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Our favourite keyboard right now ;-)

Yamaha Montage Review
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#DoctorMixTips Our team are huge fans of parallel processing! More great tips on our blog: [ Link ]
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On this excerpt from "How To Produce House Music" we explain how to arrange a House track. Get the full video course at 20% discount with this link: [ Link ]
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On this episode we tackle how to make mixes sound louder: compression layers, limiting techniques, the use of mid frequencies, the loudness war, iTunes Mastering dos and don'ts.

How To Achieve Loud Mixes
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On this weekly injection, we look into how to structure a track for the dance-floor: intro, build-up, breakdown, drop, ending.. the whole thing ;-)

Join our video course "How To Produce House Music" with 20% off from here: [ Link ]
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Doctor Mix's tip of the day is: Revitalize loops ;-)
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Parallel Compression is POWERFUL. Find out more about it here: [ Link ]
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Read Doctor Mix's full review of the Soundtoys 5 Plug-in Suite including photos, specs, and full video demonstration.

Soundtoys 5 Review
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Here's how to recreate the Game Of Thrones Main Title using just Cubase and soft Synths.

How To Recreate The Game Of Thrones Theme
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#DoctorMixTips Here's a great way to spice up your loops!
Check our Online Mixing & Mastering prices: [ Link ]
How do you mix your Kick Drum? Plugins? Techniques? More about it on: [ Link ]
Building The Bass: A teaser from online course "How To Produce House Music". Get the full course for 20% OFF from here : [ Link ]
Doctor Mix's tip of the day is: Loudness and mid-range ;-)
Get the full course at 20% disount here: [ Link ]
Thinking of releasing your music on a CD? Here's how it works:
The CD duplication process starts with creating a CD master, also known as PMCD (Pre Master CD). This is the time when ISRC codes, Barcodes, CD Text and more metadata gets added.

The PMCD then is delivered to the CD duplication as a DDP file.

To get your music ready for CD replication:
- Go to the package page [
View details โ‡จ
With drum machines becoming cool and fashionable again, we thought of using this week's injection to explain the appeal :-) Try our "How To Produce House Music" video course: [ Link ]

More about Drum Machines on our blog: [ Link ]
#DoctorMixTips Struggling to get loud mixes? More tips for loud mixes here: [ Link ]
Gain staging can make or break your mix. Learn all about it on: [ Link ]
On our 5th episode we explain how to mix the vocals: filtering the low end, de-essing, compression, parallel treatment, saturation, equalization, common problems and solutions.

Podcast 005 How To Mix Vocals