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Let's watch together this beautiful happy video in memory of divya bharti in her birthday
Happy Birthday Divya,We will always love you...
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*Happy Birthday Divya Bharti*
You are always in our hearts
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*Happy Birthday Divya Bharti*
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Our best greetings to all the fans and family on the 43rd Birthday of our belated Divya Bharti! We recall to say she resides in our memories and will be loving and remembering her through many more years to come...
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*Happy Birthday Divya Bharti*
Special Wallpaper for dear Fans
Created By:MarJan*
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Divya Bharti & SRK In "Deewana 1992 "
Beautiful poster of Divya Bharti
found from a mela in Kolkata
shared by :Sharbani Majumdar​​
Dear Fans:
Send Your Tribute or Artwork for Divya's Birthday to the Message on this page .They will be shared in an album on her Birthday .
Gone Too Soon...
The most Beautiful Queen of Bollywood
Pure Beauty!
Divya,You left us 24 Years ago...But we will Remember You Forever...
Rare and Unseen:
Beautiful n ... Enduring !
On this day exactly 25 years ago Divya Bharti first Bollywood movie Vishwatma released the hit song Saat Samundar made Divya famous overnight and still hit today.

(Thanks to Sara Dutt)

Saat Samundar Paar Video song

Divya kept waiting...
But the time didn't wait for her... ! Sad!!
The most beautiful girl of Bollywood
I'm dreaming of you all day,
I'm thinking of you all night.
I wish I could meet you,
I wish I could tell you
I love you dream girl...Forever and ever..