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Bring some springtime into your home today by putting equal parts Grapefruit and Passion in your diffuser.
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Spring cleaning tip: Forget the traditional cleansers and try these do-it-yourself Natural Toilet-Cleaning Pods using Purify Cleansing Blend. -

See more at: [ Link ]

Natural Toilet-Cleaning Pods | doTERRA Essential Oils
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Spring Cleaning Tip: Get your refrigerator and microwave squeaky clean with this easy-to-make cleaner.

All you need is vinegar, hot water, and lemon essential oil!

[ Link ]

Refrigerator and Microwave Cleaner | doTERRA Essential Oils
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Diffusing any citrus essential oil is shown to help uplift and improve your mood.

Which of these citrus oils is your favorite?
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Learn how to take care of your body and balance your hormones with doTERRA essential oils and oil blends—catch the replay of March’s Empowered Life Series webinar today on doTERRA University: Living!

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Try this fun upcyclying project to get your home ready for the spring!


What you'll need:
- spray paint
- cotton ball
- 21 empty essential oil bottles
- painters tape
- hot glue

Tip: Arrange your bottles how you would like your bunny to look before spray painting.

1. Wrap the essential oil bottles with tape, allowing only the bottom to show, and spray paint.
2. Arrange the...
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Spring Cleaning Tip: Are your dishes needing a little extra attention?

We love this Dish Soap with lemon, lime and Citrus Bliss® for removing grease and adding shine to your dishes.

[ Link ]

Dish Soap with Lemon and Citrus Bliss Oils | doTERRA Essential Oils
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Spring Cleaning Tip: Don’t live with stinky garbage disposals any more. These Tangerine and Spearmint Garbage Disposal Refreshers clean and deodorize your garbage disposal in one easy use.

[ Link ]

Tangerine and Spearmint Garbage Disposal Refreshers | doTERRA Essential Oils
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Tuesday Tip Off: Lemon
Welcome Spring!

Spring Cleaning Tip: Try this DIY wood polish to make your furniture shine! This recipe includes some of our favorite essential oils (Wild Orange, Arborvitae, or Lemon).

[ Link ]
doTERRA Convention 2017 tickets are now on sale!

Join us September 6-9, 2017 in Salt Lake City as we celebrate you! Come to find out more about essential oils, to be inspired, and to learn how you can make a difference and impact lives for good.

We anticipate this event selling out quickly, so don’t delay! To purchase Convention 2017 tickets, follow the instructions here:

[ Link ]
Congratulations to Sally Blankenship-Nelson! Sally wins our "pi" day contest! Please check your "message requests" folder.
The first day of Spring is just around the corner! That means, it's time for some Spring Cleaning! Join us this week as we share our favorite spring cleaning tips and tricks.

What's your favorite spring cleaning tip?
6 drinks you can make with Lime Essential Oil.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Vote for your favorite "green" oil.
The Spring 2017 Living Magazine is now available!

This issue features:

· Coriander and Oregano Essential Oil Spotlights
· Spring Upcycle Projects
· Body Cleanse Makeover
· Lavender Facts and Recipes
· Essential Oils For Labor and Delivery…and MORE

Purchase a copy in your virtual office for $1.50 (US) or view it free online by clicking the link. [
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Citrus Bliss® merges the benefits of 7 different citrus essential oils:

Wild Orange - Can be used as a natural cleaning agent and is energizing
Lemon - Promotes a positive mood
Grapefruit - Supports healthy responses to anxious feelings
Mandarin - Stress-relieving
Bergamot - Uplifting and calming
Tangerine - Cleansing and purifying
Clementine - Promotes calmness

How do you use Citrus Bliss®?
In this exciting episode of Ask doTERRA, Emily Wright sits down with Kirk Jowers to discuss the growth potential of your doTERRA business, amazing tools to help you win with social media, and Co-Impact Sourcing. Comment with your favorite part of the video!
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Ask doTERRA with Emily Wright

Emily Wright sits down with Kirk Jowers to discuss the growth potential of your doTERRA business, amazing tools to help you win with social media and Co-Impa...