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Having this knowledge could help you prevent the worst.

QUIZ: See How Well You Recall These Pet Food Dangers
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They had to determine whether it was worth it to give Meesha a second chance at life or to end it.

Rescuers Choose Operation For Pit Bull With 8-Pound Tumor Instead Of Hospice Care
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Sammie has been spray-painted, shot, and dragged behind a car, and was now fighting for his life. But he didn’t know he’d find a friend to stay by his side.

Abused 4-Month-Old Puppy Finds A Gentle Friend Just When He Needs It The Most
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Nik Nak was abandoned because he was 'gross and yucky.' A lot of people don't believe that dogs are capable of feeling powerful emotions like love and thankfulness, but when you look deep into his eyes you'll be able to see it. This beautiful guy is finally happy!

Old Dog Left To Die Because He Is ‘Too Yucky To Live.’ Then Doctors Decide To Save Him
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Max was found roaming the streets as a stray. In shelters, when dogs are older or ungroomed, they’re often overlooked in favor of a puppy. Hollywood Groomers has swooped in to help Max and many dogs like him get adopted with their incredibly doggy makeovers!

Senior Dog Is Overlooked In Shelter Until Generous Groomer Gives Him A Makeover
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A lot of people say dog kisses are gross, unsanitary, and unsafe — but these benefits might just prove otherwise! Do you let your pup kiss you?

8 Reasons You Should Always Let Your Dog Kiss Your Face
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How would you feel if you saw your dog do this while home alone?

Mom Breaks Down When Camera Reveals What Her Dog Does Home Alone All Day
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Mom was home with her infant daughter when an armed couple broke into her house. When she told the intruders she had no money to give them, they grabbed her baby from her arms, hit Mom with a gun and tried to flee. But the intruders had no idea what was waiting for them just outside the back door.

Couple Breaks In And Tries To Steal Baby Girl, But Doesn’t See Family Pit Bull Waiting Outside
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Did you know about this? It's something all pet owners should see!

If Infected, Your Dog Could Die From This Scary Disease
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In Thailand, two young men were hard at work, desperately digging into the ground, when they saw the faint glint of white fur stuck in a pipe. What they uncovered is nothing short of amazing.

Two Young Men Spot Hint Of White Fur By Underground Pipe, Start Digging To Investigate
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The situation this puppy got himself into is horrifying, and almost impossible to fix. Thank God these men didn’t just give up on him.

Terrified Puppy Lies Helpless While Rescuers Try To Cut Pipe Around His Neck And Body