Inequality in education keeps girls from promising futures. We're changing that: [ Link ] #FightInequality
Getting girls in school & learning takes involvement of students, teachers & communities. Here's how we are helping: [ Link ]
With education, children can rise to be anything they choose, including leaders of their communities and countries. #education4all World Economic Forum
#TBT to our Kenya Country Director Jonathan Wesaya Maina, who was named one of Kenya's Top 40 Men under 40 for getting children in school w/ Discovery Learning Alliance! [ Link ]
Involvement in Discovery Learning Alliance girls' clubs helps them not only stay in school, but also gain critical life skills [ Link ]
Girls' clubs have such a big impact in getting girls in school & learning. They increase their confidence & give them skills for the future
Mentorship is crucial to keep girls in school to receive a quality education. Our girls' clubs provide just that. #InternationalMentoringDay
Video has provided learners with a chance to learn beyond their local environment, giving them a broader perspective into matters. Video has indeed brought the big world into the classroom.”

Thanks to one of our teachers in Kenya for showing us how media in the classroom is helping students learn!
Here's why girls think that #girlsed is so important: [ Link ]
In 2017, it's crucial to continue to get girls in school and learning. Here's how Discovery Learning Alliance makes that happen: [ Link ]
Good morning! Starting the day off right with some time in the classroom!
In 2017, getting children in school will be so important. Discovery Learning Alliance supports communities to get kids learning
What helps children learn? Well-trained & dedicated teachers. We work to give teachers the skills to keep children in school & learning!
Marginalized children, especially girls, need support to access quality education. Discovery Learning Alliance is committed to supporting education for all. Here's how we ensure that girls enroll and stay in school: [ Link ]
It is imperative that children have access to high-quality #education. In this new year, greater commitment is needed for this goal. #SDG4
#HappyNewYear!! Let 2017 be the year when more children than ever get access to transformational education, no matter where they live!
#TBT to girls in Nigeria who created a chick incubator at school! A power, quality education teaches practical life skills & core subjects
Every child has the right to a quality education. It's the surest path to a brighter future, for communities and countries globally. #SDG4
In 2017, getting children in school will be so important. Discovery Learning Alliance supports communities to get children learning! [ Link ]
Beautiful words by 7 year-old-writer Michelle Nkamankeng. Read her wish #foreverychild. [ Link ]

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