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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums & dog mums out there! Our mutt-ernity ward is very busy at the moment with mums & their pups and mums soon to be ❤

Pictured is Queenie the collie who delivered her lovely litter last week and Juliette who is patiently waiting to deliver her babies. Tag your dog loving mums & dog mum pals!
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Are you more of Buddy, Max or Toby when it comes to training? Our Vhi Women's Mini Marathon Team Captains Buddy, Max & Toby are seeking team followers to run for them on June 5th! Follow one of their tales & find out more here: [ Link ]
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Just in case you missed it earlier - today is National Puppy Day!!

To celebrate our Executive Director Suzie Carley was invited for a chat on Ireland AM with three of our puppies, Captain, Rooster & Hunter.

If you are thinking of adopting or buying a puppy, please watch Suzie’s interview for lots of tips, advice and of course, cute puppies!

Ireland AM - Thursday, 23 March 2017
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Happy National Puppy Day! Here are some of the many extremely cute puppies in our centre at the moment. Everyone loves seeing puppies so make sure to share pictures of your own puppies below! #NationalPuppyDay
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The Irish Sun were just live at our centre to check out some of our gorgeous puppies for National Puppy Day!
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Mother's Day is this Sunday & we've got the perfect gifts for your dog crazy mums & Fairy Dogmothers! Browse our Mother's Day gifts here: [ Link ]
Your support will go towards helping the many mums & pups currently in our care.
Dogs Trust are delighted to support the proposed amendment to the Welfare of Greyhounds Act (2011) being put forward by Tommy Broughan TD in the Dáil this afternoon.

The amendment will allow for the International Greyhound Forum and Bord na gCon to produce a ‘draft list’ of countries which meet minimum standards with regard to the welfare of greyhounds and to which licenced export of...
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To celebrate St Paw-tricks day we're offering 10% off in our online store! We have just added loads of new products, including Kongs, toys, beds & balls!
Your support will go towards helping 100s of dogs & pups feel lucky. Use the online code 'pawtricksday17' at the checkout.
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Happy St Patrick's Day everyone! Have a super fun weekend

We are open from 12pm-4pm today and all weekend for anyone looking to chat about adopting a dog!
Buddy, one of the Vhi Women's Mini Marathon team captains really isn't into the idea of running around & chasing tennis balls today! But he's delighted to be in the lead with the most Vhi Women's Mini Marathon followers. Go Team Buddy!
Find out how to join Team Buddy in this year's Vhi Women's Mini Marathon here: [ Link ]
Up and at 'em! Have a great Sunday friends

We're open from 12pm-4pm today, if anyone was looking to chat about adopting one of our residents!
Patrick Stewart; his first dog in 50 years & he's fostering a rescue breeding pitbull who was used for dog fighting in the US. Shes called Ginger <3 What a legend!
❤Dog Loving Ladies! ❤
Registration for the‍ Vhi Women's Mini Marathon 2017 ‍is open & there are 3 furry reasons why you should gather the girls and take part for Dogs Trust. They are your Women’s Mini Marathon team captains - Toby, Max and Buddy!

We hope these three extraordinary Dogs Trust residents’ tales will inspire you to join their team and get involved for Dogs Trust on June 5th to...
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Follow Their Tale at the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon 2017!

Squash by name, squash by nature!

Lurchers Annie and Squash having a cuddle this morning. Jealous?! We are!

Share your pics of your cuddly dogs in the comments
Our Executive Director, Suzie Carley is in Brussels this week as part of the EU Dog & Cat Alliance - meeting with MEPs regarding animal welfare related issues across Europe.
We’re sniffing out a dog loving designer for an exciting dog themed 'paw-ject'!

The 'paw-ject' is to design a range of dog themed products for our shop such as mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags & more. We have a few ideas of what we would like but need a creative dog lover to help bring them to life!

If you’re interested, please email your details plus some examples of design work to...
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A dog's dinner - what you feed your dog can make a huge difference to his/her health!

Have a read of this piece from our Education and Community team [ Link ]
Dogs Trust were very pleased to have submitted our comments and suggestions to the Dog Breeding Establishment guidelines process last Tuesday, 28th February.

Read more about our submission on our website [ Link ]
The power of a microchip - reunited after two years!!
Mo is missing and her family are distraught. She went missing from Bushy Park area so please keep your eyes peeled and get in touch if you see her. Owners details are in the post.