play a role in giving children the best education. [ Link ]
We are getting girls and boys excited about #learning and achieving their hopes and dreams. Learn how: [ Link ] #sdg4all
Girls' clubs have such a big impact in getting girls in school & learning, increasing their confidence
ICYMI here's more from our President Aric Noboa at the Aga Khan Development Network & University of Oxford panel on television's impact on education outcomes. You can even watch the video of the session: [ Link ]