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Not all drone racers are created equal and with the Racing Series of drone products from the world's leading aerial technology company, DJI.

Get the speed you need with Snail as well as with the Takyon ESC, designed to provide power packed with a weight of less than 1.6g.
[ Link ]
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There's more to a DJI drone than leading technology.

In 2016, we partnered with various dealers across the world to host 200 New Pilot Experience sessions aimed at providing knowledge and basic training to use a DJI drone.

Head over to sign up for an upcoming New Pilot Experience today: [ Link ]

DJI - 2016 DJI New Pilot Experience™ Showreel

To spread the fun of flight and promote safe operations, the new DJI New Pilot Experience was held in over 200 cities across the globe in 2016, giving nearly 30,000 new pilots their first real taste of aerial imaging. Missed out in 2016? Then sign up now for 2017 events:

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Why let gravity limit your creativity?

In the latest DJI Profile, we visit Helene Havard, a wedding photographer that has taken on a new perspective when capturing creative wedding shots for her clients.

Watch the full video: [ Link ]
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That's a wrap! Thanks for tuning into our Instagram Stories and Snapchat (@DJIglobal) to watch the behind the scenes of our latest Mavic Pro video in Thailand!

We can't wait for YOU to see what we just had so much fun creating with Kylie Flavell!
#InnovativeStorytelling #MavicPro
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Create your Creative Duo with the Osmo Mobile, now in black and silver.

Do more than ever before! [ Link ]
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Asia offers the world a truly vibrant array of cultures best captured from above. But in densely populated cities like Hong Kong, laws on flying drones are still surprisingly fuzzy.

In our latest DJI Altitude blog, we meet Richard Kimber, CEO of SCP Aerials, a Hong Kong-based company offering drone cinematography for a wide range of projects throughout Asia and beyond.

Read on to find out...
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Navigating South-East Asia's Notorious No Fly Zone
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In the cold of WRC Rally Monte-Carlo, we made sure to capture the heat of the action!
While we are preparing a cool DJI video of WRC Rally Sweden , check out what we experienced in Monte-Carlo back in January.

Also available here in 4K: [ Link ]
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Go behind the scenes of the DJI Valentine’s Day short film Brotherly Love to see how we utilized our camera technology in front of and behind the camera to shoot it all in one day. [ Link ]
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When Chris and Megan’s relationship comes to a screeching halt, Chris digs deep into romantic comedy movie tropes to try to win her back, but ends up getting help in the unlikeliest place.

Happy Valentine’s Day from DJI! [ Link ]
Watch the full short film, Brotherly Love, today!: [ Link ]
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Follow Instagram Stories & Snapchat (@DJIglobal) to get behind the scenes of our latest shoot in #Thailand! #InnovativeStorytelling #MavicPro
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WRC Rally Sweden is now over, but no rest for our team as we're coming back to the office & have some more editing to do...
Here's a sneak peek from the ground of what to expect !

More info in the DJI Inspire 2 used here:
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Why let only your eyes see the beauty of the world when it should be shared? Let Mike Bishop and the DJI Phantom 4 Pro take you there.
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Today is our last day at WRC Rally Sweden, and we keep on chasing the best aerial shots... Which means chasing the rally cars around corners!

We'll keep you posted with more rally videos soon, in the meantime, check our DJI insider stories on: [ Link ]
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Your story is unique. Cherish the simple moments in life.

Celebrate creativity this Valentine’s Day with DJI: [ Link ]

Credit: @inviaggiocoltubo #DJIcreator

Fly responsibly. Check the rules in your local area.
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Let curiosity lead you into new adventures.

Celebrate creativity this Valentine’s Day: [ Link ]

Credit: @ricardomantilla #DJIcreator
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Experiences are meant to be shared. Double your creativity with DJI’s Phantom Series.

Get started this Valentine's Day: [ Link ]

Credit: Honeymoon Traveler #DJIcreator
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Creativity is when you find new ways to love. Tell your story from a different perspective.

Get started this Valentine's Day with DJI: [ Link ]

Credit: @roleyvaphoto #DJIcreator
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Capture your GameDay experience for FREE with the DJI Osmo Mobile!

Plus get a DISCOUNT towards purchasing your own Osmo Mobile by uploading a photo or video taken with your trial Osmo to Facebook or Instagram, using hashtag #DJIGameday and tag DJI.

Available only at Sun & Ski between January 28th and February 5th. [ Link ]
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There's something almost magical that only happens in the Arctic, like a quiet majestic beauty that provides tranquility to the mind.

Special thanks to #DJICreator Nansen Weber. Shot with a DJI Inspire 1 Pro and Osmo Pro.