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'Casualties of War', featuring the late John Hurt's last performance as the War Doctor is now available >>
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Did you spot all the references in the Series 10 teaser? #TimeForHeroes

What we learned from the Doctor Who Series 10 teaser
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"I wouldn't miss it for the world..." Doctor Who returns on 15th April! #TimeForHeroes
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3pm GMT.
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'Doctor Who: In the Blood', starring the Tenth Doctor and Donna, is now available in paperback in the UK (and on 7th March in the US). Order your copy here >>
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A new TARDIS sighting during filming of #Series10. Follow us on Instagram @bbcdoctorwho for more Behind the Scenes images!

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Destroying a TARDIS is considered a crime on some planets…

See the vandals at work and more in Anglophenia's Who’s Day roundup >>

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: How to Destroy a TARDIS | BBC America
Ready for Doctor... what? #Series10 #ComingSoon
We won't rest until 15th April!! #Series10
Just announced! The brand new Complete First Series Blu-ray steelbook - coming this March. Fantastic! Find out more here >> [ Link ]
Hello, it's Christopher Eccleston's birthday. Many happy returns, Ninth Doctor!
A future for River Song? Steven Moffat speaks in Anglophenia's Who's Day Roundup >>

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Fezzes are Red, the TARDIS is Blue | BBC America
Roses are red,
the TARDIS is blue,
I have two hearts
and they're both for you
Matt and Peter go for a little stroll during a #Series10 filming break - nice slippers, Nardole.

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Can't wait for #Series10? Catch up with all the Fan Show episodes and find out what we know so far >>
That moment when the Doctor introduces himself to a new companion for the first time... #ThrowbackThursday
The wait for Series 10 feels as long as travelling through this time vortex...
Even David Tennant speculates who the next Doctor might be...

Fancy a guess? His endorsement and more in Anglophenia's Who's Day Roundup >>

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: The Wendy House TARDIS | BBC America
Skaro's finest meet Gotham's hero in The LEGO Batman Movie!

Daleks Invade The LEGO Batman Movie!
Oh my giddy Aunt! Look who's back... #series10