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This little boy couldn't contain his emotions when he opened a gift box to find a brand new puppy inside. And his parents were feeling the love, too!

Lonely Boy Bursts Into Tears After His Parents Surprise Him With Tiny New Puppy
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Neighbors ignored a lonely dog tied to a pole in the freezing cold. He was barking and snapping, and wouldn't let anyone come near. Finally, a woman who was down on her luck and living in her van stopped and decided she couldn't just let this poor dog suffer outside... and that's when she noticed the note tied around his neck

Woman Spots Growling Dog Tied To A Pole, Then Sees A Note Around His Neck From The Owner
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Chris and Mariesa stumbled upon a heavily pregnant shelter dog named Storie. It was clear Storie was ready to pop at any moment — but she was reluctant to go into labor. Chris and Mariesa took her home anyway, and later that night, something incredible happened.

Pregnant Pit Bull Refuses To Give Birth When Foster Parents Are Stunned By Her Ultrasound
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Kayla texted Justin to show him the poor dog she found wandering outside alone. Being the kindhearted caretaker she is, Kayla let him curl up on the couch with their kids. But the second Justin took a closer look at the photos, he started freaking out...

Wife Texts Husband She Found A Puppy, Then He Flips When He Realizes It’s Not A Dog In The Photo
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North Dakota mom Courtney Urness became frantic when she realized that her 3-year-old son Carson was missing from the backyard. Then she noticed that their dog Cooper was also gone. Urness told rescuers if they could find him, they would also find Carson.

3-Year-Old Disappears From Yard, Then Rescuers Spot Family Dog Lying On Top Of Him In A Field
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It only takes seconds for Chunkie the pit bull puppy to realize he's the man who saved her life. Look at that tail!

Puppy Is Sad At Shelter, Until She Reunites With The Firefighter Who Saved Her From Abuse
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A terrified homeowner called 911 to report an intruder. But when one of the deputies heard scratching noises outside, he pointed his flashlight to the roof and couldn't believe his eyes.

Deputies Responding To Frantic Call About Home Intruder ‘Die Laughing’ At Canine Suspect
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Day after day, this poor dog from Thailand dragged his body across the ground. When a model named Meagan stumbled upon him while on vacation, thousands of miles from home, she couldn't believe her eyes — but because of the dog's extreme condition, no rescues would take him in. That's when Meagan did the unbelievable.

Town Refuses To Help Paralyzed Dog — Until A Model On Vacation Sees Him Dragging Along The Beach