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Phillip Coorey:
The Turnbull government's decision to rule out a carbon scheme for the electricity sector rejects advice from its handpicked expert who will recommend an emissions intensity scheme as the most effective way to transition to a secure and lower-cost energy supply.

Chief Scientist Alan Finkel, who in October was put in charge of the review into Australia's National Energy Market,...
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Climate backflip ignores expert advice

John B Kelly:
Can you believe the economic fantasies this man entertains? He actually believes that a $48 billion tax cut for businesses is in the national interest. The cut is over a 10 year spread, let out in dribs and drabs that business will hardly notice. The savings in most cases will probably pay for a Christmas break-up party, but little else. But Morrison thinks that this is going to...
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Do we now have a budget emergency? - The AIM Network

Laura Tingle:
The Turnbull cabinet has achieved a rare trifecta: governments sometimes get policy right but the politics wrong; or the politics right but then stuff up on process.

But the statements on of Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg – and the even more strident statements of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Wednesday – have managed to stuff policy, process and politics...
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Climate policy: Turnbull and Frydenberg achieve a rare trifecta of utter failure

Dr Livingstone has studied political donations and in particular how donations made by the gambling industry have influenced public policy. He says the current laws are "corrupt, they're opaque and they undermine democracy".

Claims donor laws corrupt as political donations near $1 billion

Stephen Koukoulas:
Today’s September quarter national accounts confirmed a quite stunning 0.5% fall in GDP, which, with hindsight, dovetails with the recent labour force data that shows employment having fallen 25,700 since July. Something has gone wrong.

Coalition policy has gone badly wrong and the RBA needs to cut interest rates | Stephen Koukoulas

When you look like a coward for long enough, people will draw an inevitable conclusion, writes Sean Kelly.

Turnbull's greatest danger

"Like all of Malcolm Turnbull's other banking thought-bubbles, the tribunal was only ever intended to distract from Labor's call for a full royal commission into Australia's banks and financial services sector."

Turnbull government ditches plans for new banking tribunal

At the slightest provocation, the Coalition hardliners who have never supported Turnbull are on the warpath, questioning the government's timing, tactics and intentions, writes Michael Gordon.

Yes, Malcolm Turnbull, it's business as usual: disunity, ill-discipline and undermining

SBS Comedy.
Tensions are high in the Liberal Party this morning after a careless mistake from the Turnbull Government saw the words ‘carbon tax’ repeated three times in public, summoning former Prime Minister Tony Abbott back to life and stronger than ever.

Mention Of Carbon Tax Three Times Summons Tony Abbott

If no change occurs and current trends continue, the government will have locked in an economic structure for 2020 that is more polluting than in the past with no realistic plan to reduce it, writes Pat Conroy MP.

We can't bank our future on Malcolm Turnbull's climate change magic pudding | Pat Conroy

Katharine Murphy:
Yet again the Turnbull government has shown the voting public that it is a divided, roiling, rudderless, chaotic and gutless political outfit, locked into a cycle of chasing its own tail, jumping nervously at shadows.

On climate policy the Coalition has backed itself into a tight corner of its own making – and it shows no sign of finding the courage, the steadiness or the...
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What an extraordinary, gutless capitulation by Josh Frydenberg | Katharine Murphy

Phillip Coorey:
A key element of the Coalition's 2017 policy platform, a review into climate change policy, has been shattered in less than 36 hours following a revolt by the Liberal party's right wing.

But experts have warned the right wingers misunderstood what they were complaining about and the decision to rule out an emissions intensity scheme for the electricity sector could result in...
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Carbon backflip means 'even higher prices'

Tony Abbott is insisting he be given a title again. He has previously asked to be judged by his deeds so it would be timely to examine just what Abbott achieved when given the opportunity to lead the nation, writes Kaye Lee.

Tony’s job application - The AIM Network

Never before has one announcement destroyed so many political cliches, so quickly, for so little political gain. In offering public money to subsidise the major cause of climate change, the PM simultaneously kills the idea that the Coalition is concerned about excessive public spending AND that they believe the world is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. So much for...
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If Adani is not viable without public subsidies then the conservatives are backing the wrong horse | Ben Oquist

Buzz off, Brandis.
While Malcolm Turnbull's government was fart-arsing around solving problems of their own making, plenty of real-world challenges with real impact on real Australian families were left undone, writes Kristina Keneally.

Stick it on the fridge: your form guide for political 'progress' 2017 | Kristina Keneally

Government backbenchers led by conservative Cory Bernardi have questioned the scope of a review of the Coalition’s climate-action policies.

Coalition climate review threatens to blow government apart

Politically, Brandis is a dead man walking, writes Mungo MacCallum.

Time is running out for George Brandis