This mom confided in her "coworker," telling him that she was having difficulty providing the best life for her children while working at Coffee Bean. Little did she know, this "coworker" was actually the CEO of the company...

Struggling mom breaks down in front of her coworker, has no idea that's the CEO in disguise
The man who raised Vikki passed away, but it wasn't until his death that the truth about her identity emerged. She spent years wondering why she felt like something was "off," and now she had the answer.

Mom Gets Pregnant But Never Tells The Dad. 45 Years Later, Her Gut Says To Check Her Email
Nearly 17 million people have watched this incredible performance. It's electric!

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At first they thought it was Lyme Disease, but his blood work told a different story...

Kansas Farmer Dies After Being Bitten By A Tick And Contracting A Virus Doctors Have Never Seen
Mom Jennifer Moore Parker was having a particularly rough day when she had to leave her son, Justan, on a bench during a hair appointment. There, an elderly man struck up a conversation with him, and Jennifer became afraid — but it wasn’t long before she realized exactly what was going on.

Mom Leaves Son Alone During Hair Appointment, Then She Catches An Old Man Talking To Him
A mom wants to update her daughter’s bathroom. Her vanity idea? Simple and stunning! [ Link ]
After seeing what she does to her patio I will NEVER look at my outdoor space in the same way again!

After seeing what she does to her patio I will NEVER look at my outdoor space in the same way again!
This pair of conjoined twins is one of the rarest in the world, not because of the fact that they are conjoined, but because of the fact that they were born with a sister as well.

Video: When Born They Were Given A Slim Chance To Live, But Today They Look Totally Different
They were born 18 hours apart and their parents were strangers, but these newborns were destined to be together!

Newborn Photographer Stops In Her Tracks When She Sees Peculiar Names Of 2 Unrelated Babies.
Even on this manic Monday, I will still remember to say these 5 words over and over - "Thank You for this day!"

20 Prayers to Pray throughout a Busy Day
Alisa Beal, an army wife from North Carolina, struggled with her weight for years. While her husband Terrance was stationed overseas, Alisa told him she had undergone a drastic transformation and not to expect her to look the same when he returned. When he came home and saw Alisa, she definitely looked different — just not in the way he expected.

Army Wife Tells Husband She Transformed While He Was Deployed, But He’s About To See She Lied
Moving on after a big life change is HARD. But here are 10 tips to help you out.

10 Tips for Moving On after Tough Transitions