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#BodyBizarre starting NOW! A woman whose knees bend backwards must courageously face a series of complex operations.
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All new #BodyBizarre tonight at 9/8c! This boy with an extra arm coming out of his back considers surgery.
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#BostonEMS starting now! Can the crew rush to contain a house fire in time?!
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All new #BostonEMS tonight at 10/9c! When the team rushes to the scene of an accident, they find out the driver is pregnant!
#BodyBizarre premiere starts now! This man's leg weighs more than 200 pounds, and he has no clue why. Tune in for answers!
Don't forget #BodyBizarre premiere tonight! The tallest teenage girl in the world looks for a medical breakthrough for her condition. Starts at 9/8c!
#BostonEMS STARTING NOW! You'll never guess how this boy broke his arm!
All new #BostonEMS tonight! The first responders must save a man who risks drowning in the freezing Boston water. Tune in at 10/9c!
NEW FAVORITE SHOW ALERT Incredible stories of courage on Saturday's #BodyBizarre premiere at 9/8c!
New #TheCoroner starting NOW! Was this death an accident or something much more?
On tonight's #TheCoroner, Graham Hetrick looks at a 10-year-old suspicious death. Tune in at 9/8c!
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