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Another Dragon Book COLLECTION claimed! Yeeeah!!
How many have you completed already ⁉
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...a new DragonBook?!
Check out this video to find out all about our brand new update!!

❤ and leave a comment below if you like the new DragonBook! #dragoncity
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Spring has a sprung!! Today we welcome the Spring (north hemisphere only )!

Try to fit our Spring Dragon in its egg and send us the screenshot!

We will be randomly choosing 5 lucky 'springers', 50 gems each!
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Another... Happy St. Patrick's FREEBIES day!?
Why not?! Today, grab your Food and celebrate this day by giving your dragons an extra portion!

Click on the link below and share with your friends!
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Happy St. Patrick's FREEBIES day!
Grab your Gold before it's gone!

Who's going to be dressing up tomorrow as our St. Patrick Dragon?
Check out the video premiere of The Supremacy Dragon! A new Heroic Race will start tomorrow so get ready to compete in the Heroic Races to claim him for your Islands!

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❤ if you like the design of the new High Supremacy Dragon! #dragoncity
Meet the Beastling Baby Dragon!
Does he look more like his mother or his father?
Find out the end of the story today!

Did you enjoy the comic strip? Would you like to see more in the future?
Wow! We can't wait to see how the battle goes! What do you think is going to happen next? Let us know in the comments below!
A. She will defeat him.
B. It will start raining and in the end, they won't fight.
C. Other
What do you think is going to happen next? Let us know in the comments below!
A. She will start a new Tournament and be the winner.
B. She will find a new adventure on her way to the Coliseum.
C. Other
Hatching soon...
That's a very pretty portrait picture! He is very photogenic, isn't he?
The brand new Kong Dragon is coming guys! Get ready...soon he will wreak havoc in all cities with his tournament!

Thumbs up if you think you can beat him!
Oh no! It seems like one of our artists has forgotten to color the Star Dragon in! Help us out and SHOW US your painting skills and color it in!

What colors would you choose? Be as creative as you want!
❗ Out of all participants that upload a design, we will be randomly choosing 5 lucky winners, 50 gems each!
What's more epic than a new dragon? A new three-headed dragon!!! ????

How do you like his design and animation?
Let us know below
Wondering about what's going to happen this month?

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Sean Mullings created a fantastic Tornado Dragon!
But maybe you wondering how his Dragon was coming along?

We had the chance to chat with Sean personally, to hear his thoughts about creating a Dragon from nothing.

What do you think about the Dragon and his animations?

[Subtitles Available in Spanish]

How to Make A Tornado Dragon - Dragon City

Sean Mullings was the winner of creating a Dragon. In this episode, Rick takes some time to talk to him about the process in making a Dragon from scratch and...

...and the Dragon Movie awards goes to...

Best Dragon Warrior: Thor Dragon!
Best Fantasy Dragon: Blue Alien Dragon!
Best Animation Dragon: Genie Dragon!

Thank you ALL for getting involved! We will be announcing the 9 winners shortly in a comment below. Stay tuned!
Here are the next hints and tips for the new breeding event!

Breeding Combination

Chrome Dragon (Island) + Kryptonite Dragon (Tournament) = Speed Dragon
Deathly Dragon (Island) + Sea Dragon = Adamantium Dragon

Speed Dragon + Adamantium Dragon = Discus Thrower Dragon

LIKE and SHARE this information with your friends! Happy breeding everyone!
Did you already VOTE for all 3 categories? Tomorrow is the FINAL DAY to make it count! Don't miss out! Which Dragons do you think will win? Share your thoughts below!

On Monday, we'll also select 3 RANDOM participants from each category to win the winning Dragon and the Special Award! So, a total of 9 winners!
Last but not least, here are the nominees for the Best Animation Dragon!
Which of these dragons deserves to win this award? YOU DECIDE!

The Dragon Movie Awards - Your Vote Counts!