Dolph Lundgren
01/19/2017 at 21:45. Facebook
#ThrowbackThursday - Hey, I was going to share my New Years video from my holidays back in Sweden…2 weeks ago. Oh well, Happy 2017!
I had the privilege to meet a great fan, Mathew, an ex-Army soldier - all because of a very special charity!

Mentor Foundation, USA was started by HM Queen Silvia of Sweden in collaboration with the World Health Organization. Mentor is the leading international not-for-profit network empowering youth and preventing substance abuse.

Great cause! Please check out their website. [...
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The Peacekeeper - vintage 90’s ass-kicking!
A New Year’s Workout with my daughter Ida!
Happy 2017! Start the year off with a bang with this great product, Prime Male.
Ronda - don’t worry. It could be worse! You’ll be back in no time.

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Expendables 3 - Gunner & his Harley! #throwbackthursday
Christmas luncheon w ma girls!
Swedish Christmas with the family!
Chillin' at Studio 54 with Grace - love the 80's!! #ThrowbackThursday
Let's make 2017 feel more like 1990. #PrimeMale [ Link ]
Landing in Russia for World of Tanks convention - minus 20 Centigrade!
Say hello to my little friend! Doing promotion for World of Tanks in Minsk.
With my buddy Chuck at the opening of the new Ferrari dealership in Westlake, CA!
Just got appointed as honored ambassador of Sweden in … World of Tanks game. The most unusual title in my career. Preparing for a trip to Moscow to visit WG Fest and some interesting tank-related places on the way there and meet the developers of World of Tanks. See you in Moscow! #Tankbassador #WGfest #Worldoftanks
World of Tanks thinks I would make a great Swedish #Tankbassador. What do you think?
My daughter Ida's last day at New York Film Academy.
A tense moment with JCVD from Universal Soldier - They’re all traitors!! #throwbackthursday