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ReLEx SMILE (Small Incision Lenticular Extraction) is a breakthrough in laser vision correction. A minimally invasive, flapless procedure, it helps you #DumpYourGlasses forever in a few seconds with a whole new level of precision, safety and comfort.

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#MondayMotivation Removing negative words from your thoughts helps you achieve your goals faster. Tag a friend who needs some motivation today!
Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital wishes you all a very #HappyPongal!
#FridayFunFact Animals with three eyelids are better at hunting than animals with two eyelids. Having an extra eyelid reduces the frequency of blinking and when you aren’t distracted by the split second of blinking, it’s easier to keep an eye on your prey and your surroundings.
Our CMD, Dr. Amar Agarwal discussed the benefits of a surgical technique to support an IOL in absence of a lens capsule with the Healio magazine. It’s a technique he has successfully implemented to ensure #EyesLikeNew
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#QuizAnswer: False. You suffer from droopy eyelid when one eye becomes a little bigger than the other, due to aging, migraines, or an eye infection.
#QuizAnswer: False. The sun isn't bad for you because it makes your eyes sweat, but because the sun's UV rays can cause cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration.
#DocTalks After you've had a comprehensive eye exam, it's vital to wear sunglasses to minimize glare, because your vision will be a little blurrier than usual.
Today on #WorldBrailleDay we honour Louis Braille, who was only 15 years old when he invented the Braille system.
Wishing you all peace, prosperity, & happiness in 2017. Happy #newyear from Dr Agarwal's Eye Hospital
#NewYear! Here's a fun activity: Find as many words as you can in this crossword. The first word you see will indicate what your 2017 will be like!
Just like strangers on social media, you don't want to add these eye diseases to your health. But your lifestyle choices might unknowingly do exactly that. The eye diseases are here to tell you how:
#MerryChristmas! May there be joy and happiness in your life.
There's only one day till #Christmas and we have a fun optical illusion for you! Are the candy canes parallel? Look carefully!
Guess what? #Santa doesn't have to carry his glasses anymore. He gifted himself an ICL this #Christmas and got rid of his glasses.

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Today we opened our new branch of #EyeHospital at #Guntur, which was inaugurated by Shri. Jayadev Galla, MP, our Group CEO Dr. Adil Agarwal and our MD Mr. Rajagopalan. Check out a few moments from the event.
Newsflash! We're the proud recipient of the Most Promising Eye Care Hospital Award, presented to us at the CNBC Business Excellence Summit 2016. We thank you all for your continuous support and commit to serve you for #EyesLikeNew
In an interview with American Academy of Ophthalmology, our CEO Dr. Amar Agarwal explained why pre-Descemet’s endothelial keratoplasty (PDEK), a technique of endothelial keratoplasty co-developed by him is better than Descemet's Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSEK).
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Agarwal on the Advantages of PDEK

#DidYouKnow Hypertension is one of the main causes of #Cataract. The next time you feel like you're head is exploding, do something relaxing like listening to your favourite music.
#DidYouKnow As glaucoma increases the pressure in one or both of your eyes, it can lead to an eye stroke and damage your vision.

Glaucoma medication and regular visits to your eye doctor can prevent this: [ Bit.ly Link ]