Dr. Jane Goodall
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Gombe is still my favorite place on earth. It is forever on my mind and drives me to continue my work to share my message for a more peaceful world for all living things.

It is here where I made all of my early chimpanzee behavioral discoveries, and it is still here, 56 years later, where that research (the Jane Goodall Institute) continues and evolves.

Read part III of my friend, talented...
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JGI Jungle Journals: Notes from Gombe, Tanzania Part III

Dr. Jane Goodall
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On #WorldForestDay, we must remember that we emerged from forests, grew and survived under their canopy cover, and that our wild animal family (along with millions of humans) continue to depend upon forests as their home. Forests are also essential for our watersheds and fresh water supplies, sequester large amounts of CO2, and provide us with ample oxygen.

In many human communities,...
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Dr. Jane Goodall
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Live with Dr. Goodall in Lawndale, CA with Roots & Shoots, Environmental Charter High School and TreePeople.
Dr. Jane Goodall
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For #InternationalDayofHappiness, it is important to think about what actually makes us happy as a society, and how it may not be so mysterious after all.

the Jane Goodall Institute was featured as a case study in International Fund for Animal Welfare - IFAW's paper on Gross National Happiness: a solid formula and way forward for the well-being of humans, animals and the environment for...
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Dr. Jane Goodall
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There is nothing more satisfying than witnessing joyful life in the face of terrible circumstance and loss. It is a shifting breeze on the stormy seas of conservation, and an indicator that hope is always waiting for us to find it.

This is the story of #Naledi, a baby elephant who unknowingly became her own hero, and that of a group of dedicated caretakers pushing the infant to succeed.

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A Star is Born in the Film 'Naledi: A Baby Elephant's Tale'

Dr. Jane Goodall
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We must defend the rights of indigenous peoples around the world, for they are the true protectors of the environment, and deserve respect.

Read this interview with filmmaker Ryan Killackey about Yasuni Man - The Film depicting the fascinating and vital forests of the Yasuni which are being threatened in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

[ Janegoodall.org Link ]

The Amazon You Have Not Seen is Disappearing: Yasuni Man

Dr. Jane Goodall
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Dr. Goodall has a message for everyone who has a dream!

Jane is on the road in the U.S., speaking in #NewOrleans with students at Tulane University and other local schools. Will you help Jane make a better world for #TomorrowandBeyond?

Follow Jane on her travels on social #WheresJane.

[ Wwltv.com Link ]

'Don't let anybody tell you that you can't': Dr. Jane Goodall talks to local students

Dr. Jane Goodall
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There's nothing Jane loves more than to interact with the outstanding and imaginative young people she meets around the world. They are eager to share their dreams for the future and wishes to help Dr. Jane in her mission.

While in #NewOrleans, Dr. Goodall was able to visit Academy of the Sacred Heart, New Orleans, Stuart Hall School, Samuel J. Green Charter School, Sophie B Wright Middle...
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Dr. Jane Goodall
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Where in the world is Jane? In #NewOrleans!

Dr. Goodall is preparing for her lecture at Tulane University to share her hope for #tomorrowandbeyond, along with what we can each do to make the world a better place for humans, wildlife and the environment.

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Dr. Jane Goodall
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For decades, the panda has represented the fight to conserve world wildlife - gentle and beautiful - and with all of our efforts, their numbers are turning around.

This is why we must continue our fight. On #PandaDay, it is exciting to have upcoming films like Disneynature's #BorninChina, which showcase the biodiversity of our precious world. What will you do to help pandas and other...
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Over 55 years ago, I began my research on the mysterious lives of wild chimpanzees in Tanzania. Since that time, the learning about these incredible beings has been explosive!

Here are some of the latest findings about chimpanzees (they're extraordinary) including some from researchers affiliated with the Jane Goodall Institute: [ Bit.ly Link ]

So You Think You Know Everything About Chimps? Think Again. - Jane Goodall's Good for All News

Dr Jane Goodall is in #NewZealand this June as part of the #TomorrowandBeyond Tour celebrating 40 years of the Jane Goodall Institute! [ Janegoodall.org.nz Link ]

In Tomorrow & Beyond, Jane will discuss her hopes for the natural world in these challenging times, and how we can each transform our hope for the planet into action with a positive impact.

While there, she will also celebrate the...
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The Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand

Jane is on the road in the US!

Dr. Goodall believes so thoroughly in the unparalleled insight and drive of youth, and was so pleased to hear from students about their sensational Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Program projects changing the world in so many positive ways!

Follow #wheresjane on social to follow Jane around the world. Grand Island Public Schools

[ Nebraska.tv Link ]

Jane Goodall visits Grand Island

"Someday we shall look back on this dark era of agriculture and shake our heads. How could we have ever believed that it was a good idea to grow our food with poisons?" —Dr. Jane Goodall

[ Ecowatch.com Link ]

Two new reports add to the already large and convincing body of evidence that agricultural pesticides and other toxic chemicals are poisoning us.

Where in the world is Jane? In Nebraska!

Dr. Goodall was blown away by the Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Program projects of the students of Grand Island Public Schools. She never grows tired of seeing how truly impressive young people can be, making the world a better place.

Follow along #wheresjane on social to keep up with Jane!
For #WomensDay, we're sharing stories of #HopeinAction by focusing on these wonderful women in action. Inspired by Dr. Goodall, they went on to do amazing things.

Have you been inspired by Jane Goodall?
Tell us your story: [ Bit.ly Link ]

[ Janegoodall.org Link ]

Hope for Women and Girls: Hope in Action

Great women are everyday women, doing great things, everyday.

Follow your dreams, and support women and girls following their dreams on this #WomensDay!

What are your hopes for women and girls for #TomorrowandBeyond?

United Nations UN Women
Refuges are meant to be shelters from harm - help us keep them that way.

Contact your senators: [ Senate.gov Link ]

[ Janegoodall.org Link ]

The Humane Society of the United States U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Who Will Safe-Guard the Great Grizzly?

A little reminder from Dr. Goodall. #mondaymotivation

What will you do to help protect the planet we all share and take conservation to #TomorrowandBeyond?
For #worldwildlifeday, what kind of difference will you choose to make? How will you keep making a difference, #tomorrowandbeyond?

Here are some ways forward: [ Janegoodall.org Link ]

World Wildlife Day: A World Without Wildlife, Is Not a World at All