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The current battle to erase gender lines is more dangerous than it seems. Today Dr. Dobson shares his thoughts on what’s really at stake in this battle and encourages you to take a stand for truth. #FamilyTalk

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Each of us has a heartfelt need to be honored and respected. All too often, however, we take our spouses for granted. #MarriageMatters

Never Take Your Marriage for Granted | Dr. James Dobson

Are you aware that the average person between the ages of eight and eighteen spends approximately 44.5 hours each week engaging with some form of media? That’s the equivalent of a full-time job and several hours of overtime! With consumption at this level, it’s little wonder that media has become a type of “super-peer,” influencing behaviors and shaping values. #ParentWell #FamilyTalk

5 Simple Ways to Regulate Kid’s Screen Time | Dr. Joshua Straub

#PrayerIsPowerful #FamilyTalk
The current battle to erase gender lines is more dangerous than it seems. Today Dr. Dobson shares his thoughts on what’s really at stake in this battle and encourages you to take a stand for truth. #FamilyTalk

Erasing Gender Lines: What’s Really at Stake | Family Talk

The family was God’s idea, not our own, and it is still a wonderful institution. #FamilyTalk
“May the love of Christ flow through you to bless those in need of friendship.” – Shirley Dobson #FamilyTalk

Spending Time in Fellowship | Shirley Dobson

Parenting, you see, is a marathon, and we have to adopt a pace that we can maintain for two or even three decades. That is the secret of winning. #ParentWell #FamilyTalk

Parental Burnout | Dr. James Dobson

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#YourLegacyMatters #FamilyTalk
One of the evidences of emotional maturity is the ability (and the willingness) to overrule ephemeral feeling and govern our behavior with the intellect and the will. #FamilyTalk

Childish or Childlike? | Dr. Eric Scalise

There is often an irrationality associated with adolescence that can be terribly frustrating to parents. It is difficult at that time to reason your way out of conflict. Let me offer an illustration that may explain the problem. #ParentWell #FamilyTalk

Why Your Teenager Is Irrational | Dr. James Dobson

For ten years, Danny and Sheri Silk struggled to make their marriage work. Now, they travel the world helping others heal and strengthen their relationships. On today’s edition of Family Talk, they join Dr. Dobson to share how they overcame that rocky beginning and learned how to keep their love on. Learn more about this God centered approach to relationships today on Dr. James Dobson’s Family...
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I can provide a simple prescription for a happier, healthier life, but it must be implemented by the individual family. You must resolve to slow your pace; you must learn to say "no" gracefully; you must resist the temptation to chase after more pleasures, more hobbies, more social entanglements; you must "hold the line" with the tenacity of a tackle for a professional football team. #FamilyTalk

Fatigue and Time Pressure | Dr. James Dobson

When Dr. and Mrs. Dobson and their daughter Danae recently visited the G.W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas, the first display they saw was a case containing gifts from the American people. One of those gifts was a depiction of an American Eagle presented to the President by Shirley Dobson. Danae Dobson captured the moment on her cell camera.
Almighty God, thank You for Your gifts of encouragement and comfort to us. Help us to draw on Your strength as we encourage one another. Amen. #FamilyTalk

The Call to Care: Lay Counseling and the Local Church | Dr. Eric Scalise

“How’s your heart? Are your ‘arteries’ clogged from the pain and pressure of everyday life? From un-confessed sin? Envy? Bitterness? A lack of spiritual exercise? Are you feeding on spiritual ‘fast food’? If so, perhaps you should change your spiritual diet. Hide the Word of God in your heart. Saturate your heart with prayer. – Dr. Tim Clinton #FamilyTalk

How’s Your Heart? | Dr. Tim Clinton

Dr. Tim Clinton, from American Association of Christian Counselors, begins the #FamilyTalk devotional time with Tom and Dena Yohe with Hope for Hurting Parents.
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Heavenly Father, thank You for the blessing of romantic attraction. May my spouse and I pursue each other joyfully and creatively all of our days. Amen. #MarriageMatters #FamilyTalk