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Dr.Jack Newman
12/01/2016 at 11:20. Facebook
What do you see in the attached photo? A baby about 1 month of age with thrush on the inside of his cheeks . The baby also has a tongue tie. His mother came to our clinic with a complaint of sore nipples. Though the baby was exclusively breastfeeding and gaining well, the baby was also getting a pacifier a fair bit of the time.

Mothers email me almost every day about Candida (thrush,...
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This video is of a baby born at 35 weeks gestation, now 5 weeks old. The mother is breastfeeding and supplementing with a bottle. The video shows that the widely held notion that breastfeeding “tires out the baby” is false. Babies respond to milk flow. In this video, when the milk flow slowed, the baby started to fall asleep and the video starts with the baby essentially asleep and not...
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The International Breastsfeeding Centre (our breastfeeding clinic, research centre and teaching institute) has a brand new website (note, "ca" not "com"). Click the following links for:
[ Goo.gl Link ] for newly revised information sheets on breastfeeding
[ Goo.gl Link ] for video clips showing breastfeeding along with explanatory texts in English (click the video link once only)
For other...
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What does this video show? A little girl breastfeeding her “baby”. Once upon a time, this is how children learned about breastfeeding, by watching and copying their mothers and other women who were breastfeeding. Child’s play is practice for adulthood. And breastfeeding usually worked beautifully in those long ago days. Not always, but the vast majority of times. As a friend who grew up...
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Watch the attached video. It shows a baby with a cleft palate breastfeeding. Yes, the flow of milk from the mother is augmented by a lactation aid at the breast. But the baby is breastfeeding. The pause in the baby's chin as he opens his mouth opens to the maximum shows he is getting milk. In most cleft palate programmes around the world, including the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto...
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Buenos dias todos y todas. The link below takes you to the Spanish translation of my Huffington post artilcle on whether the mother's decision to breastfeed is truly respected. [ Cafelaleche.fr Link ], The original English version can be found at [ Huffingtonpost.com Link ]

¿Las madres tienen la opción de escoger la lactancia? Por el Dr Jack Newman

Buon giorno tutti et tutte, the link below takes you to the Italian translation of my Huffington post artilcle on whether the mother's decision to breastfeed is truly respected. [ Consulenteallattamento.it Link ]. The original English version can be found by clicking [ Huffingtonpost.com Link ]

Le madri sono veramente libere di scegliere l’allattamento al seno?

Here is a story on BBC about a member of parliament in Iceland who breastfeeds her baby while giving a speech in the Parliament. Some will write in how terrible this is, but I think it's wonderful. Canada has had a member of parliament breastfeed her baby while in the House of Commons, but not while she gave a speech. Here is the link: [ Euronews.com Link ]

Icelandic MP breastfeeds baby daughter during parliamentary speech

I am sorry to have had to have the video removed from this post, but it was not the right video and unfortunately, I cannot find the other that I can use for this post.

The photo shows a baby brought to our clinic because the mother had sore nipples. This baby’s case brings up many questions related to how we initiate breastfeeding in Western Societies and cause so many women to fail at...
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Guten Tag, alles, this post has gone through several corrections and mess-ups. Hier, ich hoffe, is the final, corrected and error free post.

For German speakers, here is a translation of my Huffington Post article into German. The article deals with the right of mothers to breastfeed and the need for the mothers for good help and advice. Here is a link for the article [ Goo.gl Link ]. Thank...
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The attached photos of breastfeeding babies actually have only an incidental relevance to this post, but I think they are beautiful.

Last year I posted on four situations where things that are good about breastfeeding are frequently interpreted as bad. Because all these issues still come up frequently in questions to our website, I thought I would post these again.

1. Breastmilk contains...
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The first few days after birth. Why so many problems?

Watch the attached video. This baby is 24 hours old and is drinking very well from the breast. Better than most babies of his age. How do I know? Because of the pause in this baby’s chin as he lowers his chin to the maximum. That pause in the chin says to an observer “I just got a mouthful of milk”, and the longer the pause, the more...
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I know first hand from working at my clinic how much some mothers suffer when they want to breastfeed, I know how many obstacles they have to face and how they encounter situations in which they are incorrectly told they must stop breastfeeding or start formula. These mothers may end up feeling frustrated and guilty even though deep inside they know how much they tried and how much time and...
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Breastfeeding: No Choice?

The attached video shows a baby drinking well from the breast. The pause in the baby’s chin as the baby opens his mouth widest is a guarantee that the baby just received milk from the breast. The longer the pause, the more milk the baby receives. These are the pauses referred to in the pediatrician’s email information below. You can see this video and several others, with explanatory text...
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Okay, I promise, I will not post on tongue tie again for a while, but I thought this case would be of interest. The attached photo shows a baby seen in our clinic with a very tight tongue tie. Here is a mother’s story.

The baby was born full term and healthy. The mother had difficulties latching the baby on and sore nipples for the first two weeks. When she asked her health provider about...
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Candida (“thrush”, “yeast”) causing nipple pain

The baby in the photos has typical thrush. Interestingly he also has a tongue tie.

One of the most common questions I receive is what to do about Candida infection of the nipples returning after treatment seems to have worked or the mother's nipple pain not responding at all to treatment. In most cases, the real problem is not Candida.

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Microbiome, which we are only now starting to understand, is a hot topic in current medicine. We have more than a trillion bacteria in our bodies, so, as others have said, “We are more bacteria than human”. Note that an exclusively breastfed baby has a very different microbiome than a formula fed baby. Note also that bacteria in breastmilk are normal and not contaminants.

At least as far...
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See the attached photos sent to me in response to an email I posted on April 7 2016 (See below) about a pediatrician worrying a mother about her baby who was gaining "too much weight".

The mother of the baby in photos attached stated: He was born 9lbs 8oz (4.32 kg) at a little over 37 weeks gestation (No gestational diabetes) and reached 20lbs (9.1kg) by the time he was 10 weeks old! Now...
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When we talk about why breastfeeding is good, we tend to concentrate on why it is good for the baby. Too often we forget why breastfeeding is also good for the mother. There is good evidence that breastfeeding helps to protect the mother against certain cancers, type two diabetes and cardiac disease. Breastfeeding will not prevent breast cancer in every woman obviously, but it does reduce...
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