Going by Hanson's Senate voting record, a vote for One Nation is turning out to be a vote for the Liberals more often than not!
While our politicians would like to believe voters forget and move on from indiscretions in their use of public money and indifference to the greater community in their decision making, no one is forgetting anything and or moving on, writes Bill Hoffman.

Fix is well and truly in and voters don't buy it

This goose who lectures everyone else about prudent spending sure has no trouble spending taxpayer money on himself and his dumb ideas whenever he feels like it!

Barnaby Joyce spent $18,000 on 2013 travel to New England when trying to win seat

It's a big job folks, but we can do it. Together we can achieve almost anything.
Amid sliding polls, a parliamentary expenses scandal, another ministerial reshuffle, perception of drift, and sniping by former Liberal prime minister Tony Abbott, the consensus is that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will lose, yet again, when NSW's action-man Premier Mike Baird vacates the political stage next week.

But Turnbull will, in fact, gain an ally if, as expected,...
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Berejiklian: friend to Turnbull

2017 has kicked off with another round of attacks on renewable energy targets, both state and federal. The good news: the public isn’t buying it.

Why the public is not buying Coalition attack on wind and solar

"The truth is that try as they might, neither Trump nor the Australian government can turn the tide on renewable energy, nor resuscitate an ailing coal industry with a clear expiration date. This is not a moral or political case, but a purely economical one."

Neither Trump nor Turnbull can turn back the tide on renewables

If Malcolm Turnbull has anything resembling a policy agenda for 2017 it's high time he told us about it, writes Adam Gartrell.

What is the point of this government? It's time for Malcolm Turnbull to tell us his agenda

Says the guy who wants back in, hahaha.

Abbott laments leadership revolving door

No sniping, wrecking or undermining, he said..

Turnbull and Abbott trade jibes about leadership style

Centrelink is deliberately ripping-off thousands of Australians caught up in its data matching "robo-debt" program, with managers telling public servants at the agency to enforce debts they know are bogus, according to explosive new claims.

Centrelink systematically ripping off its clients: whistleblower #notmydebt

It’s difficult to understand the huge and ongoing increase in parliamentary expenses claims by Coalition MPs since the Coalition took office in 2013, writes Jane Gilmore.

How politicians are really spending our cash

Thieving Coalition government running deliberate EXTORTION RACKET!

Whistleblower: Massive Government Fraud