Ringing the bell in honor of National Homeownership Month was a memorable experience on Wall St, but the real memories will be created by enabling millions of credit-worthy, hardworking Americans to become home owners #FindYourPlace
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Ringing the bell in honor of National Homeownership Month was a memorable

Live Feed - from The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Rings the NYSE Closing Bell

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Dr. & Candy Carson Live CCC NY
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Wishing our brother Armstrong safe travels throughout Europe, as he broadcasts Live from Paris, Manchester, London, Marseilles, etc.
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OPINION | The media completely distorted Carson's comment about poverty existing as a product of the mind.
Dr. Ben Carson 05/25/2017

Carson was right to say mindset makes the difference in climbing out of poverty

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Tune in to SiriusXM Urban View 126 now to hear the town hall special I was a part of!
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Don't miss out on this special town hall I was a part of with Steve Harvey & Armstrong Williams! It airs tonight on SiriusXM Urban View 126 at 6:15pm ET!
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Since being elected the 45th President of the United States, the mainstream media has been after President Trump, looking and hoping for any and everything to derail his young campaign. The built him up during the presidential race, falling head over hills for his brash style,ย constantly ana
Dr. Ben Carson 05/19/2017

The media is out to get Trump

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Hear where our heads are this Mother's Day!!
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"Ben Carson says avoiding 'negative peers' is the key to success" (via: Circa)
"Ben Carson says avoiding 'negative peers' is the key to success" via: Circa

Circa Renaissance: Ben Carson

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Here's a few words of inspiration from Steve Harvey and us at the Carson Scholars Fund Annual Banquet this past weekend!
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Good morning. Join us in watching Armstrong Williams morning commentary.
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Watch and share my interview with Armstrong Williams and Steve Harvey.
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Commentary by our friend Armstrong. Tune in!
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We can never be too afraid to talk about God or the fact that our country was built on Judeo-Christian values!
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Enjoying the weekend with a good game of pool.
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Williams, Elway, Thomas, Quayle, Stearns. A Reunion of A Strong United Brotherhood!
Williams Elway Thomas Quayle Stearns A Reunion of A Strong United Brotherhood
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