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The baby aardvark was rescued by ZURI Orphanage in Namibia.

Truck Driver Finds The Tiniest Visitor Hiding Next To His Tire
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Americans use more than a TRILLION gallons of water for showering each year. That's enough to supply all the water needs of New Jersey and the Empire State.

By reducing shower time to five minutes, the average person can save more than 1,500 gallons of water a year. Making a 5 minute playlist is the perfect way to keep track of your time spent showering.

Conserve water.
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Nearly 1 in 4 students report being bullied during the school year. Love > hate...that’s a no brainer. Good news: there’s a fun and inclusive way you can shred the negative effects of bullying!

Join us and X Games to #ShredHate, and share what you want to overcome—then tear through it, Tucker Hibbert, X GAMES style. Confused? Click below.

Shred hate.
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Spread the love this Valentine's Day.

Over 15.5 million seniors live alone and face isolation due to location, disability, or language barriers. Make a card for an older adult in your community! [ Link ]
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Almost 1 in 4 students reports being bullied at school. That's a lot.

There's a way for you to help. Safe Spaces are specific areas where bullying isn't tolerated. Once someone is in a Safe Space, they have the right to feel supported and protected from any bullying they're experiencing. Everybody deserves to feel safe at school.

By clearly designating your Safe Space, you'll attract people...
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Show that bullying isn't tolerated in your halls.
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"This is important to me because I want to help others who are bullied. I also want to send them a message saying, you can still reach your future goal in life, no matter how bad things are," says our member Shaquille.

"In my opinion bullies are nothing more but distractions. Everyone who is a victim of being bullied has a special gift to get rid of bullying. I care about those I am close to...
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How did you beat bullying?
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Increased access to test prep materials can help increase a student's feeling of preparedness and their overall score on standardized tests.

You've already taken (and hopefully nailed!) the test. So don't burn that book (like you probably want to) and give someone else the chance to rock the socks off the SAT. ✏

Spread the knowledge.
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The country may feel divided nationally, but there are SO many people in your life who help unify your community and inspire you to be a better person. Celebrate someone in your life who inspires and empowers you!

Share this digital card and tag an amazing person you want to thank!

Thank you for inspiring and empowering me
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Over 1.1 million US firefighters keep our communities safe by putting themselves in dangerous situations!

Homemade cookies and a thank-you note are great things to send to a firehouse. It'll make firefighters happy, and studies show that it'll also make them better at their job. Win-win.

Show gratitude to those who keep your community safe.
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"It's important because I have had times where I couldn't see how I was intelligent and beautiful because of how someone else treated me," says our member Kloe.

"I want those through that are dealing with bullying to see the light: know they're not alone, know someone else has gone through the same situation, know that someone cares, to win against the lies, and to know the truth - that...
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How I beat bullying.
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Sinbad the cat's fur was horribly matted, unwashed, and covered in dirt and garbage when he was rescued from a cold and filthy basement. The Anti-Cruelty Society team responded and brought him back to their shelter where they shaved, cleaned, and examined him by their veterinary staff. Sinbad is now healthy, and utterly adorable. #SinbadTheSurvivor

Shelters and rescued pets are AMAZING. Have...
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There's nothing quiet like a good pair of jeans. They're the perfect item to donate: they can be worn multiple times between washes, can be dressed up or dressed down, and provide a sense of normalcy to the person wearing them.

Over a million young people experience homelessness in the US every year. One item they often request? A pair of jeans. Provide essential clothing items for youth in need.

Help young people experiencing homelessness.
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70% of young people with mental health needs don't receive the care they need.

Help spread awareness of an accessible resource for young people. Crisis Text Line, a 24/7 crisis text-messaging service, provides real-time, anonymous counseling specifically to young people.

Join others making a difference.