Heavy metals are everywhere … and they’re wreaking havoc with your dog’s health.

Poisonous metals like aluminum, lead and mercury are found in your dog’s vaccines and drugs, in his food ... and in everything we make, from concrete to plastic.

In today’s article we’ll show you how you can prevent and treat heavy metal damage in your dog … and we’ll also show you the common chemical you’ll...
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Heavy Metal Detox For Dogs: Why It's Important!

Dogs Naturally Magazine
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[New Post] Free radical damage can cause joint disease, cancer and premature aging in your dog. We'll show you how this pink colored superfood can protect your dog from harm!

Astanxanthin For Dogs: Protect Against Cancer, Joint Pain And More! - Dogs Naturally Magazine

Just about every dog - at some time in his life - will have some kind of injury or orthopedic problem. But conventional drugs and anti-inflammatories can damage your dog's liver - and his joints! Check out Dr Todd Cooney's top natural and effective remedies for joint injury and pain.

Top 5 Remedies For Dog Joint Pain And Injury - Dogs Naturally Magazine

QUESTION: Should your pet food contain fish oil?
ANSWER: Never!

DID YOU GET THE ANSWER WRONG? That's OK, we're here to help! Check out the third and final part of this complete article where we'll evaluate a lot of real foods - maybe even your dog's food - and we'll show you the simple rules you need to follow to find the perfect food for your dog ...

EVERYTHING You Wanted To Know About Choosing A Dog Food! - Dogs Naturally Magazine

If you don't already know why you should feed your dog probiotics, here are a few quick reasons:

- They help with proper digestion
- They produce the important B vitamins
- They help the body absorb nutrients like calcium, magnesium and iron

However, if you are giving your dog probiotics without prebiotics, you may just be wasting your money.

Prebiotics are insoluble, indigestible fiber …...
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Corporations now own 15 percent to 20 percent of America’s 26,000 pet hospitals, and consolidators, copying the model pioneered by VCA, are buying them fast. (Banfield is one of the few big businesses building its own clinics; the rest are rolling them up.) In 2014 a chain of 250 hospitals called National Veterinary Associates was purchased by Ares Management for $920 million. In 2015 the...
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Why Big Business Is Putting Your Pet’s Life At Risk

Thanks for sharing your pic with us Valéry! Check it out DNM'ers - This is the Golden Paste recipe from our blog post "Healing With Turmeric Golden Paste For Dogs" If you want to make Golden Paste for your dog, like Valéry did, go ahead and get the recipe right here: [ Dogsnaturallymagazine.com Link ]

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Just like your bank account stores money, your dog's "internal account" stores enzymes ...

... and when the cash flow is low, it's time to figure out how to replenish it!

Enzymes are special proteins your dog's body uses to digest and use the nutrients in his food. There are two types of enzymes:

1. The ones in the food you feed him
2. The ones his body makes in his digestive organs

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The Deal With Digestive Enzymes and Your Dog

Another year has come and gone!

To thank you for choosing Dogs Naturally as your go-to for all things dog, in 2016 - w'ed like to re-share our top posts of the year with you! We have some great stuff lined up for 2017 and we can't wait to share it with you. Until then, enjoy the holiday season with your family and your dog. Happy New Year!

Go ahead and enjoy our most popular posts of 2016...
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A weak and unhealthy immune system can lead to health issues like diabetes and cancer. That's why it's so important to keep your dog's immune system in tip-top shape.

Read today's article and we will give you five quick immune boosters you can give your dog at home.

Keep Your Dog Healthy with 5 Immune System Boosters

Soup Recipe Alert !
Keep this quick tummy recovery soup recipe on standby in case your dog gets in to the holiday treats!

Soup Recipe for Your Dog's Upset Stomach

Do you have trouble dealing with your dog’s yeasty ears, itchy skin, chewed up feet and digestive issues?

Don’t worry … it’s not your fault!

The true cause of most allergy symptoms happens deep inside your dog's body in something called “the forgotten organ.” And most allergy treatments and special foods will actually damage that organ even more. Or, more specifically, it will damage the...
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Whoa, Does My Dog Have Leaky Gut?

Wishing you, your family, and your dog a happy and healthy holiday!

- From everyone at Dogs Naturally
A few strong words on cancer from Dr Marty Goldstein ...
Is there a war going on in your dog's gut?

When intrusive microscopic elements enter your dog's body, it sets his immune response in to battle mode! (which often triggers an upset stomach)

Those elements can make their way in from vaccines, food, the environment.

This means chronic stomach issues aren't always connected to something your dog ate! It can mean he's suffering from Irritable...
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Battlefield Gut: The War Wages On

Soothe your dog's nonstop itch! Check out today's post, we have 3 super simple ways to use Apple Cider Vinegar to help your dog STOP itching.

3 Simple Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help Your Dog

Need a great gift idea for that special someone? How about the gift of good health? If you grab a Dogs Naturally Gift Subscription right now, you'll get $10 to spend in the Dogs Naturally Market :). Go on, check it out ...

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A couple weeks ago we released Part 1 of "How To Choose The Best Food For Your Pet"

(We gave you a simple step by step way to evaluate the quality of the ingredients in your dog's food)

Today we've added Part 2 for you. This time, we're giving you the exact formulas you'll need to figure out how much of each ingredient is in your pet's food (and how it will help you pick the food that best...
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How To Evaluate Pet Food: A 3 Part Series

"Can I give my dog coconut oil?"

We're asked that question all the time. And the answer is YES!

Today, we're sharing our top 3 favorite coconut oil recipes you can make at home. We're going to tell you:

▪ Why you need to feed your dog coconut oil
▪ How much coconut oil to feed
▪ The best ways to use it (other than in your dog's food!)
▪ DNM's top 3 coconut oil recipes

Click below to...
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Coconut Oil For Dogs: Our 3 Favorite Recipes

Happy Holidays Bitsy! Thanks for sharing :)