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Get ready Dragon Masters...something is coming...
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Carnival it's around the corner Dragon Masters!
Our Venice, Samba and Carnival Dragons cannot really decide where to go this year...
Help us choosing a great destination for them by sharing your whereabouts in the comments below!
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Ok, ok! Here are the next hints and tips, Dragon Masters!

Breeding Combination
- Breed the Flame Dragon + Terra Dragon = White Knight
- Breeding the Nature Dragon + Star Dragon = Gold Rush Dragon
- Breed the White Knight Dragon + Gold Rush Dragon = Force Dragon!

Happy breeding everyone!
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Dragon Masters! Check this out!
Tomorrow a new Heroic Race will start and we want to show in advance the video premiere of The High Entity Dragon! Get ready to compete in the Heroic Races to claim him for your Islands!

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Happy Saint Valentine's Dragon Masters! ❤

Who's your Dragontine in the game? Tag all your best DC friends/lover in the comments below (JUST 1 name per comment!!) and you both will have the chance to win 50 gems each!

Hurry up! Just 24 hours before closing this contest!
(Running until Wednesday 15th at 15:00 pm CET. Then, we will randomly select 5 comments = 10 lucky winners!
Ok, ok! Here are the next hints and tips for the Breeding Event, Dragon Masters!

Breeding Combination
Breed the Meditation Dragon + Heat Dragon = Father's Day Dragon!

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Happy to announce we fixed another one of them pesky bugs :)
You informed us that Speedy & Greedy's Tower Reloaded when you used it :)

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Hey Dragon Masters!
Do you remember the Tuber Tournament Charity Event we had in November?
Well, THANKS to ALL your help, the charity was so happy to receive the 10,000! The charity we sent the funds to was Handicap International. You can check them out here: [ Handicap-international.us Link ]

Show your love for the charity by checking THEIR WEBSITE / Think about DONATING and pressing that...
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What a great final that was! Congrats to both teams for such an exciting game and THANK YOU ALL for participating in our Super Ball event!

❗ Now it's time to unveil the 10 lucky winners!

We will contact you via Facebook PM asking for your User ID. Please remember to check your 'Other' or 'Spam' message folder!
Here's your chance to win 25 Gems!
We want to know who YOU THINK will win!
1) Choose the EMOJI of the team you think will win
2) If you select the winning team, you are in for the chance to win the Gems
3) We will select 10 LUCKY WINNERS randomly and announce them on Monday
4) All submissions will close Sunday Feb 5th @ 5:30pm CENTRAL TIME (CT), so make sure your vote...
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We are so excited about the Super Bowl that we have some offers inside the game to celebrate!
BUT if you come back tomorrow, we will be having a CONTEST in which you can vote for the winning team and win Gems!
Find out more then... are you ready?
It's the Start of February and the Dragon City Producer has some awesome things to tell you about what we have going on this month!

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Ok, ok! Here are the next hints and tips, Dragon Masters!

Breeding Combination
Poker R + Cowardly = Tiamat
Royal Phoenix Dragon (NEW!) + Cowardly = you will have the chance to claim the Tiamat, Sand or Iron dragon!

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Just grabbed the SOUL EATER Dragon from the combo pack offer!
Added to my collection :) YEEAHH!
How many Dragons do you have?
Take a SCREEN SHOT and SHARE your Dragon Master skills!
Our Artists are amazing!!!
This is a new Dragon coming very soon and he is the Royal Phoenix Dragon!

We get so excited every time a new Dragon is created.
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We hear you!
Users that are playing the FACEBOOK VERSION have informed us of some issues with their wizards.
You can find out more information here:
[ Helpshift.com Link ]

Thanks for letting us know!
I heard you :) So here is some Free Food

I actually need some as my little star Dragon is still very small..
Only level 1, so click the link and take the FOOD now!

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Ok, ok! Here are the next hints and tips, Dragon Masters!
Breeding Combination
Middle Earth Dragon + Rockfeller Dragon= Scorpio Dragon
Bonfire Dragon + Dorothy Dragon = Mystic Plant Dragon
And finally... Scorpio Dragon + Mystic Plant Dragon= Witch Dragon! (NEW!)
Place to get Dragons
Get the Rockfeller Dragon and Dorothy Dragon in the Fairy Tale Island.
Get the Bonfire Dragon in the new...
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Tomorrow is the day the Fairy Tale Island starts!
Let's see if you can Huff and Puff and Blow this Event Down!
Why not tell us which Dragon you are wishing on a star to claim for this time around?
Did we just rock the boat and up the max level to 109?!?!
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I know I am :)