Here's two really gross reasons why you shouldn't.

Nearly a Quarter of Men Trim Their Nails by Biting Them
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Your doctor calls it "gynecomastia."

The Slightly Saggy History of Moobs.
And not just because your Valentine's date didn't work out.

Should I Be Moisturizing My "You-Know-What"?
We asked DSC employees for their worst #VDayDisasters. Peter from Creative had one we couldn't help but share. Can anyone top it?
There's nothing you love more than your favorite football team. And your dog. And your mom. Wait, is this really all the same feeling?

It's Complicated: Every Type of Love, Explained
Some dinner conversation for Valentine's Day.

What's the Most Shocking Thing in the Kama Sutra?
Swearing can raise your pain threshold by nearly 50%.

Why Do We Like to Curse?
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Scientifically speaking, it's much healthier to just take a couple of long naps.

When Did We Become So Obsessed with Getting the Perfect Night's Sleep?
Did you know that it happens to women, too?

The Science of Morning Wood
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The bristles of your toothbrush are basically a giant bacteria orgy after six months.

This is How Often You Should Replace Everything in Your Bathroom
Hint: It should stop before your chest hair.

Necking Guide: Where Should Your Beard's Neckline Be?
Maybe it's because of the spider whose bite causes the most agonizing erection of your life.

Why Are We So Terrified of Spiders?
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For anyone with stuff to do today, here's a guide to looking good when you're hungover as hell. You're welcome.

Looking Great When You're Hungover as Hell