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Starting now! On this episode of #BodyBizarre, this woman is living with not one, but two rare conditions.
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This man was born with an extra set of legs. Find out whether or not he can get them removed tonight at 9/8c on #BodyBizarre!
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#TraumaDownUnder starting in 10 minutes! Doctors struggle to diagnose a newborn rushed to the ER for the third time in a month!
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On #TraumaDownUnder tonight, two surgeons operate on a shark attack victim at the same time to try and save his leg and arm. Watch at 10/9c!
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#TraumaDownUnder on NOW! Doctors perform emergency brain surgery while the patient is wide awake. Tune in to see how it turns out!
On tonight's #TraumaDownUnder, a construction worker’s poor aim could cost him his finger! Don't miss at 10/9c!
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#BodyBizarre starts right now! Can doctors diagnose the mystery condition that has deformed a man’s head? Watch to find out!
#TraumaDownUnder starts now! Find out why this rare set of twins have to be delivered early!
All new #TraumaDownUnder tonight at 10/9c! The hospital’s emergency response plan is activated when a patient presents symptoms of the Ebola virus. Don't miss!
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Shark Attack | Trauma Down Under | Discovery Life GO
#BodyBizarre starts NOW! This unique couple faces a big challenge. Tune in to find out!
#TraumaDownUnder premiere starts RIGHT NOW! You've never seen a shark attack like this!
In tonight's PREMIERE of #TraumaDownUnder at 10/9c, surgeons have to race to the scene of a shark attack to save a man's legs!
#TraumaDownUnder premiere TOMORROW at 10/9c! These emergencies from Australia's Gold Coast are crazy!