What are doctors extracting from this man’s stomach? Find out now on a brand new episode of #TraumaDownUnder!
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Tune in to #TraumaDownUnder tonight at 10/9c to see doctors race to save the life of a close range gunshot victim.
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#MonstersInsideMe starts now! Find out the unexpected reason this high school football star was put on life support!
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Tonight's all new #MonstersInsideMe sees a football star with a mysterious illness. Sneak peek here and full episode tonight at 10/9c!

Football Star's Fall

#TraumaDownUnder on now! A man falls head-first at a construction site, but can the doctors operate in time? Tune in!
On tonight's #TraumaDownUnder, a newborn requires emergency surgery just hours after birth! Tune in at 10/9c!
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All new #MonstersInsideMe starts now! Find out why this boy was misdiagnosed with a common cold!
Sneak peek for tonight's #MonstersInsideMe at 10/9c!

Mystery Pains Overtake a 4-Year-Old Boy

Catch the latest #BodyBizarre full episode on #DiscoveryLifeGO now!

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Tune in to #BodyBizarre NOW to see how this 5 year old with a rare disease is defying all odds!
A skin tumor makes this woman’s brain appear to be outside of her head. Don’t miss this episode of #BodyBizarre at 9/8c to see doctors race to find a cure for her rare condition.
This boy can't move his thumb! Tune in now to see the crazy way the doctors on #TraumaDownUnder repair his movement.
A golf injury splits this young athlete’s eye in half. Can doctors salvage his sight? Find out tonight at 10/9c on #TraumaDownUnder.
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