The Government's announced today that it will assess the future distribution of medical student places. The Minister has said the Government is “going to assess the whole box and dice and see what works for rural and regional Australia” including looking at the "future expansion, reduction or redistribution of medical places and/or schools." This could be good news for rural communities that...
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Support for rural doctor review
The Western Research Institute (WRI) has announced that it will provide seed funding of $50,000 to establish an Inland Research Fund to conduct high quality research to inform future public policy on Inland economic development.

WRI News
The idea of requiring new doctors to work in rural areas, as teachers and nurses did in the past, has been raised as a possible solution to rural doctor shortages. However, in 1946 the Australian Constitution was amended prohibiting the Government from requiring new doctors and dentists to work in rural areas. Even under current bonding schemes, the government cannot force medical graduates...
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Mendelson, Danuta --- "Devaluation of a Constitutional Guarantee: The History of Section 51(xxiiiA) of the Commonwealth Constitution" [1999] MelbULawRw 14; (1999) 23(2) Melbourne University Law Review 308
Nationals Leader Barnaby Joyce made a very good point today saying that some "might say that there are too many doctors coming on line, but maybe they all live in Double Bay.” Australia is producing more medical graduates but they do not want to work in rural practice. We now need to move from recognising the problem, to fixing the problem, by opening a rural medical school.

Barnaby Joyce defends 457 visa program as vital for regional Australia
It has been almost 5 years since the Nationals promised to establish the Murray Darling Medical School based in Orange, Bendigo and Wagga Wagga to fix rural doctor shortages.

Remote doctors need help overcoming GP shortage
Claims have been made that doctors are being forced to work for 24-hours or more because of staffing shortages in a major regional hospital.

Country hospitals facing health crisis
New report in The Guardian again shows that despite more medical students, graduates still refuse to work in the bush where they are needed.

George Christensen's ban on 457 visas would hit own electorate hard, analysis shows
Orange, Wagga and Bendigo are not the only regions having trouble getting a commitment from the Government to a new rural medical school to address chronic rural and regional doctor shortages. Yet in the last 2 years the Government has rapidly approved 2 new medical schools in Perth and Gosford. Why do you think the Government approved new medical schools in major cities, but is still...
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Another region missing out on med school
The outcome of the NSW State By-Election in Orange yesterday remains in doubt following a significant swing.
This story says everything about why we need a real rural medical school now - new midwives in Moree, Narrabri and Tamworth. Wouldn't it be nice to read similar stories about new doctors in the bush?

New Moree midwives
Dubbo community tells Coalition Government to get on with approving Murray Darling Medical School after 4 year delay.

Opinion: Canberra should halt diagnosis, fix illness
The new medical school in Perth approved by the Federal Government last year starts enrolments in 2017. It has had a dramatic impact on students looking to move to WA to study. It will be great to see the same economic injection into rural NSW and Victoria if and when the Government decides to finally approves the new rural medical school for the Murray Darling.

Medical school lifts uni demand
Dunedoo is without a local doctor as town loses last GP. There may an oversupply of doctors in Double Bay, but not in the bush.

Community anger over doctor's departure (video)
Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce tells Orange local member Andrew Gee "Yes to Murray Darling Medical School". To those rural young people entering year 11 and 12 next year who have called and emailed to ask when it will start, we will keep you posted on doctors4thebush.

CSU jumping for Joyce: deputy PM backs Murray Darling Medical School
Having good phone and communication access is critical for rural people, particularly when it comes to our health. RDACW has produced the Telecommunications Infrastructure Support Guide to help rural communities address mobile black spots and NBN access.

Telecommunications | Regional Development Australia Central West
Would employing more senior and other public servants in rural areas improve programs to address rural doctor shortages?

Send public servants to the bush
Opening new medical schools in the cities fixed doctor shortages there, is it now time for the government to do the same for the bush?

We need to bridge the great medical divide
Congratulations Andrew Gee, the new MP for Calare, standing up for rural people and vowing support for the Murray Darling Medical School. Help us to show that we appreciate rural members who stand up for their communities and like this post!

‘Great divide’ on Gee’s agenda
A new report show that hospitals are treating more and sicker patients, and rural doctor shortages continue. Do you agree with the recent decision of the Department to recommend a cut in the supply of doctors in Australia?

'Tsunami' of patients: NSW public hospitals under pressure, report shows
Murray Darling Medical School will ask the Department of Health about how its plans to ensure rural communities can continue to recruit doctors after evidence metro grads are refusing to work rurally, and the proposal to stop rural towns recruiting overseas doctors.

Doctor supply worries