"Every inch of our ship is packed"

Nurse Heidi's powerful account of the day the team rescued almost 800 people from the Mediterranean Sea.

Search and Rescue: "An unbelievable experience - 800 people rescued in one day"

LIVE - Ebola's Aftermath: A West Africa Update: Ebola: What lessons did MSF take away from the largest mobilization in the organization’s history? What are the lingering needs in the countries whose health infrastructures were severely compromised by the outbreak? And is the world ready for the next outbreak of Ebola or other infectious diseases?
Our Mother and Child Care Centre in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley turns one year old this month - just like Ghazal, the first baby born in our centre. Happy Birthday Ghazal!

Instagram post by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) • Feb 23, 2017 at 3:52pm UTC

Adolescents are the most vulnerable group of HIV patients and they require specific care. In Uganda, we run a recreation center for all the teens and kids in the area, located right next to our health clinic. As our staff gains their trust, many kids come get tested for HIV: [ Youtu.be Link ]
The shocking reality of life in South Sudan: "Last night they came, looted my house, stole my cattle, raped my wife."

South Sudan: “Our staff never know if they are going to see the morning"

We would like to thank the IKEA Foundation for their €2 million grant towards our work in #Yemen. This donation will support our medical operations to help vulnerable people on the front lines of this forgotten humanitarian emergency.

“The war in Yemen has created a countrywide humanitarian crisis,” says Bruno Jochum, General Director of MSF. “Yet, after almost two years of ongoing war, this...
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New grants will help MSF and Save the Children save lives in Yemen - IKEA Foundation

Tomorrow Night: Is the world ready for the next outbreak of Ebola or other infectious diseases? What lessons did MSF take away from the largest mobilization in our organization’s history? Our Facebook Live begins at 8pm ET

Facebook Live Panel - Ebola's Aftermath: A West African Update

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"Being ill made me realise how dangerous malaria is and now I'm scared of my family getting sick, especially my grandson. MSF gave us a new net and now I sleep under it every night with him. I'm so pleased to have it and I hope everyone else in this camp gets one too, so that they are protected from getting sick."

Tanzania: "I could feel my heart pounding in my chest"

"We found 800 people, but how many are still out there in this black sea?"

Search and rescue: "There is a real fear that the women are being trafficked"

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Doctors Without Borders - Facebook LIVE Recruitment Q&A - 3/1

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"One quarter of the children that we have consulted in our clinics are malnourished and almost a tenth are in a severe condition. These figures are extremely worrying.”

Our teams are battling against malnutrition in South Sudan, a devastating consequence of the conflict.

South Sudan: MSF emergency response to treat malnourished children

"In a profession like psychology, you are always learning... I find myself absolutely uplifted and mesmerised by the resilience of the Syrian patients again and again."

Blog: "The healing process is not only physical but also mental and emotional"

"You always have to act normal, but in the back of your mind you’re always scared. You don’t know if someone will arrive at the hospital with a weapon; you don’t know if you’ll get hit by a shell or an accidental airstrike. You’re there with the Yemeni staff and the local people, sharing that risk with them."

Yemen: "We're here with you and we're not going anywhere"

"People had warned me that #PNG was dangerous but I found the Kerema people to be friendly and very open to Australians & Kiwis in particular, being close neighbours"

Petra Van Beek shares her experiences from her first field assignment with us to Papua New Guinea

PNG: “There I stood at my local airport, about to fulfil this lifelong dream” | Médecins Sans Frontières Australia

"My trainers are still covered in the red dirt of the country, so I’ll be taking a little piece of CAR home with me – a little piece of the MSF world in my own."

Central African Republic: Diary of a flying watsan

"Next to our house was a tall shopping centre that was being used by snipers. One day I saw a boy shot... It was safer to stay in the countryside, but there was so little I could do from home."

Yemen: "I don’t care if it's a bit more dangerous here – I just have to work"

"Suddenly both our phones rang. The voice on the other end was stressed, asking me to come straight to the emergency room... there had been an air strike"

Yemen: "We worked through the night" | Doctors without borders

“When you are a professional, you realise that the patient committed a crime because of mental illness and they need help. No matter how heinous their offences are, they still need help. They are still human beings.”

Mental illness: Zimbabwe's prison problem

From gunshot wounds to women haemorrhaging after giving birth, our emergency patients often need IV fluids. But many MSF projects are not accessible by ambulance, and cars aren't set up to hang the fluids...

In an innovative new project, Josie and Anup have just three weeks to find a solution that could save valuable time in an emergency.

Innovation blog: IV fluids for Land Cruisers