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And here it is. I am proud to announce I have been able to sign these very nice, very creative talented brothers hailing from Germany to Enzyme Records. The virus is spreading more and more. But he, don't worry....there's more where this came from AND even more new exclusive artists to be announced soon

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Not everything is 100% as we did it, but close enough to give some proper respect for this guy!
Here we go again! Hardshock Festival 2017 [official] is coming to you...LOUD & PROUD!

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Pandemonium as seen through the camera. Nice to see so many shots of myself in action as well, as I never know how that looks like from the audience's point of view

Listened to it again and i must say i am still extremely happy with the last release i made together with Promo in 2016 :D

#djruffneck #hardcore

Perseverance (Never Surrender), by Enzymerecords
"Death is simply part of life, it's inevitable and mandatory to live again..."

One of the releases i did on Enzyme Records this year ;)

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I Am Death, by Ruffneck
3rd part of the b2s interview. In this one we are talking about tracks and artists that have significant meaning to us like Angerfist, Neophyte, Marc Acardipane etc.
Very nice one!

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Proud to be part of the amazingly talented crew.
Enzyme records truly still is a very much living organism in every aspect of the core.

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This saturday i am spinning a B2B set with Panic at the Back2school 2016 [official b2s event]. As this is going to be a special set i have decided to spin a completely different vibe. Looking VERY much forward to spin all those tunes i hardly ever (If at all) drop! Excited and a bit anxious at the same time.
Let's DO this!!!

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1992 is 4 you
Massive support for my spanish hermano Dj NeoX 's latest release on Enzyme Records. Get his release now via the bandcamp portal and blast that stuff LOUD!

Some Demons EP, by Neox
Still love this tune i released not even to long ago with my spanish hermano Dj NeoX .

Heartless, by Neox featuring Ruffneck

As i am going back to Moscow this weekend to see my russian comrades, i thought it was a great opportunity to share the very FIRST time i was over in crazyland :P

One of my most memorable performances ever, in moscow in the Akvatoria club in 1997. I will carry this event in my heart for EVER!

See you in a few days !

[ Link ]

DJ RUFFNECK Live in Moscow 1997

Date: February 8, 1997 Venue: Akvatoria Club Organizer: Orbital Station

How can I not share a dedicated mix from one of my soldiers . Here you go Domien, I hope it gets you at least some recognition
Two gigs tonight!
First i will kick of with a gnarly set i'm spinning B2B with Leviathan aka Tellurian Pandemonium. And yes, you WILL get what you expect from us ;)

After that set i will head over to Hemqade 2016 | Official Q-dance Event to drop a VERY special oldschool 89 -91'ish set where i will show what i spun and was influenced by at that periode, which was years before i became well...
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