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Can we get an amen for preserving gorgeous original features?

Brett Waterman tackles restoring a Victorian farmhouse on tonight's all-NEW "Restored" at 10|9c.
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Missed the train on Mike Holmes' new show with Mike Holmes Jr.? You can binge "Holmes and Holmes" all day today on DIY!
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Meet Marnie Oursler of #BigBeachBuilds, which premieres TONIGHT at 9|8c with two all-new episodes!

Meet Marnie Oursler, the Force of Nature Behind DIY Network's 'Big Beach Builds'
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Imagine waking up to this view every morning.

Tune in to TWO all-new episodes of #BuildingAlaska, tonight at 9|8c!
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Everything's bigger in Texas, including the renovations.

Back-to-back episodes of #TexasFlipNMove start right NOW!
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A rainwater reservoir for a tiny house? Great idea! Until this happens ...

Don't miss an all-new "Tiny House, Big Living" tonight at 9|8c.
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DIY This with Jennifer Perkins: Rainbow Soap Pops
No more bubbles, drips or clumps. Here's how to get the perfect spray paint job every single time.
Off-grid never looked so good.

A #BuildingOffTheGrid marathon kicks off NOW!
With a little paint, transform a plain paneled door.
The most adorable cabin in the woods.

Sit back, relax and enjoy an all-NEW Maine #CabinMasters, tonight at 10|9c!
Are you sure you're using the right paint for your project?
Bags = packed.

Embrace your #wanderlust with TWO all-new episodes of #BuildingAlaska, tonight at 9|8c!
Brett Waterman at the Bishop's Palace in Galveston Texas.
We’re flippin’ and movin’ in Louisiana with INCREDIBLE results:

Back-to-back episodes of #LouisianaFlipNMove start NOW!
Think the kids like it? See how this totally transformed school bus looked before on tonight's all-NEW "Tiny House, Big Living" at 9|8c.
Take a LIVE firsthand look of what a tiny house is all about!