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Did we just rock the boat and up the max level to 109?!?!
Press that LIKE button if you are going to push to reach it :)

I know I am :)
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The Final Poll for New Events in the future!
Take 2 minutes out of your day and select you Fav out of these last three choices.

You guys are AWESOMESAUCE! hehe
[ Fbapp.io Link ]

Which theme would you like to play in a future Dragon City event?

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We all like to have friends to help us on our Islands.
So today is the day!
GO CRAZY and ask people to add you!
Pressing LIKE gives you more luck :)
He's here!
The High Realm Dragon is going to be up for grabs in the Heroic Race starting tomorrow!
This is by far.. my favourite dragon!
Which is your favourite Dragon?
Hey guys! Rick here again!
Part 2/3 of our Event Poll for you :)
Vote now and be part of having the events that you want in the future :)

Love you xx (hehe)

Which theme would you like to play in a future Dragon City event?

We have letters coming in all of the time with great ideas for Dragons :)
This one is from Miles!
Show him some love and give him a LIKE or a LOVE emoji :)
Tomorrow the Jungle Book Mini Event will be here.
It's.... The simple bare necessities!
Don't worry bout the colours of your wings :) HA!
Hey guys!!
Rick here!
Why not help us decide Themes for the future Island Events coming soon?
We want to get your Feedback to really make this more of a community :)
Check them out now!

[ Fbapp.io Link ]

Which theme would you like to play in a future Dragon City event?

You were all asking for a new Wallpaper for your Phones.
So.. why not Bushido?
He is one of my Fav's at the moment!
Which Dragon would you like to have as a wallpaper next?
2017 is going to be a great year for Dragon City..but we have to take it month by month.

So the producer of the game has a message for the month of January for you :)
Check it out here:
[ Socialpoint.es Link ]
2016 has been a fantatstic year for Dragon City!
Here is a small recap of what we have all acheived together.
Thank you for your love and patience!
May 2017 be incredible for you :)

Love From us here Dragon City
✏Fan Art✏
His name is Diabolical Dragon, came from darkest part of the floating island and uses powerful magic that you've never seen before!!

What back ground story do you think he has? Tell us your thoughts!!
Merry Christmas Everyone!
Today is a special day to spend with your loved ones
Make sure you squeeze them tight and know that us here at Dragon City send our love to you all as well.
May you have a wonderful day :)
"Dragons... Dragons Eveyrwhere!"
Create funny meme about Dragons and share it with use!

From all Dragons Masters who participate, we will pick one randomly and give him 300 gems!!
Collect Event:
OH YES!.. you can claim Dragons from watching Video Ads and completing Tournaments.
AND If you manage to get all 8 of these Dragons, you will get the Patriot Dragon FOR FREE!

You can find:
Wrecking, Lady, Poker and the Umbrella Dragon, whilst watching video adverts AND
Symbiotic, Sustainable, Forest Lord and the Deep Sea Dragon by competing in the Tournaments.
Also, don't...
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Want to see how Youtubers play Dragon City? Why not check out Dan and Phil's latest video?
Have you ever created a video of you playing Dragon City?

Why not share your video below so we can see it?
Maybe we can promote you one day :)

BEST FRIEND QUIZ #2 - Dragon City Edition!

Subscribe for a free collab with tuber dragon: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=DanAndPhilGAMES Download Dragon City for FREE: http://bit....

I don't know about you, but my friends and family think it's strange that I play a game about Dragons in a city.
Here is what you have been waiting for!
Rick is here to announce the Winners of the Event!
Well done to the Winners and to everyone else, there will be some more soon.
Why not congratulate them below?
Ok, ok! Here are the next hints and tips, Dragon Masters!
Breeding Combination

Super Nature Dragon + Spark Dragon = Joke Dragon
Drace Dragon+ Clover Dragon= Candy Boot Dragon
And finally... Joke Dragon + Candy Boot Dragon= The new legendary Drathic Dragon!

Place to get Dragons
Get the Super Nature, Spark, Drace and Clover Dragon in the brand new Glacial Island!

Place to breed
You can breed...
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