Prior to this fight, Gennady Golovkin had a staggering 91% knockout rate, with experts expecting the fight to last no more than a couple of rounds.
NOBODY expected this:

WATCH: Daniel Jacobs Does What No Man Has Ever Done To GGG
If there's one man who knows boxing, its GGG.
Before he enters the ring this weekend against Daniel Jacobs, he's given a surprising breakdown of how he thinks the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight might go.

Gennady Golovkin Breaks Down Conor McGregor's Chances Of Beating Mayweather
It's official. Floyd Mayweather has confirmed he is officially coming out of retirement for Conor McGregor.
Story here:

Floyd Mayweather Confirms He Is Coming Out Of Retirement To Fight Conor McGregor
Cody "No Love" Garbrandt and Tj Dillashaw have just finished filming the latest TUF series in the lead up to their highly anticipated grudge match.
An image from the filming was leaked over the weekend... and now we have the footage:

WATCH: Footage Behind Viral Image Of Cody Garbrand Choking TJ Dillashaw Released
This, ladies and gentlemen, is what they call a "helicopter guillotine".
Why do they call it a helicopter? Ajimal Atalwal showed us over the weekend:

WATCH: This 'Helicopter Guillotine' Is One Of The Craziest Finishes We've Ever Seen
After the first exciting fight between these two, the rematch ended up being one of the most boring fights in recent UFC history.
The ending of this fight is actually worth watching tho...
Do you agree with the decision?

WATCH: Tyron Woodley Vs Stephen Thompson 2 Ends With A BANG
As a fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather becomes more and more likely, Floyd's dad has spoken out, confirming he has some massive fears for his son.
Here's why:

Floyd Mayweather Senior Is Scared For His Son To Fight Conor McGregor
HUGE controversy in the wrestling community after a transgender boy on steroids (to become a boy) won a girls wrestling comp.
Joe Rogan has now weighed in on the debate:

Joe Rogan Reacts To Transgender Boy On Steroids Winning Girls Wrestling Comp
Joe Rogan follows a controversial weight-training ideology that would leave most bodybuilders horrified.
After hearing his explanation though, we wouldn't be surprised if you made this massive change to your workout:

Joe Rogan's Controversial Workout Routine Actually Makes A Lot Of Sense
Fresh of his demolition of bare knuckle boxing champion Bobby Gun, Roy Jones Jr has just called out a man who most people consider to be the MMA GOAT.
This would be HUGE!

Roy Jones Junior Calls Out One Of MMA's Greatest EVER
A cornerman was forced to rush the cage to save his fighter, after the referee failed to see an extremely tight guillotine being held for waaaaay too long.
This is one of the most shocking finishes we've ever seen:

WATCH: Cornerman Rushes Cage To Stop Fight After Referee Ignores Devastating Guillotine
Did Derrick ''The Black Beast'' Lewis seriously just ask for Ronda Rousey's 'fine ass' after beating up her boyfriend?

WATCH: Derrick Lewis' Gives Best Post Fight Interview Ever
UFC veteran with 60 MMA fights on his record in 16 years career goes to bare knuckle fighting to challenge their champion...

WATCH: Former UFC Fighter Challenges Bare Knuckle Boxing Champion
If you haven't seen it... just released footage of a 49 yr old Joe Rogan hitting the heavy bag is going viral at the moment. You'll understand why once you see it:

WATCH: New Footage Of Joe Rogan On The Bag Is A Thing Of Devastating Beauty
Cocky MMA fighter talks sh*t about his opponent before the fight, taunts him in the cage with ''The Crane'' move from ''Karate Kid''...and gets knocked the hell out!

Cocky MMA Fighter Taunts Opponent – Gets Instant KO Karma
Brock Lesnar's name has been officially removed from the active fighters list on the UFC website signalling the end to a much storied MMA career.
To celebrate, lets take a look back to where it all began for 'the beast'. See it here:

WATCH: Brock Lesnar's Historic MMA Debut Ends In A Flash
Anderson 'The Spider' Silva wound back the clock tonight to win his first fight in over five years:

Anderson Silva Wins First Fight In Five Years
Butterbean has always been known for having HUGE power!
What happens when you put him in 4oz gloves against James Thompson? This:

WATCH: Butterbean vs Thompson Is Everything Right About Freakshow Fights
When you get punched by Conor McGregor