How many health promoters can you fit on a screen?! TB doctor Mark Sherlock and the Mathare health promotion team in Nairobi, Kenya, have a message for you this #WorldTBDay! Hear more from Mark on the MSF podcast: [ Link ]
What is tuberculosis and why does a treatable disease continue to kill close to 2 million people every year? In this edition of MSF Pulse, we look at the challenges in the fight against TB. #WorldTBDay

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Against the odds, Elizabeth was the first person to survive one of the deadliest forms of drug-resistant TB in Kenya. Listen to the first episode of the second season of Everyday Emergency, the MSF podcast.

World TB Day Podcast: "I'm cured, but my fight against TB isn't over"
Did you think tuberculosis was a disease of the past? It still claims 1.8 million lives every year.
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"I’ve been through many wars; Syria, Liberia, Angola, Cambodia, but I’ve never seen something like this. In the operating theatre, every case we receive is severe and almost every day we have to deal with mass casualties."

Mosul: "I've been through many wars, but I've never seen something like this"
We have teams working around the clock treating men, women and children injured by bullets, blasts and shells. Thousands of people are fleeing western Mosul: "Almost every day we have to deal with mass casualties."

Iraq: Thousands Fleeing Western Mosul with Acute Medical Needs
"Burnout crept up without me being aware. In fact, almost no one saw it. Only those who really knew me well suggested something was wrong. I was a slow burner, it seems." - A personal take on a topic that needs to be addressed:

Burnout in the Field – MSF Passport
This #WorldWaterDay follow Water and Sanitation Specialist Alexandra Chen's journey in Chad, as she works with MSF teams to provide safe, clean water for communities in the midst of an outbreak of Hepatitis E.

Week 2: Water Points | Doctors without borders
"My colleague now has four children. By means of fighting against this violence, she named her youngest child Kariño (a play on the Spanish word cariño, which means 'sweetie'). She gave her this name so that, if one day she falls in love with an abusive man, he will be forced to call her cariño against his will."

Mexico: Facing fear in Acapulco
"Being able to manage an emergency quickly, using whatever you have and with the team around you, is important. It is something that working for MSF has taught me that I hadn’t learnt in Australia"

#Aussie doctor Katherine Franklin has been working in Wau, #SouthSudan and reflects on the differences between working in both countries

South Sudan: Part 3 - “The main things I have learnt from MSF is management, training & how to run a hospital” | Médecins Sans Frontières Australia
We need your help to put valuable data into the hands of field teams - Download #MapSwipe to start helping map vulnerable areas in OpenStreetMap.
Whether you call them refugees, asylum seekers, or migrants, to us they are just people - and in 2016 MSF rescued over 20,000 of them trying to cross the Mediterranean. Here we present 10 facts you need to know about Europe's so-called 'Migrant Crisis'. #EUTurkeyDeal
"We were able to openly discuss cases that have remained in our minds long after treating the patient and returning from the project, to know what other decisions could have been made"

Dr Shanti Hegde is an obstetrician-gynaecologist who has completed 11 placements with us. She recently attended our inaugural advanced obstetrics training to learn more about how to manage delivery emergencies

Being an obstretrician-gynaecologist with Médecins Sans Frontières | Médecins Sans Frontières Australia
One year after the #EUTurkeyDeal migrants and asylum seekers are paying the price with their health. But what is this deal about and what makes it so awful? Here's a 2-minute explainer.

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"At 11 months old she weighed in at 3.2 kilograms, which is the weight of a newborn baby"

#Aussie doctor Katherine Franklin has been working in Wau, #SouthSudan and describes two patients she met who made an impact on her

South Sudan”: Part 2 - “There was this one boy left who had empty beds around him” | Médecins Sans Frontières Australia
“I took three steps, closed the door and then the shell burst... I was deafened, and fell on the floor...The room was completely destroyed"

Eleanor meets the patients at an MSF clinic in eastern Ukraine

Ukraine: "A shell dropped through the roof of her house" | Doctors without borders
This week has marked six years of brutal war in Syria.

Civilians remain caught up in a complex humanitarian crisis in which millions have no access to basic healthcare.

Syria: Warring groups must allow aid to population in need
"I was so worried that the fighting would catch up with us. My mother and children were too exhausted to walk."

South Sudan: "I am tired of running"
We're live with Mego Terzian, President of Médecins Sans Frontières, talking about the humanitarian consequences of the war in Syria on the sixth anniversary of the conflict.