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William Hack
Anthony Bell
Marcos Augusto
Happy Birthday Drew Barrymore! Did you know she was also an Executive Producer for Donnie Darko and credited for being very instrumental in helping Richard Kelly get the movie made? Her interest in his script help secure the budget and attract major talent to the project.
Happy Birthday Drew Barrymore Did you know she was also an Executive
Lisbeth Tilsted Bareuther
Brian Christopher Webb
Omar Cernas Pulido
Shut up and kiss already. #HappyValentinesDay
Shut up and kiss already HappyValentinesDay
Amber Rena
Jenn Cheuk
Shane Lucas
Lucky foot, lucky suit. #FridayThe13th
Sarah Lee-Dodd
Brent Husluk
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Happy Birthday, Jake Gyllenhaal.
Happy Birthday Jake Gyllenhaal
Barbara Pesti
Samantha Lau
Destruction is a form of creation. See it all fall apart in both Morgan and Donnie Darko this weekend.
Destruction is a form of creation See it all fall apart in
Cristian Kirk
Zach Bargen-Carter
Jamie Lantzy
Happy Birthday, Maggie Gyllenhaal.
Happy Birthday Maggie Gyllenhaal
Luca Papetti
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Jake Tinsley
Happy Halloween! Keep a look out for Frank. [ Link ]
Happy Halloween Keep a look out for Frank
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Your 28 Days are up Donnie.
Your 28 Days are up Donnie
Johnny Dangerfield
Ashley Nicole Thompson
Gennarina Pirrone
Joe Jr Evyagotailak
Kevin Alexander
Glenn Stark
Cortney Chummoungpak
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Let's be Frank here. #FoxHorror
Lets be Frank here FoxHorror
Garrett Clark
Ed Zaleski
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Per Johan Larsson
Adham Ahmat
"Donnie Darko represents one of his favorite movies he’s made, and one he’s most proud of.”
Donnie Darko represents one of his favorite movies hes made and one

Jake Gyllenhaal remembers 'Donnie Darko': 'This feels like my high school experience'
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Katrina Plotnikov
Cathy Delahunt
And you didn't believe us.
And you didnt believe us
Brendan Clifford
Eric Powell
Jack Ashworth
"This famous linguist once said that of all the phrases in the English language, of all the endless combinations of words in all of history, that "cellar door" is the most beautiful."
Donnie Darko 08/23/2016
Jim Culver
Marcus Higgins
Katrina Smiley
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"Destruction is a form of creation." Start fresh with Jake Gyllenhaal's latest movie, Demolition now On Demand and on iTunes. [ Link ]
Destruction is a form of creation Start fresh with Jake Gyllenhaals latest
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Swipe left or swipe right?
Swipe left or swipe right
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