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We are thrilled to see audiences are enjoying Moana. The film debuted in theaters with the second-largest five-day Thanksgiving opening of all-time!

Wildlife Wednesday: Sea Turtles and Disney’s Moana – A Shared Journey

We're so excited for the new Disneynature film, Born In China, in theaters Earth Day 2017!
It's #WildlifeConservationDay and we're celebrating the many organizations around the world that are working to reverse the decline of wildlife and increase the time kids spend in nature. Check out this video to take a closer look:
Check out these kids' inspiring wishes for wildlife this holiday season!
Each week, the Disney Parks Blog will share a new video of a child's wish for wildlife this holiday season! Check out this first inspiring video featuring a special wish for sea turtles.

Wildlife Wednesday: Children Share Their Wishes for Wildlife

Vultures often receive a bad reputation, but did you know they are vital to maintaining a healthy habitat? Vultures play a key role in helping to recycle waste, acting as "garbage disposals" for their ecosystem. Unfortunately, species like the Cape Griffon have recently experienced severe population declines, but thanks to the great work of Rare and Endangered Species Trust (REST), greater...
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Happy Thanksgiving! Which foods will you be sharing at your table today?

Earlier this year, Safari Minnie had the opportunity to harvest corn with local farmers in Kenya. Thanks to efforts from our friends at Save The Elephants' Elephants and Bees Project, new beehive fences surrounding farms have helped deter crop-raiding elephants and increase yield for many local farmers. We're grateful...
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Today we celebrate World Fisheries Day! We're so grateful to the many organizations working with communities around the globe to create sustainable solutions that benefit both people and the ocean. Shout out to our friends at Mote Marine Laboratory for this beautiful photo and their work to advance conservation for sharks and other marine species.
A unique greenspace created as part of Shanghai Disneyland provides habitat for wildlife and connects guests with the magic of nature!

Wildlife Wednesday: Discovering the Magic of Nature at Shanghai Disney Resort

It's America Recycles Day! Plastic which is not disposed of properly can end up in the ocean and harm animals like sea turtles. Do your part to help protect wildlife by recycling plastic bottles and bags, and using reusable items when possible! #Conservation
We love this photo of a student exploring a tide pool in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico during an environmental competition for young people. Our friends at the San Diego Zoo Institute collaborated with other organizations to organize the competition amongst students to raise awareness of important social and environmental issues in Mexico. Thanks for helping to inspire the next generation of...
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Safari Minnie is always on great adventures! Check out this shot of Minnie with some friends from the International Iguana Foundation. They're planning their next expedition to help protect critically endangered Fijian iguanas by collaborating with park rangers, implementing educational workshops and utilizing special field cameras to learn more about these at-risk reptiles. Thanks...
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No weekend plans? Get outside and connect with the wildlife that lives in your backyard! Shoutout to these students learning about their local fauna, including this barking treefrog, and having some fun in Apalachicola National Forest, Florida! Thanks to our friends at Coastal Plains Institute for their great work to protect amphibians and the ecosystems they rely on! Photo Credit: Ryan Means
Happy Halloween! No tricks—just treats—for our animals at Disney's Animal Kingdom! [ Ow.ly Link ]

Wildlife Wednesday: Pumpkins Delight Animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

It's Slow Loris Outreach Week! Although adorable, these primates are threatened due to the pet trade and the loss of their natural habitat. Luckily, our friends at the Little Fireface Project are helping to protect these at-risk animals!
Vote for your favorite turtle!
Attention Educators! Connect your students with the magic of nature through the new Moana Educator's Guide! [ Bit.ly Link ] [ Disney.com Link ]

Wildlife Wednesday: Disney’s ‘Moana’ Educator’s Guide Connects Teachers...