A female protestor approached nearby police officers, and began spitting on them...

Luckily they were armed...

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Violent Oregon Protestor Tries THIS On Police, Instantly Gets Brutal Lesson...

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Remember when #FakeNews CNN interviewed their cameraman and said he was a protestor?#CNNLeaks
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"The mainstream media better understand something: All of those campaign promises are going to be implemented"~ Steve Bannon
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We bet they are REALLY regretting dropping the Trump brand now...

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Ivanka Trump Gets The BEST Revenge On Nordstrom... This Just Happened

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Only 1/8 countries with the largest populations in the world has a temporary ban. Then why do they say it's a #MuslimBan?
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One woman just showed everyone what TRUE courage looks like...

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THIS Woman Gets What The Left Never Will... She Was Ridiculed When She Refused To...

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DETAILS: Trump Just Hours From Releasing THIS Permanent Executive Order For Immigration...