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Planning out what to cook this week? Check out my Soups & Stews roundup below! :)
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My best chocolate chip cookie recipe just went live on my YouTube channel!
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Spicy, salty and roasted: Easy Middle Eastern meals in my @TheIrishTimes Magazine column this week including my Sticky Roast Carrots Salad and my Ras-el-hanout Chicken Thighs with Baked Feta and Shaved Salad!
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Attention! :)

If you do one thing this week, make sure it's baking today's new recipe...Chocolate Chip Cookies!
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Rounding out our week of savoury breakfast recipes with this cracker! Well worth getting out of bed for!
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Middle Eastern recipes made easy: Sticky roast carrots with crispy chickpeas, toasted seeds and tahghurt. Recipe is in my @TheIrishTimes Magazine column this weekend and needs to go on your 'to cook' list!
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My One Pot Chocolate Cake is brilliant for when you need a chocolate fix & need it now! If you're new to baking, THIS is the cake for you! Easy peasy! :)
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My Spaghetti Aglio E Olio is going down a storm this week! Over 80k views! You guys sure do love your pasta!
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Sharing some easy Middle Eastern meals in my @TheIrishTimes Magazine column this weekend. Don't miss my Ras-el-hanout chicken thighs with baked feta and shaved salad! Would make a nice change from a Sunday roast tomorrow! Link below.
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Creamy Baked Eggs...Saturday morning breakfast sorted! Load 'em up with your favourite fillings and you're in for a real treat! Toast soldiers essential! :)
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It's that time on a Friday....Cheeseburger O'Clock! :)
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Happy Friday folks! What have you got cooking this weekend? If you're making any of my recipes make sure to tag me and whack on the #donalskehan! Love checking your pictures out! Had the turmeric stew in this pic from #eatlivego and it's leftovers all through this week- delicious as it was can't say I'm not glad to be finished it! Enjoy the weekend and get cooking!
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Drumroll please! The winners of the Tom Daley book giveaway are....

Stella Govnani
Angie Sweet
Miriam O'Connor

I've commented on each of your posts with details on how to receive your book! Congrats! :)
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Sticky roast carrots with crispy chickpeas, toasted seeds and tahghurt a creamy blend of tahini and yoghurt inspired by the brill @tomeramedi! Recipe is in my The Irish Times Magazine column!
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Spicy, salty and roasted: Easy Middle Eastern meals in my @TheIrishTimes Magazine column this week including my Sticky roast carrots and chickpeas with taghourt, pomegranate and toasted seeds!
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Lots of people saying they've tried my Chicken Dumpling Soup this week!

What's your go to soup recipe?
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Next up in our savoury breakfast theme this week...Bacon Egg Cups with goat's cheese and spinach!

Well worth trying this weekend!
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Park life with Max and the love of his life- a tennis ball!
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With these homemade Ferraro Roche I realise I am spoiling but if you fancy a sweet little hit, you can watch whole video on how to make them below!
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Just finished cooking these harissa eggs on Facebook live- we nearly burnt down the house making toast in process! Check out the video in my story...