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"The modern social world is not built for us – but we are expected to fit into it like a puzzle piece. I am not a puzzle. I am a human."

Autistic People Should Not Have to Pretend Not to Be Autistic
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Me too.
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The White House recently withdrew federal policies that reduce discrimination towards transgender students in public schools. This puts transgender and gender nonconforming people at risk since 70% experience some form of harassment in public restrooms.

There are NO reported cases of a trans person harassing someone else in a public restroom.

Demand inclusivity.
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"It's important to show off your heritage and embrace where you came from," says our member Jennifer.

Join Jennifer in solidarity with refugees and immigrants.

???? Join Jennifer and stand in solidarity with refugees and immigrants. ????
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Shelter dogs made headlines earlier this month for being the most adorable ball boys at the Brazil Open. <3

Pablo Cuevas won the title — but the real stars of the tennis tournament have four legs and, if we’re being honest, not-so-great form.

Six dogs from animal shelters in Brazil served as “ball boys” on Saturday to raise awareness for pet adoption, and also just to wow the crowds with their...
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Shelter pets rock. ????
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At this rate of poaching, elephants could go extinct in 20 years. We have a simple way you can save them from your very own bedroom
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Did you know that Marnie The Dog was a shelter pet?

Each year, about 2.7 million animals are killed in shelters because they do not get adopted. Bust myths about shelter pets by telling the world your healthy and adorable pet came from a shelter. ⬇
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“I didn’t share the post because of the transformation. I did it because I wanted people to see that depression is a real serious thing.”

These Before and After Photos Show How Difficult Living With Depression Can Be
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Almost ¾ of LGBTQ students with no supportive staff feel unsafe attending school.

EVERY student deserves to feel safe at school.

Student safety is a right, not a privilege.
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This happens ALL the time: Despite the same rates of "misconduct" as white students, students of color are likelier to receive unfair punishment.

In schools around the country, “zero-tolerance policies” lead to suspensions and in-school arrests for minor misconduct. The facts are clear:...
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She was suspended for WHAT?! ????
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Your school didn't make March Madness? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

♻️️ Dunk you. Dunk you very much. ♻️️
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Replying to your friends is important--we know. But what’s more important than answering your friend’s text about getting back with her stupid boyfriend for the 64th time is making sure you get to your destination!

What’s your go-to way of asking your driver not to text and drive?

Don't be a dummy. ????
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