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Dive Girls
01/16/2017 at 08:05. Facebook
Day one of our January Manta Madness trip full full of BIG things! Lots of shovel nosed rays, marble rays, manta rays, leopard sharks, octopus holding hands (mating), barracuda... the list goes on!! We had one little manta that was not shy at all and spent about half an hour swimming around the divers.
Stay tuned for the video from day two!!
Song credit: Notion, by Tash Sultana
Dive Girls
01/14/2017 at 13:13. Facebook
We got to play with this manta baby today
Dive Girls
01/11/2017 at 07:29. Facebook
How awesome is this! Schooling hammerheads? Yes please! Let's hope we see them when we're visiting next month
Dive Girls
01/09/2017 at 03:31. Facebook
A little bit of manta love from Manta Bommie yesterday :) The first manta is called Nathan, and wasn't shy at all! Pardon my bumpy GoPro effort!
Check out Project Manta - The manta rays of Australia for more manta information :)

Manta Bommie 8 Jan 2017

Meeting Nathan, manta #116 at Manta Bommie, North Stradbroke Island. He's a regular at the dive site, and isn't shy at all! Strictly no touching of the manta...

The water was a little murky, and very cold for this time for this time of year - 17-19degree, but the fish were out trying to find some warm water! Big groupers, jewfish, turtles, rays, eels, lots of wobbegongs. Great way to bring in the New Year!
What a way to bring in the New Year! First dives for 2017 done! Being underwater for my birthday can't be topped Thanks for an awesome day ladies and gents. As always, a great dive with Blue Bay Divers Byron Bay
Wow! We've reached 99,000 followers on our page! Thank you for the love and support this year, and here's to and safe and happy New Year for us all!
Two excellent days of diving with these lovely lady divers at Manta Lodge YHA and Scuba Centre on North Stradbroke Island. Eagle rays, guitar sharks, and more leopard sharks than you can point a stick at! Water was a lovely 24 degrees too
The beautiful water around Mabul Island. Stunning place to stay, and incredible diving at Sipadan National Park nearby. Two of our beautiful Dive Girls are heading back there today for some New Years diving. Travel safe ladies, looking forward to your pictures
Wishing you and your families a safe and happy Christmas Thanks for an amazing year of diving, and, and here's to more of the same in 2017
Nudibranchs have always been one of my favourite critters to spot. There are well over 3,500 species with more being named every day!
Hypselodoris apolegma taken at Mabul Island
A very grumpy looking frogfish, pretending to be a sponge so he's not spotted!
At Scuba Junkie Mabul Island.
Some more footage of the very large (7m) but beautiful Deep Blue. Notice how calm she is swimming around checking things out - her mouth is open showing she's relaxed and not stressed or angry.
Sadly, due to her size it's unlikely she will find a mate big enough to reproduce with.

World’s Largest Shark: 7-Metre-Long β€˜Deep Blue’ Believed To Be Biggest Ever

SUBSCRIBE to the Barcroft network: http://bit.ly/Oc61Hj UNSEEN footage of what experts believe is the biggest great white shark ever caught on camera has bee...

It's a sharky kind of day! This beautiful great white was photographed by dive guy Dave in South Australia. He looks a little stressed, maybe he's trying to shake those pilot fish on his tail! ????????????
Photo: Dave Baxter
This is amazing! A 360 degree virtual dive with some beautiful hammerhead sharks!
Australia is a beautiful country, we're lucky to live here... BUT WTF is going on with our government!
WOW!!!! This guy has got great breath hold and brilliant nerves to stay calm during this interaction with a large white shark!
Notice the shark's mouth was slightly open - it was calm and curious, and was checking the diver out. In this situation, remain upright, fins down and ALWAYS face the shark if it's facing you. These are some of the things our Shark Schoolers will be learning :)
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Filmmaker escapes brush with circling great white shark

Ahhhhh barracuda!!!! Every time I see these guys underwater I hear the opening riff from 'Barracuda' by Hart It's always exciting to see them in such a big school
Diving with Blue Bay Divers Byron Bay
A fantastic couple of dives at Julian Rocks with Blue Bay Divers Byron Bay today, ten lovely ladies and one lucky lad! A little chilly past the cod hole, but everything was around! Huge schools of snapper, dewfish, massive bull rays, eagle rays, curious grey nurse sharks, a frog fish, big cod, groupers... the list goes on!
Casey's first shark - lucky mum was there to hide behind
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Catching the sunset and to much excitement saw something in the waves!!! Was hoping it was a shark! Turned out to be a couple of eagle rays either fighting, feeding or mating!