Dr.Jack Newman
Dr.Jack Newman
05/23/2017 at 10:01. Facebook
The baby is not breastfeeding well. What can a mother do, to get more milk to the baby? This is a question mothers frequently ask at our clinic and in the emails I receive. Breast compression results in a baby receiving more milk from the breast and helps with fussy babies, babies who are not getting enough from the breast, babies who do not gain well, babies whose mothers have had a...
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The baby is not breastfeeding well What can a mother do to

International BreastFeeding Centre | How can I help my baby get more breastmilk?

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Ruth Gilbert
Rachel Pruett Thomas
Dr.Jack Newman
Dr.Jack Newman
05/20/2017 at 09:45. Facebook
We have been supporting and helping breastfeeding mothers for over 30 years. But now we need a little of YOUR help.

In our breastfeeding clinic in Toronto, Canada, we often see over 5,000 mothers and babies each year. We see many situations where no one else has been able to help. To continue providing high quality information based on research and our collective experience, we have changed...
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We have been supporting and helping breastfeeding mothers for over 30 years

International BreastFeeding Centre | Home of the world-renowned Newman Breastfeeding Clinic

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Dr.Jack Newman
Dr.Jack Newman
05/18/2017 at 19:04. Facebook
People often wonder how to know a health professional is supportive of breastfeeding. Read my article explaining which qualities you could be looking for. Was there a health professional who has said or done something that supported your efforts to breastfeed?
[ Ibconline.ca Link ]
People often wonder how to know a health professional is supportive of

International BreastFeeding Centre | How to Know a Healthcare Practitioner is not Supportive of Breastfeeding

Emily Abbott
Sarah Nelles
Tania Colombo
Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is one of the commonest reasons for formula supplementation in the first few days after birth. But most babies are tested for low blood sugar for no good reason, and most babies get formula by bottle also unnecessarily.

1. Doing routine blood sugars on every baby at birth is another example of how "worrying about being sued" causes damage to babies and creates...
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Hypoglycemia low blood sugar is one of the commonest reasons for formula
Rachel Macuil
Louise Timpano
Jaundice, bilirubin and breastfeeding in the first few days

It is normal for babies to have jaundice during the first few days of life, (though not usually on day 1). The bilirubin which causes the yellow colour of the baby’s skin rises to a peak, usually on the third day of life and then decreases. It is called “physiologic jaundice” because it is normal. Where does the bilirubin come...
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Jaundice bilirubin and breastfeeding in the first few days
Rosa Blanca Gaspar
Jacynthe Bigras
Amanda Quintal Andrade
As a followup to the post on 10% weight loss which I published on May 5 2017 (click [ Goo.gl Link ] to see it with the text), this video shows a 3 day old baby who is 10% below birth weight, yet is breastfeeding well. The mother was under a lot of pressure to supplement him, but a good lactation consultant encouraged the mother by showing how to know the baby is getting milk well and allowing...
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Michelle Gaumé Sanders
Kayla Buckland
Karen Mroczek
Speaking of fluids (see previous post from today, May 5 [ Goo.gl Link ], parts of southern Ontario and parts of Quebec are in danger of flooding. In times of natural disaster, in times of war, when it may not be possible to buy formula, the breast is available to the baby. The photo is from Slovakia a few years ago, not from Ontario or Quebec.
Speaking of fluids see previous post from today May 5 parts of
Katie Willey
J Marie Tyson
Johanne Breton
In many hospitals, 10% weight loss is used as an accurate measure of how the breastfeeding is going in the first few days after birth. In fact, it is nothing of the sort. All too often it results in babies getting unnecessary supplementation, often by bottle, and the mother and baby do not get the help they need to succeed in breastfeeding. Here are some reasons:

1. In affluent countries, the...
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In many hospitals 10 weight loss is used as an accurate measure
Chantal Kirk
Eleanor Gilchrist
Rachel Anne
Looking for Pediatricians!

