A man who set up a website for child pornography will spend two decades behind bars and the rest of his life as a registered sex offender.

Gwinnett man sentenced for child porn site, creating 'how-to' guide

I am posting comment from this article that is beyond mind-numbing. When someone suggests that a 15 year old is better off with a 50 year old sexual predator because her real mother beat her even though the real father now has physical custody and has her in therapy, it is no wonder we in child abuse advocacy feel like we are making no headway. ~la

Discuss "Disturbing Details Surface About Homelife of Tennessee Teen Before She Went Missing with Her Teacher"

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My 10 year old son was bullied on bus 4 yesterday. 1 kid held him by the back of the neck and another kid stabbed him on in the ear with a sucker stick. My son went to the er twice yesterday due to the injury. My son's eardrum is completely busted and now has to go to a specialist to see if he will ever get his hearing back.

My son begged me not to make...
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Join us for the first ever **CYBER-MARCH AGAINST CHILD ABUSE!!**

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April is National Child Abuse Prevention and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Please join our movement to eradicate child abuse!

This year we are focusing on the first ever ONLINE CYBER-MARCH AGAINST CHILD ABUSE. Join us as we focus our efforts through social media to make a powerful impact on child abuse awareness, education and prevention!!

We will be hosting online cyber events and...
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April: Child Abuse Prevention Month

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CINCINNATI WKRC - A 16-year-old girl, police said was severely beaten by her boyfriend, has died.Haley Hall was left outside the emergency room at UC Medical Center Feb. 29. She had brain damage and severe internal injuries and had been in intensive care s

Teen allegedly beaten by boyfriend has died

Half a dozen of Sophia's family members addressed the court before Judge Joseph Kalashian sentenced Christopher Cheary to death.

Visalia man who raped, tortured and murdered 3-year-old girl sent to death row

Fletcher said she knows she made a mistake, but will never do it again and wants other parents to keep their eyes open.

Mom of kids taken while inside stolen vehicle speaks for first time since kidnapping

"We can't focus on the numbers. If we have one missing child, that's one too many."

Lawmakers call on DOJ to help find missing girls in D.C.

Their father, Tillman Freeman, is charged with first-degree murder. Earlier Friday, he had refused to say where the children were.

2 missing Fayetteville children found stabbed to death

Update on the girls missing!!!!
The father won't give a location of the children to authorities.

Fayetteville police searching for missing newborn and 2-year-old

#PTSD is real. Get educated.
Help is available. Recovery is possible.
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