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DON'T FLOP: North vs South III - South Announcement I

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The next announcement drops at 12! #NVSIII

North Vs South: III #NVSIII
DON'T FLOP: North vs South III - North Announcement I

Tickets available now.
The last video to drop from Press1's 'The Press Release' (EP) - 'Get Off Me'.

Produced By Yanuku
Filmed & edited by Billy Bones Productions
Taken from 'The Press Release' (EP)
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2016 Recap out now!
NEW HIP HOP CLASH: Matter (Leeds, England) Vs Press1 (London, England)

Matter Vs Press1
'I do what I want, they callin' me Trump'
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Don't Flop's new Grime Clash Division launches Saturday 4th February in Leeds.


Raptor Warhurst (Manchester, England)
Dialect (Leeds, England)

Afghan Dan (Blackpool, England)
P Solja (Leeds, England)

Zen (Leeds, England)
Vigilant (Derby, England)

+ More!

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Donate and Help Fund Unit Eleven!
NEW BATTLE: Danja Zone (Maryland, USA) & Chilla Jones (Boston, USA) Vs Pedro (London, England) & Soul (Fife, Scotland)

Danja Zone & Chilla Jones Vs Pedro & Soul
Mike Tyson released his diss track for Soulja Boy...