We are looking to hire pediatricians who are interested in:
• working at Dr. Jack Newman’s clinic
• learning about breastfeeding medicine
• supporting breastfeeding mothers and babies
• working with a team of well-trained and experienced lactation consultants
• learning to help breastfeeding mothers and babies overcome problems using Dr. Jack Newman’s protocols
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Looking for Pediatricians We are looking to hire pediatricians who are interested
Dr.Jack Newman
Marta Strak
Sou Hélène
Here is an email I received recently from one of our patients:
“I am so proud that I have made it to 1 year of breastfeeding with my baby!!! And it’s thanks to you and your clinic!! After struggling so much with my first and second babies - I have finally been able to do it and I have met my personal goal! I can't even explain how happy/relieved/satisfied/emotional I am about it! I would NOT...
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Julia Ritchie
Jem Truelove
Maayan Gour-Arie
On Monday May 1, there will be a showing of the film TIGERS at the Humber cinema in Toronto (Jane and Bloor). This is the film about a very brave man who worked as a representative for Nestle and what happened when he learned what formula feeding did to babies in his native Pakistan. It's worth seeing. For more information click [ Goo.gl Link ] or copy it into your browser. It starts at 7...
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On Monday May 1 there will be a showing of the film
Sarah RK
Ryan Bayles Warnberg
Rebecca Appo
Things are going badly awry in many hospitals around the world, where mothers and babies are not getting the help they need to breastfeed successfully. I have posted on this on Facebook before. Click [ Goo.gl Link ] for the post on “The first few days, why so many problems?” Change is necessary to help mothers and babies.

What needs to change in hospitals is that some babies are running...
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Louise Packer Turner
Sydney Jade
Erin Schleiffer
Let the trolls object and Facebook delete this photo. It's in a church, for God's sake, obvious to any child in the church, the Karlskirche in Vienna. It even shows some nipple, Oy! So, happy Easter and Passover to all and to any others who are celebrating the spring.

I have posted several times on one sided feeding, so I looked through my email questions over the last 7 days. Only those...
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Let the trolls object and Facebook delete this photo Its in a
Jan Jones
Jacqueline Willerton
Regina Maclean
Dr.Jack Newman
Michal K. Bautista
Jade Schaapveld
This post, published February 3, 2017 was pulled by Facebook yet again. I cannot understand why. Some troll complained, I guess.

Late onset decreased milk supply
Watch the video of a 3 month old baby. This video, incidentally, was yet another that was pulled by Facebook a few months ago. In any case, what does this video show? It shows a baby drinking plenty of milk at the breast. How do we...
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Aliya Hutchison
Amy Gallant
Daniella Leitch
Watch the video attached. This 8 week old baby is hardly drinking. There are no long pauses at the chin as milk fills his mouth. Compare with this video [ Goo.gl Link ] which shows a baby getting lots of milk. The posted video shows a baby nibbling only. I have posted before on feeding on one breast at a feeding and how it can lead to problems. To see what my take is on one sided feedings,...
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Robyn Buie
Victoria Jayne Mitchell
Alicia Pierce-Howell
Inducing lactation

The attached photo shows a mother who has breastfed her adopted baby from the baby’s birth. The baby is now 4 months old and breastfeeding exclusively from birth. He has never had any formula.

The mother followed the protocol we recommend for inducing lactation and it can be accessed in the chapter in my book (revised 2014). You can get the chapter by clicking the...
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Inducing lactation The attached photo shows a mother who has breastfed her
Mira Iryna
Lechelle Hendricks
Marcella Ramsey
A full day conference in Cluj, Romania. A new way to look at breastfeeding issues. I will be speaking in English, I believe there will be interpretation into Romanian but check with Sorana contact@promama.ro.
A full day conference in Cluj Romania A new way to look
Dr.Jack Newman
Gentle Breastfeeding Support
Jenny Stagg