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Dive Girls
11/25/2016 at 06:44. Facebook
Manta dance We are very lucky to have a seasonal manta aggregation just off the coast of Queensland at North Stradbroke Island. Manta Bommie is a shallow dive site, only 5-10 metres, which means close interactions are very likely. #Queensland #northstradbrokeisland #mantas #summer #nature #marinelife
Mantas make trains even when the vis is green. There are five of them in this pic, gents chasing one lovely lady manta
North Stradbroke Island
Spanish Dancer (Hexabranchus sanguineus) swimming through the water column. These beautiful creatures are a giant dorid nudibranch, growing to 60cm and look quite ordinary resting on substrate. It's when they swim that you get to see their beautiful skirt like mantle fluttering - hence the name Spanish dancer.
One day, I went sailing in a little tiny boat. It had no motor and we went off into the sea. The water got deeper and darker and the current was taking us away We ended up eventually landing around the other side of the island but thank goodness it was land! Fair to say, I'm not a big fan of little sail boats after that! I'm much happier in a boat with a couple of 250hp motors on the back...
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Super cute Nudi of the Day :)
A Sean the Sheep from Tulamben!

Pic: Tracey Harris
Amazing footage and narrative by David Attenborough showing just how hard it can be to survive in the animal kingdom.
Manta season is here!!! We spend a weekend a month through summer at North Stradbroke island diving with these magnificent creatures. Who's coming with
That moment after you roll back from the boat and break the surface of the water Being under the water is my meditation, my zen and my bliss. It's my mindful time, and I'm completely connected with my breath, the environment and my weightlessness in the water
Fourth Element
Nudi of the Day

Photo: Jerome Kim. This beautiful and delicate butterfly nudibranch is found in the Philippines. I love the iridescence of her
A clingfish and his little shrimp friend I love looking inside the sticky branches of a Crinoid - so many secret critters to be found! , Anilao Diving Underwater Photography|Anilao Diving Macro Photography
Nudi of the Day.
We found this one at one of the dive sites around Mabul island. He's got an extra feature - an extension to his rhinophore! Did you know, there are over 3,500 species of nudibranch that have been identified so far. There are two known species that have been found to make audible sound!
A little bit of whale watching Humpback whales make an annual migration from the South to North, and then back again from June to November. The head to warmer waters to feed and deliver their babies, and find a mate on their way home. We're incredibly lucky to have these magnificent creatures on our doorstep, and although we see whales from dive boats all during winter, it was my first time...
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Nudibranch of the Day, one of my favourites Costasielle kuroshimae. These guys are the size of a grain of rice, and are a sap sucking slug. They're often called Shaun the Sheep nudies because they look like tiny sheep, and even grazes like a real sheep!
Photo by Made Sudarta
Beautiful reef just off the island in Fiji for Shark School. They do say Fiji is the soft coral capital of the world!
Photo Frankie Rivera
I might look like I'm checking something out in this pic, but in actual fact I was hanging there enjoying the thermocline Thank goodness water temps are on their way up and we can warm up a bit
When you know there's a big fish swimming right over your head Diving gives the most amazing opportunities to interact with our environment and the creatures we find in it

Reef Magic Cruises
Dive Career Centre, Cairns Australia
Fourth Element Oceania
Hi Everyone :) I've entered a comp for 'The People's Traveller." I'd love and appreciate it if you could vote for my pic.
It's easy, just click on the link and click LIKE in the bottom right corner. Thank you!! DG Sarah xx

Discover Singapore Changi Airport

Beautiful tiger shark from Shark School in Fiji. Stoked to be taking another group back next year New students to do Level 1, and students from this year to do Level 2 of Shark/Human Interaction with Dr Erich Ritter.
A little bit of whale watching yesterday Thanks to Blue Bay Divers Byron Bay for a fantastic day
We had a beautiful time diving in Bali last month, but above water was full of fun too