Successful conservation requires the involvement of young people- the future stewards of our planet! Pictured here is 2015 Disney Conservation Hero Thomas Schrei giving an educational talk to students in Eastern Guatemala. Thomas has helped raise awareness of endangered reptiles through his engaging educational programs which give young people an opportunity to get up-close and personal with...
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Did you know that fewer than 30 vaquita porpoises are left in the wild? Learn about the emergency action plan being implemented in an attempt to save one of the world's most endangered marine mammals: [ Link ]

We're trying to save the world's most endangered marine mammal
Happy National Hippo Day! Learn some fun facts about hippos and other animals in this week's #WildlifeWednesday: [ Link ]

Wildlife Wednesday: New Animals Added to
Happy Valentine's Day! How will you connect with nature and share your love of the Earth today?
Such a fun selfie from our friends at Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey! Students from a local school in The Bahamas participated in a shoreline cleanup and invasive plant removal project with CWF to help protect habitat for shorebirds like piping plovers! Safari Minnie even joined in on the fun and had a great day learning about conservation!
Happy International Zebra Day! We're grateful for the dedication of many organizations around the world helping to protect these amazing animals! Shoutout to our friends at Grevy's Zebra Trust for this fantastic photo of their work to engage local Kenyan communities in zebra conservation efforts.
This #WildlifeWednesday we're gearing up for International Zebra Day on January 31 by learning some interesting facts about these amazing animals! [ Link ]

Wildlife Wednesday: Celebrate International Zebra Day
Even during the winter ice and snow, field research does not stop! Pictured here, the research team from Grassroots Wildlife Conservation in Massachusetts braves the winter weather to track Blandings turtles. Safari Minnie even went along to learn more about the team's great conservation efforts to protect these endangered turtles and their habitat!
It's Penguin Awareness Day! What can penguins tell us about the health of the ocean and its shoreline? Check out this recent article highlighting the work of our friends at The Pew Charitable Trusts, who are supporting research efforts to conserve New Zealand's penguins. [ Link ]

Life on the edge | New Zealand Geographic
We are celebrating the return of some familiar faces in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Kangaroos, lesser flamingos and now lappet-faced vultures have returned to their habitats at the Tree of Life, after being relocated during construction. To see these

Wildlife Wednesday: Animals return to the Tree of Life
Today many marine species, including sharks, face loss of habitat, pollution, and other stressors in the ecosystem. Thankfully, our friends at the University of Miami are working with the community to tag and track sharks to learn more about their behavior and what can be done to protect them. Learn about some of the fantastic accomplishments of U Miami's Shark Research & Conservation Program...
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17 things the SRC accomplished in 2016 | Shark Research & Conservation...
This #WildlifeWednesday check out some of the ways you can connect with nature and learn about conservation when visiting Rafiki's Planet Watch at Disney's Animal Kingdom! [ Link ]

Wildlife Wednesday: My Top 10 Reasons to visit Rafiki’s Planet Watch at...
Winter is a wonderful season for bird watching! Check out more family-fun ideas for exploring the outdoors all year long: [ Link ]
Did you know? Camera traps are a great way for scientists to learn more about the health of ecosystems without disturbing wildlife. By attaching motion sensor cameras to trees or bushes, researchers are able to capture images of endangered species, learn about where animals go and what they do, and share information with local communities who play a key role in the conservation of critical...
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#BabyAlert Welcome baby Stella! Learn more about the newest bundle of joy at Disney's Animal Kingdom and how Disney is helping to Reverse the Decline of elephants in this week's #WildlifeWednesday: [ Link ]
New year, new beginnings! How will you help the planet this year? #HappyNewYear #Conservation
Photo credit: Conservation Fusion
At the culmination of our 20th anniversary, we are so grateful to the many people and organizations around the world who are helping to Reverse the Decline of at-risk wildlife and Increase the Time kids spend in nature. Wishing you a #HappyNewYear! #DCF20
This #WildlifeWednesday meet some of the adorable baby animals born this year at Walt Disney World!