Everyone needs a hobby. .
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Steph thought our tree needed a voice
On the set of Amongst Thieves and Phantoms with Ziggy.
I've teamed up again with @blackcraftcult for this limited edition Pinhead set, including a hand signed flask to hold your @blackcraftspirits Get it while you can! BlackCraftCult.com

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Happy Turducken Day ????
Happy Halloween, everyone!

-Doug and Steph
To anyone who subscribes to Horror Block and is doubting the authenticity of Doug's signature in this months box, I can assure you with the utmost confidence, it is authentic. Doug signed over 16,000 of those damn things over a period of about 3 months. It was quite an undertaking, and he nearly lost his mind doing it, but they are most certainly the real deal and he hopes everyone is happy...
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Doug live on WRCT FM with Zombo.
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Pittsburgh friends...

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Doug will be joining Nick Vince for a chat, tomorrow at 2pm est.
Catch it here:
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If you have Ghost.
Preparing to take communion again, with Ghost in Pittsburgh.
Out on the town, celebrating. Life on the edge.
Ziggy joins me in thanking you all for the birthday wishes. Hope you're all having a wonderful day too.

Peace, pain, and panting,
-Doug and Ziggy
Horror is a serious business.
Back in Pittsburgh after returning to the UK and a great weekend at Sheffield Horror Con. Reclining on the grass with beer and Noel Gallagher ahead of Ryan Adams. 8pm. 86 degrees.
Noel: 'Pittsburgh. How can the coldest place in the fucking universe also be the hottest place in the fucking universe? What the fuck do your wardrobes look like? Fur coats and bikinis?'
Pretty much, Noel, pretty much!
We came, we saw, we smelled. Thanks to everyone at Phipps for the personal introduction to Romero, the Corpse Flower!
Delighted to meet Kim Coates from SOA (which I just recently binge watched on Netflix) at Niagara Falls Comic Con. Lovely guy.
All of those gifts you give to Doug at conventions, come home with him. Keep in mind, this is only a partial view :)