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Today is the last day to order Mother's Day cards from the DoodlecatsShop. You can still order from Thortful for a few more days though :)
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Oops, he caught me watching him sleep :D
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Thortful is great for cards - you can have them sent straight to the recipient.
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Hope your kitties are going to get you something nice on Sunday :D
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The most important thing when trying to find suppliers is to make sure they deliver everything in great boxes :D (that's what Pixie says anyway)
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When you have three cats and you try and get a nice photo of them all together.
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How is it that when it's cold, cats manage to curl up far smaller than you could ever imagine possible?
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I'm thinking of creating more wrapping paper. What would you like? Simple cats like this or cats doing silly things/wearing silly outfits?
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Reward stickers are back!
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Now that the weather is warmer and the cats are enjoying going outside again, Molly has new enthusiasm for her feather collecting project :D I haven't told her that I threw away last year's collection (bad cat mum!)

Do your cats collect anything?
Arty: Molly is silly. Tummy tickles are the best. Don't stop human!
Molly: I caught you!
Me: I wasn't doing anything!
Molly: You were!
Me: I wasn't, I was just here, minding my own business.
Molly: You were trying to touch my tummy fur whilst I slept.
Me: Ok, you caught me. It's just that you're so cute. If you don't want your tummy tickling, you shouldn't look so tickleable :D
Molly: Keep away from the belly!
Ooh I love it when the delivery man brings me new goodies! These are fab! They're bigger than previous bags - they have the box shaped bottoms so they can hold lots more cat food, catnip, cat toys, cat beds.... you get the idea :D
Purr of the Wild
I was going to take photos of the cards with daffodils in the background but then Pixie came along... :D
After drawing a kitty in a coffee mug earlier I just had to redraw my teacup cat from a few years ago :D
I think there's a couple of cat hairs in my coffee :/
Please send coffee!