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Reagan the Labradoodle was 11 months old when his family brought a new little boy, Buddy, into the family. Buddy was a foster child and they worried he'd have a hard time getting comfortable. But when he met Reagan, everything changed.

Family Is Nervous Foster Child Won’t Adjust, But Then He Meets Their Dog

Dominic Russell refused to comply when a lunch lady ordered him to throw his uneaten lunch away.

Student Grabs His Lunch Tray, Then Cafeteria Worker Dumps It In The Trash Because He Owes $26

Alexis Jones knew she was in trouble when she saw the blue and red lights flashing in her rearview mirror. But when the officer came to her window, he didn't pull out his pad — he pulled out her children's car seats.

Mom’s Heart Drops When She Sees Police Lights. Next Day, Cop Shows Up Holding Two Car Seat Boxes

Whether they love it or hate it, their silly reactions to the festive season are always priceless. I've definitely seen my cat playing with the tree, but #12 takes things to a new level!
Have you ever caught your pet acting wild around the holidays?

12 Pets Who Let Their Humans Know How They Really Feel About The Holidays