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Dogs Naturally Magazine
12/09/2016 at 16:57. Facebook
What would you rather feed your dog: chicken by-product or meat meal?

If you're not sure, that's okay! There's some very specific language that pet food manufacturers use when they label their ingredients, and that often makes pet food seem healthier than it really is.

We've got an easy system to help you take a good hard look at your pet food label, and we're going to show you how to use...
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How To Evaluate Pet Food: A 3 Part Series

Dogs Naturally Magazine
12/09/2016 at 02:00. Facebook
Got tear stains? LAST CALL to join author Jan Rasmusen’s tear-and-mouth stain study. More than 1,600 people have taken the study questionnaire. She’ll start analyzing the data Monday.

Jan is a holistic dog health author and contributor to Dogs Naturally Magazine. Her questionnaire will likely get you thinking about why your dog is staining. Take it at OR learn more at

Tear Stains: Discover Causes and Cures for Your Dog's Staining

Dogs Naturally Magazine
12/08/2016 at 00:25. Facebook
Johnny isn't the only one! Still bringing a tear after 35 years

The dog poem that made Johnny Carson cry

Dogs Naturally Magazine
12/06/2016 at 15:32. Facebook
FACT: If you don't like how a certain drug makes you feel, you can speak up or stop taking it. Your dog can't.

So why not skip the guesswork and go straight to natural and safe treatments for your dog?

In today's we're talking about...

✔ The top 10 herbs we recommend
✔ How to use them (feeding, poulticing, and soaks)
✔ Potential side effects
✔ When NOT to use them

Top 10 Herbs For Natural Pain Relief

Wise words ...
You are what you eat -- and so is your dog.

So what happens if your dog isn't eating the best diet for him?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that everything is connected, including your dog's diet and behavior. Based on the TCM Five Elements theory, your dog is connected to an element -- and that element needs balancing through diet.

So if your dog is eating foods (like beef,...
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???? Better Behavior Through Food

*Cough, Cough*

"Your dog HAS to be up-to-date on his kennel cough vaccine." - says your vet, the groomer, your doggy daycare provider, your dog walkers and maybe even your pushy dentist.

Whomever is urging you to get your dog vaccinated against Kennel cough, here's something they just might not know ...

Kennel cough is "self-limiting", which means it's pretty much the canine equivalent to...
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[Updated] Three Critical Problems With The Kennel Cough Vaccine (and what you need to do about them) - Dogs Naturally Magazine

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Got tear stains?

Holistic dog-health author Jan Rasmusen, whose numerous articles appear on DogsNaturallyMagazine.com, is studying canine tear and mouth stains, their causes and cures.

Staining is a health and/or diet issue, not just a cosmetic problem. Learn more about staining at or, go straight to the questionnaire at

Tear Stains: Discover Causes and Cures for Your Dog's Staining

Christmas started early at DNM! Today is Chili's birthday, the matriarch of the DNM clan is 13 and we all get to celebrate! A week or two ago, Dana asked us all what our favourite Christmas movies were ... guess what Stephanie's is?
For a society that boasts of so many advancements in science and medicine, why are we (and our pets) sicker than ever?
We've got your top five label rules to follow to help you read between the lines of successful pet food marketing. Don't be fooled by the name on the bag!

Follow These Top 5 Dog Food Label Rules

Pyometra in dogs is an invisible, dangerous infection that can kill. Find out how to recognize the early warning signs that your dog is infected.

The Invisible Infection Risk Hiding In Your Dog: Pyometra

One community came together so this dying dog could be granted a very big wish.

A Dying Dog Receives A Very Big Wish – AngusPost