When you realize it's still not Friday...
Can you spot the villainous brows? Find out:

Quiz: Name the Disney Villain from the Eyebrows

Two sides of the same story.
When someone asks if you and your BFF are twins...
Hats off to another great weekend!
A day for the roses!
Take a tip from the Disney Style editors to boost your Disney wardrobe next year:

15 Things Disney Style Editors Bought in 2016

A long weekend calls for a good book.
A busy weekend calls for some rest and relaxation!
Fill your heart with holidays tidings.

: Disney Villains
Try and identify the Queen of Hearts from her early character development art:

Quiz: Name the Disney Villain From the Concept Art

A very merry greeting to you!
One of these images might be a closeup of an Alice In Wonderland-inspired Disney Parks attraction. See if you can figure out which one:

Quiz: Guess the Disney Parks Attraction by the Extreme Close-Up

Second star to the right, or down the rabbit hole? ????✨

Quiz: Is This Never Land or Wonderland?

Patiently waiting for this weekend.
Time is ticking...
Think you'd recognize these stripes anywhere? Now's your chance to prove it:

Quiz: Guess the Disney or Disney•Pixar Character from the Stripes