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DYK that DraftSight 2017 includes XLSX file support to export your Bill of Materials, tables and more? Read more on the DraftSight blog. [ Spr.ly Link ]

DraftSight Professional 2017 and XLSX Support - DraftSight Blog

Read about how Dimension Offset Distances provides "snaps" for placing and locating dimensions with more precision. [ Spr.ly Link ]

DraftSight Professional 2017 Dimension Offset Distances - DraftSight Blog

See how the HUD (heads up display) toolbar in DraftSight 2017 saves you time by providing relevant tools when selecting an entity. draftsight2017.com/?id=social
Happy New Year! 2016 was a great year for DraftSight - we proudly launched a new blog and a new release with DraftSight 2017. More to come in 2017! [ Spr.ly Link ]

A New Year, A New DraftSight - DraftSight Blog

LAST CHANCE! $99 for DraftSight Professional ends tonight at midnight EST, get it now! [ Spr.ly Link ]
Enable the Heads Up Display in DraftSight 2017 to easily access and edit entities' properties and save design time. Read more on the DraftSight Blog. [ Spr.ly Link ]

DraftSight Professional 2017 and the Heads Up Display - DraftSight Blog

Don't miss it: $99 for DraftSight Professional ends this Saturday 12/31! Watch the video for an overview of new features in DraftSight 2017. draftsight2017.com/?id=social
DraftSight Professional is just $99 for a limited time only - this price ends on Saturday 12/31! [ Spr.ly Link ]
Keeping to CAD standards is now easier with Predefined Layer Support in DraftSight 2017. Check out the latest blog post to see how it works. [ Spr.ly Link ]

DraftSight Professional 2017 and Predefined Layers - DraftSight Blog

DraftSight Professional 2017 provides smarter dimensioning capabilities, more control and enhanced performance for $99. draftsight2017.com/?id=social
DraftSight 2017 new feature: Export to Excel provides the ability to export Tables, Bills of Materials, and Revision Tables to .xlsx format. draftsight2017.com/?id=social
See how Dimension Snap Offset Distances provides "snaps" for placing and locating dimensions with more precision in DraftSight 2017. draftsight2017.com/?id=social
Did you know that you can import and edit existing DGN files or use them as an underlay in DraftSight 2017? Learn more in today's blog post. [ Spr.ly Link ]

DraftSight Professional 2017 and DGN Support - DraftSight Blog

Edit polylines with more options like taper, create arc, and add vertex at midpoint with DraftSight 2017.
DraftSight Professional 2017 is just $99! Get improved drawing quality, increased efficiency, an enriched UI, and more.
Find the right command quickly and easily with DraftSight 2017's Auto-Completion Commands
Pattern Along a Path in DraftSight 2017 allows you to easily place an object multiple times along a defined path. Get this and other productivity tools for just $99 with DraftSight Professional.
DraftSight 2017 helps reduce your design time on manual or tedious tasks with new productivity tools like Insert Centerline.