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Workin it poolside! We love this hot summer selfie of one of our gorgeous Breast Augmentation patients.⠀

Get bikini confident - call our clinic on 1300 373 662 to book in your consultation with one of Sydney's leading plastic surgeons, Dr Dona!⠀

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Time for a Tummy Tuck! This patient lost half her body weight prior to surgery, which left some sagging skin. A well planned Abdominoplasty resulted in a smoother overall contour and trimmer tummy. See this full operation right here [ Youtu.be Link ]

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A close up of another one of our very happy Breast Augmentation patients in her exclusive black and pink 'Done By Dr Dona' singlet!

Call 1300 373 662 to book a consultation with Dr Dona or email info@drdona.com.au to receive our detailed information pack about all of our surgeries.⠀

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Tummy Tucks are usually performed for changes to the belly as a result of pregnancy and/or weight loss. A well planned tummy tuck procedure can make an enormous change to a person's body contour. This amazing result is only 6 months following surgery on a patient with 3 children who had a kilo of excess skin and fatty tissue removed!⠀

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Another one of our very happy Breast Augmentation patients showing off her incredible results.⠀

Interested in plastic surgery? Email our friendly staff for our information packs about any one of our wide variety of surgical procedures on info@drdona.com.au⠀

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This patient had 420cc high profile round implants placed under the muscle. What resulted was beautiful cleavage and curves that perfectly matched the patients requested look!

Head to our Facebook Before & After Gallery to see more great transformations like this :)

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Check out this recent Breast Augmentation on a patient who, despite having a slight barrel chest, ended up with incredible results and great cleavage. Another true "work of art" by Dr Dona! Her full surgery can be found here [ Youtu.be Link ]

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It's going to be a great week in the operating room with Dr Dona! Tune into our Snapchat and Instagram Story to see real patients' surgeries @DrEddyDona

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Ideal candidates for a Liquid Facelift are men and women who are beginning to notice gaunt, sunken features and suffering from loss of tissue volume causing wrinkles, lines, and folds. Age does not matter, what matters is that you have realistic expectations and want to soften, re-volumise and re-contour your face to a more youthful appearance.⠀

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We want to hear what makes you feel beautiful! Leave a comment below and help us empower other women who need a confidence boost.⠀

Considering plastic or cosmetic surgery? Click on our website link to read about the wide range of procedures offered by Plastic Surgeon Dr Eddy Dona:⠀
[ Drdonaplasticsurgery.com.au Link ]

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Hey Guys,

Please enjoy this patient's before and after photos. The red bra pic is definitely the same person that’s shown in the naked before and after pics. This demonstrates how the bra/clothing, arm positioning, camera angles etc can all play a significant role in how the picture turns out. But no matter which way you look at her or how she’s dressed, she looks amazing! :)

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How amazing is this recent patient's lingerie selfie showing off her new and fuller breasts? We love it!⠀

See a Breast Augmentation surgery on our YouTube channel! Don't forget to subscribe

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One of our happy Breast Augmentation patients sent us this selfie of her on a night out! She's loving her results :)⠀

Please email our friendly staff on info@drdona.com.au for our detailed information pack about Breast Augmentation.⠀

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After having four children, this patient had a “Mummy Makeover” procedure. This is her amazing before and after shot - on the right is her 6 weeks post op with 420cc moderate plus profile, anatomical implants. ⠀

A Mummy Makeover is a combination of procedures meant to address the effects of pregnancy that cannot be reversed through diet and exercise alone.⠀

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We hope everyone gets spoiled by their loved ones today! <3⠀

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Fight for what you want ladies!⠀

To achieve the look you have always dreamed about, call 1300 373662 or email info@drdona.com.au and speak to Team Dona, who are friendly, approachable, and understanding.⠀

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Looking for a one-of-a-kind Valentines Day gift? Get HER or HIM a personalised Dr Eddy Dona gift voucher up to the value of any amount!⠀

Call 1300 373 662 or email info@drdona.com.au for more information.⠀

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One of our happy Breast Augmentation patients showing off her beach body while on holiday!⠀

Have you been considering Breast Implants? At only $8,800 (total price) for Breast Augmentation with Plastic Surgeon Dr Eddy Dona, book your appointment today! Simply call our clinic on 1300 373662 to secure a consultation.⠀

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Check out this selfie, sent to us by one of our very happy Breast Augmentation patients!⠀

Learn more about what Dr Dona can do for you today by heading to our website or email info@drdona.com.au for a detailed information brochure.⠀

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An incredible transformation was achieved with 440cc textured, silicone, anatomical, high profile implants in a dual plane pocket.⠀

To find out more about breast implants please email info@drdona.com.au for our detailed information pack.⠀

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