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"90 Minute IPA is the beer that brought Dogfish Head into the mainstream ... The continuous hopping turned traditional hopping on its head. Instead of brewers adding hops at the beginning for bitter and at the end for aroma, Dogfish Head put hops in throughout the brewing process, creating a hoppy IPA without the bitterness." - VinePair

18 Defining Moments in the History of Craft Beer
Dogfish Head Beer
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We're over here checking the seams of our cans, ensuring no oxygen is getting in and no beer is getting out. Thanks to the double seam, our diligent Quality team and consistent checks ... all beer is a go! #beergeekery
Dogfish Head Beer
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Fun, floral and made with a natural aphrodisiac, 'Kiss from a Rose' is the latest concoction from our team at Chesapeake & Maine!
Dogfish Head Beer
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Ooooo ... ahhhhhh ... Palo Santo Marron is sporting a new look! Still tasting just as unfiltered, unfettered and unprecedented. Check the Fish Finder at to find some near you! #craftbeer #offcentered
Dogfish Head Beer
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Made to pair with seafood, our SeaQuench Ale is "... bright and zesty, tangy and smooth, savory and refreshing, a beguiling but breezy beer" according to the folks at The Wall Street Journal!

The Best Beers to Pair With Shellfish
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It's going to be one epic #XPNFest! Proud to be the official beer and can't wait for July!!!!

Wilco, Conor Oberst and Hop Along will headline night one of XPoNential Music Festival 2017 - The Key
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Brewed with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, Saison du BUFF is back! Brought to you by Victory Beer in 2015 and Stone Brewing in 2016, it's our turn to re-release this collaboration of epic proportions. Available now at our Milton brewery and Rehoboth brewpub, this beauty starts shipping to wholesalers this week! Keep an eye on the Fish Finder at to find some near you!
Dogfish Head Beer
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Brewmaster Tomme Arthur of Port Brewing Co / The Lost Abbey is heading to the Dogfish Head Brewpub on February 28 for a very special 'Meet the Brewer Happy Hour!' Full details at the link!

Meet the Brewers
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A barrel-aged apricot Farmhouse Ale, Alternate Takes #4 is our latest draft-only offering! Now available at our Milton brewery and Rehoboth brewpub, this funky brew is fermented with brettanomyces for 7 months before being blended with apricots and re-fermented with a Belgian Saison yeast! Limited quantities are shipping to wholesalers this week, so keep an eye on the Fish Finder at...
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Sam went way back to 2006 to celebrate #drinkitnow day! The Sprecher Brewery Barleywine paired perfectly with creamy burrata. Thanks to our friends Allagash Brewing Company for the inspiration to reach deep into the beer shelf! What are you opening to celebrate?
A liquid soundtrack made to pair with your favorite tunes, Beer To Drink Music To '17 is our Tropical Blonde brewed with kiwi juice and hibiscus flowers! Available now, check the Fish Finder at to find some near you! ????
"Made with orange peel, lemon flesh, and blood orange juice, this beer still manages to taste very much like an IPA. It’s bitter, balanced, and smells like fresh-squeezed." Exactly what we were going for! Thanks to The Boston Globe for the Flesh & Blood love!

Six beers you should be drinking right now - The Boston Globe
Lasers and beer? Heck yes! Here we’re using an Orbisphere 6110 to measure TPO – Total Package Oxygen – and CO2. Why? Because oxygen in beer can have a detrimental effect on the flavor profile. By measuring how much oxygen is in our packaged products, we’re able to ensure we’re introducing as little oxygen as possible, thus ensuring you get the freshest, bestest tasting beer! #beergeekery
“With only 4.9 percent ABV, it’s a perfect partner for seafood of all stripes.” Don't we know it! Thanks for the SeaQuench Ale nod, Pittsburgh City Paper!

SeaQuench Ale
Heads up! Our Milton brewery is closing a wee-bit early (3 p.m. to be exact) this Saturday, Feb. 18. Why?! Because it's time for our annual co-worker Holiday Hootenanny!!! The Dogfish Head Brewpub will also be closing at 3 p.m., and Chesapeake & Maine will be closed all day. Check out our blog post to see what our Holiday Hootenanny is all about...

And just like that, it's Hootenanny time!!
If you were a beer ... what beer would you be? Today we're Indian Brown - a boisterous brown ale meets well-hopped IPA. #whereisthedarkbeeremoji
Decisions, decisions. Which would you crack open for Allagash Brewing Company's annual #drinkitnow on Feb. 19? ????
To all the craft beer lovers ... Happy Valentine's Day.
You don't want to miss our most compelling weekend of the year! Happening March 25, we're showcasing 14 rare beers - everything from a Chocolate Weizenbock to Blackberry Sour Ale, with a preview of our newest beers Lupu-lüau and Post-Boil IPA! Grab your Weekend of Compelling Ales & Whanot tickets before it's too late! #WOCAAW

2017 Weekend of Compelling Ales & Whatnot!
Green can only mean one thing ... 60 Minute IPA fresh off the line!