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Last night's set under my D'spyre alter ego was such a nice break from the "regular" sets. Dark core is still such powerful music!

Thank you b2s for this great opportunity!

#djruffneck #hardcore
Time to bring the Darkness tonight using my D'spyre alias. Darkcore galore...

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Hardcore4life 2017 [official b2s event]

Ik zeg; Dit jaar gaan we hoe dan ook hier kijken
Such nice words by a colleague i never knew i influenced so much. Good to see that there are people out there who still REMEMBER where we come from. Thank you for the kind words Mr Smurf, it is very much appreciated ;)

#djruffneck #respectisdue
Always fun with my two Gangsters. Looking forward to it very much :D

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This ...HARDSHOCK 2017!

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Hardshock Festival
NZM 69 by Skinrush - Aftermath of Dreams is OUT NOW!

Read all about it and find links to purchase on our Cardiac Music website: [ Link ]

Want it now? Go to our official Bandcamp page: [ Link ]
And here it is. I am proud to announce I have been able to sign these very nice, very creative talented brothers hailing from Germany to Enzyme Records. The virus is spreading more and more. But he, don't worry....there's more where this came from AND even more new exclusive artists to be announced soon

Not everything is 100% as we did it, but close enough to give some proper respect for this guy!
Here we go again! Hardshock Festival 2017 [official] is coming to you...LOUD & PROUD!

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