A few days ago i bought a new device called ableton push 2. When i took it back to the studio I noticed that the device had a small defect. I called the audio store and told them about it. They immediately send me a new one without questions. On top of that they added a nice surprise in the box in the form of a special ableton bag specifically made for the device.

Normally I never really...
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Meanwhile at club number 1; The vibe during my set
Italians know how to party.

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Tonight ...Number 1, Sala 2!

Italian hardcore warriors defend the core!

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Number One - Evento 18 03 2017

Decade, a DJ's perspective

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Say hello to my lil' friend
New toy to Boggle my mind.
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Trailer for the mighty Hardshock Festival 2017 !

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Collab with one of spain's finest talents, The Weaver!
Uplifting mainstream hardcore with a powerfull drive.

Enzyme 066
To good to NOT reshare AGAIN
Your thoughts on our choices?

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Last night's set under my D'spyre alter ego was such a nice break from the "regular" sets. Dark core is still such powerful music!

Thank you b2s for this great opportunity!

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Time to bring the Darkness tonight using my D'spyre alias. Darkcore galore...

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Hardcore4life 2017 [official b2s event]

EVENT - facebook.com
Ik zeg; Dit jaar gaan we hoe dan ook hier kijken
Such nice words by a colleague i never knew i influenced so much. Good to see that there are people out there who still REMEMBER where we come from. Thank you for the kind words Mr Smurf, it is very much appreciated ;)

#djruffneck #respectisdue
Always fun with my two Gangsters. Looking forward to it very much :D

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