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Meet the team giving old materials, new life.

#HeritageSalvage premieres today at 5:30|4:30c!
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Get in touch with your scent-sual side. (Sorry, not sorry.)

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Would you ask your mom to help you tear apart your kitchen?

All-NEW "First Time Flippers" tonight at 9|8c!
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The kitchen? More like a puppy's paradise.

See the full transformation on an all-new #TexasFlipNMove, tonight at 9|8c!
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Wish you could swap out your laminate?

How to Paint a Laminate Countertop
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That's a lot of wine for a tiny house.

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Get ready to soak up the sun and stick your feet in the sand. #BigBeachBuilds is coming this March!

See Marnie Oursler of Marnie Custom Homes give classic beach homes a second life on the new series, premiering March 20 at 9|8c!
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Oooh ... aaah ...

How can you pay homage to your historical home's roots while still getting your modern kitchen toys? Catch "Restored" at 10|9c for some restoration inspiration.
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The couple that renovates together stays together, Mike Holmes Jr.?

Cuddle up with a "Holmes and Holmes" marathon starting tonight at 6|5c!
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Best cure for the Mondays?

An all-new Maine #CabinMasters, tonight at 10|9c!
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Life around the house is easier if you have these tools on hand.
Math, as explained by the men of #BarnwoodBuilders.

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Because kitchen cabinets are not as easy to install as they seem. (Ow!)

"First Time Flippers" is all-NEW tonight at 9|8c!
The first step in becoming handy around the house is making sure you have the right tools.
Raise your hand if the kitchen in your regular-sized home is smaller than the (gorgeous) one in this tiny house.

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DIY This With Jennifer Perkins
Safety first! Stay accident-free at home with these essentials.