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A new initiative in Iceland to find homes for orphaned animals, heartwarming stuff:

Keeping Up With the Kattarshians, The Reality Show About Kittens
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Sherwood & Pinch will be joined by Kenny Ken, Flowdan and Hodge at their album launch next month.

Pinch & Sherwood Announce 'Man vs Sofa' Album Launch Party At Brixton Jamm
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The video includes images of the musician throughout his life-changing transition:

Transgender Singer Performs Duet With Pre-Transition Self
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Our lads Jolyon Rubinstein & Heydon Prowse have Doc Brown as this weeks guest on their podcast News Roast.
[ Link ]

News Roast by Jolyon Rubinstein & Heydon Prowse on iTunes
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Hinrichsen has created the installations across the U.S., Finland and France, check out some of our favourites in our feature

Sonja Hinrichsen's Beautiful Snow Drawings
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Ridley Scott's sequel to Prometheus stars Michael Fassbender and James Franco, check it out here:

Watch The Prologue To Alien: Covenant!
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What if the Eraserhead director helmed the smash hit musical?

La La Land Recut In The Style Of David Lynch
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Being a drug lord has never been so easy; check out how the Seedo works...

Seedo, An Automatic Weed Plant Growing Machine
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Rurru's illustrations are totally obscene and we completely love them; check out more in our feature! (NSFW)

Rurru Mipanochia's Smutty Drawings
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Long live the host of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

A Musical Tribute To Guy Fieri
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Ancient civilisations and Mayor McCheese sit side by side in this creative's incredible and surreal portfolio...

Rob Flowers' Illustrations
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A new documentary covers the people and places of Sevnica as they hope to exploit their famous ties...

Melania Trump's Slovenian Hometown Reacts To Her Success
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We're hugely looking forward to new tunes from the Fuck Buttons member...

Blanck Mass Teases Upcoming Album World Eater
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Judging by this recently found archive footage, the area has always been popular for young skaters

Skating Around Southbank In The Mid 1970s
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In the 70s, NASA scientists created fantastic plans for how humans could live in space. But how do they stack up against the imaginings of sci-fi writers? We're here to tell you.

Predicting the Future: Scientists vs SciFi
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Cynthia's work looks great and must taste even better, check out our feature on her:

Cynthia Suwito Knits Noodles Into Art
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Line-up just announced for Farmfest 2017 – Official.
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02/21/2017 at 18:30. Facebook
Using art to explore what our gadgets mean to us

A Zine About A Modern Addiction: Mobile Phones