Dr. Ben Carson
03/17/2017 at 17:35. Facebook
'There will always be challenges, we must remember to pray for wisdom & discernment.'

We're looking forward to watching a one-on-one with the new FCC Commissioner. He was born to immigrant parents from India and has truly achieved the American Dream.
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Armstrong Williams op-ed: Like Carson, Obama made the same 'immigrant' comparison

‪An immigrant is a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.. ‬

Dr. Ben Carson Clarifies His Comments About Slaves Being Immigrants

Slaves didn't just give up and die, our ancestors made something of themselves!

Dr. Ben Carson - "They (Slaves) Didn't Just Give Up And Die"

At the swearing-in ceremony.
My husband has finally been confirmed!
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is an old friend of ours and a fellow #Yalie
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Ben Carson is ready to work. Senate, drop the politics and do your job

A very special thank you to everyone who came out to join us last Friday!
I'm so glad Talladega College will be performing at the Inauguration!

How one black college marching band scored $650K by ignoring critics and playing for Trump