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Our thoughts and hopes are with those in North Queensland at the moment preparing for the arrival of Cyclone Debbie. She is only approx 200km shorter in diameter than devastating Cyclone Yasi in February 2011. Debbie is predicted to hit as a Category 4 cyclone in the area between Ayr and Mackay, including the Whitsunday's sometime early tomorrow morning (Tuesday 27th March). Evacuations are...
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Dive Girls
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Had a great morning with these lovely lady divers at the Darren Jew underwater photography session today. Thanks to Devocean Dive for hosting us, always great to catch up
A simply amazing woman! Johanna Nordblad Free diving in the arctic! Take a moment to watch
The life of this poor baby has been cut tragically short! She has suffered a very painful and traumatic death. This needs to stop!! I don't know exactly where this happened, but I heard the word Anilao. It is believed that Chinese or Taiwanese fishermen are responsible. If you enjoy shark fin, this is your contribution. Please, no more!
Dive Girl Lisa spent the last few days snorkelling with whale sharks at Exmouth in Western Australia These beautiful creatures are of no threat to humans and are in need of our protection. Sadly they are still being fished - for their meat and their fins. We must protect the ocean and her inhabitants, it's a precious part of our global ecosystem..
Just another four hours to take advantage of the wicked deal Fourth Element has offered us! 50% off their swim ware range! Check it out before it finishes at midnight UK time
A dive watch and golden ticket are my kind of bling It's been a fantastic weekend full of amazing people, and I'm looking forward to telling you about it
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Loving OZTek - Advanced Diving Conference & Exhibition so far! Have met so many people, and had the chance to listen to some brilliant dive pioneers talk about what they do.
There's still one day to go, so if you're in theSydney area, come and check it out!!
Did you know that every day in New York three people are hospitalised for HUMAN bite? It's really not the sharks we need to worry about ????????????
The amazing people at OceanPositive by fourth element have offered us 50% OFF their OceanPositive swimwear! Not only is it pretty and comfy, it's made from recycled ghost nets that litter the ocean! These ghost nets amount to over 600,000 tonnes of lost gear every year! They are a hazard to marine life big and small, and scrub coral from reefs, causing untold damage. Use the code OP50 to get...
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Here she is, the whale shark that we were all very excited to see at Flat Rock, North Stradbroke Island yesterday! Only the fourth sighting in 15 years!

Whale Shark at North Stradbroke Island

Did just dive with a whale shark today at Flat Rock!!!! So glad to have jumped in the water and seen this baby #scuba #whaleshark #queensland #stradbrokeisland #thisisqueensland #underwaterphotography #sharks #girlsdoitbetter #divegirls #natgeo #natgeowild
Just one more week until OZTek - Advanced Diving Conference & Exhibition begins!!!
As well as the latest and greatest in dive gear and gadgets, the list of speakers at the exhibition is incredible! There are some very strong and inspirational women (and men) who will be sharing their experiences and knowledge with us, so if you're in Sydney next weekend, get along and check it out!
For me,...
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We celebrate International Women's Day by appreciating the inspirational women in the dive community. Some are divers, some are non divers, some are explorers or pioneers in their fields. Each of you are special and valued, and make the world a great place. Thank you
Beautiful manta rays at Manta Bommie, North Stradbroke Island. We are lucky enough to have this premier dive site right on our doorstep. Mantas visit here in large numbers between November and April each year. The team at Project Manta keep a database of the sightings, and if you are the first to submit an ID photo or video of a new manta, you get to name it!! @ North Stradbroke Island
When the grumpy loggerhead wants in your swim space
So our two dives yesterday at Julian Rocks were some of the best ever! The vis was incredible, water was generally warm (except for some rather chilly thermoclines), and the marine life was out of this world! Leopard sharks in their dozens swimming around everywhere, eagle rays, bull rays, a numb ray, turtles, and too many fish species to name!
On the subject of plastic waste, these two brilliant boys have come up with their own local initiative to help with the problem.

Sam & Tanner's Reusable Shopping Bag Project

Two absolutely BRILLIANT dives today at Julian Rocks! Leopard sharks swarming like flies, 25m vis, fish getting in the way there were so many of them! A great bunch of divers too! I took lots of great video, so I'll work on that and share soon Thanks to Blue Bay Divers Byron Bay for another awesome day
Fourth Element Oceania
Cuttlefish eggs! These babies are in a little alcove in Fish Rock Cave. Thanks to Joe at South West Rocks Dive Centre for pointing them out. Beautiful babies