Dominic Sherwood
02/20/2017 at 03:56. Facebook
My side job... @imthekatie #katiewelch #musicvideo
Dominic Sherwood
02/18/2017 at 20:23. Facebook
Happy Valentine's Day! My girls together here!!(I was holding my boy Barkley!) love you all xx
Here's the video of a new stunt we are working on for #Jace! Always fun in the bun in this room! #episode14
Me and my AMAZING stunt man Aaron working out in between takes
My first ice storm in Toronto
Rajah and I ready for tonight's @shadowhunterstv on @freeform 8/7c
It's getting all wintery here in Toronto ... thanks for keeping me warm @kanukmtl
I'll admit. @kitkatsmeow got @isaiahmustafa and me good with her @RingsMovie prank on us. Check out the video (link in bio)! And share the video with your friends to help unlock a deleted scene from next week's @shadowhunterstv episode! See the real Samara in #Rings, in theaters everywhere tonight. #AD
@matthewdaddario brought chocolates to set.... no one is allowed any apparently...
After finding a bunch of ways not to do it... I finally found a way to do it! @shadowhunterstv @freeform @netflixuk
First day of training back in Toronto... @shadowhunterstv
Who knows the #parabatai oath...? Watch @shadowhunterstv tonight on @freeform and tomorrow on @netflixuk the world!! #iknowit
Dope fan art!! Tonight's @shadowhunterstv episode is all parabatai! 'There is no human bond that compares @matthewdaddario @freeform
@ShadowhuntersTV took over the #MeltingPot on @iHeartRadio w/ TimOnAir & @AshSpeidel. Listen on-demand by searching Melting Pot on #iHeartRadio
@shadowhunterstv is on NOW!! Go watch on @freeform
Talking about how ridiculously amazing my life has gotten in the last 5 years and how I'm NOT dealing with it well (events in this conversation are entirely fictional for our comic benefit!) with @darylcrowley
All new tonight!!! I have so many questions.... why Jocelyn ... WHY?! @shadowhunterstv tonight on @freeform Tell your friends.. tell them to tell their dogs.... tell their dogs to tell their doggie friends...
One million!!! I love you all
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