Warped Liberal priorities.
According to some optimistic thinking, Tony Abbott's incendiary blast was his last gasp – killing his own credibility and pushing conservative waverers closer to Malcolm Turnbull. Maybe. But they thought that about Rudd this same week in 2012.

Tony Abbott is Kevin Rudd without the popularity

IT IS NOW OFFICIAL. The Coalition has just doubled the government debt Labor incurred between 2007 and 2013. But with no devastating global recession to combat. No pressing need for economic stimulus. No extensive infrastructure investment to show for it. And in much shorter time, writes Alan Austin.

Coalition swiftly doubles Labor’s debt — with no excuse

Turns out Peta Credlin does comedy on weekends. Abbott doesn't want to be Prime Minister again? Priceless

Turnbull government on life support but Abbott doesn't want the top job: Credlin

Katharine Murphy:
There are two substantial headwinds buffeting the Coalition at the present time. One is disruption of the established order of Australian politics, and the other is disunity. Disruption and disunity. Unless both can be managed, the prognosis is inescapable, and bleak as a Canberra winter. It’s death.

The postie always rings twice: Abbott and Fahour give Coalition the smell of death

“Tony Abbott is not going anywhere despite attempts to buy him off with a taxpayer job to leave the parliament,” his former chief of staff Peta Credlin said, adding that it was too late to give him a frontbench role, something Malcolm Turnbull has refused to do.

Peta Credlin says Tony Abbott motivated by frustration and 'is not going anywhere'

Memo to George: there is more to Australia than just One Nation voters. The vast majority of Australians who do not support crazy One Nation and its erratic dumb dangerous ideas will not be ignored, nor told that we must appease or pander to One Nation. We are not a BOGANOCRACY and the Australian people will not tolerate being held hostage to the shrill demands of right wing lunatics.

George Christensen's plan to stop voters drifting to Pauline Hanson, One Nation

The report concludes that then prime minister John Howard joined then US president George W. Bush in invading Iraq solely to strengthen Australia's alliance with the US.

Australia's Iraq War venture was to boost US ties: report

Unless Turnbull acts now, he will be remembered as the prime minister who cut the take-home pay of almost one million of Australia’s lowest-paid workers.

Turnbull reinforcing his standing as the anti-worker PM

"Abbott's hatred is profound, his anger is deepening and his impatience is growing."

Abbott morphs from leadership aspirant into political assassin

Phillip Coorey:
Furious conservatives have rounded on Tony Abbott, branding him a destructive hypocrite and vowing he will never again lead the Liberal Party.

Mr Abbott claimed on Friday he was not after the leadership and that he supported Malcolm Turnbull. But his latest outburst on Thursday night, in which he accused the government of being Labor lite and said it would lose the election...
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Tony Abbott will never be leader again: colleagues

Malcolm Turnbull and key Coalition figures have slammed Tony Abbott’s “sad” attack on the government amid speculation the former Liberal leader is plotting a return to the top job.

Malcolm Turnbull hits back at Tony Abbott over attack on Coalition | The New Daily

"Tony Abbott is delusional and the government is dysfunctional."
Laura Tingle:
Politics is full of catastrophic debacles and tragedies that nonetheless finish up in weed-covered, neglected dead ends.

The Soviet Union comes to mind. All that work. All that butchery. All those millions killed. And then pffft! It was gone.

Similarly, Tony Abbott. Okay, not the millions dead, but what an utter destructive force, an utter waste of space this man has been on...
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Even Tony Abbott's friends now say he is a liar and a clunkhead

"Now, wounded and unpredictable, Abbott has obviously concluded he has nothing left to lose. In this guise he is an existential threat to the unity of the Coalition, its leadership, and its capacity to maintain public confidence."

Civil war as Tony Abbott lights up against Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten sits back

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he will not be provoked by Tony Abbott's most direct attack on his government to date, responding to the former prime minister's intervention by defending his record of achievement and framing Mr Abbott as a hypocrite who was unable to govern effectively.

'I had the courage not just to give speeches, but to act': Turnbull hits back at Abbott