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When someone tells you there's free food...
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Congratulations to all the hard-working participants of the Presto's Training Cafe Program, who recently completed their Certificate II in Kitchen Operations. The program just marked it's one year anniversary, and this week's graduation at Dreamworld's Presto's Cafe was a fun-filled morning complete with awesome animal sightings and yummy food.
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Pete can get your portrait done in a flash during your next Dreamworld visit!

Check out Pete's Sketch next to the Main Street Emporium where drawings take approximately 8 minutes to complete.
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Ute and a Few Boot Tappers sure know how to move
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Have you heard Guy's 'Pure Imagination' yet?

Check out this behind the scenes video revealing more about the collaboration between Guy Sebastian, Russell Smith and the Yugambeh Youth Choir in the making of this lovely rendition.

Dreamworld Pure Imagination collaboration. Behind the scenes!

In a connection created with heart, soul and nostalgic passion, weโ€™ve reimagined everything Dreamworld has always been; A place of genuine experiences, forev...

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Anyone else in need of a hug?

Thanks for the pic @simon_connors81.
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When someone reminds you that you're on a diet.

Thanks for sharing @michelle_turner_nz.
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Happy International Day of Happiness! Cute tigers make us happy. What makes you happy?
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Looks like Belinda Brown has dem new outfit feelz .

Photo courtesy of @themeparks_on_the_gc.
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Weekend plans sorted
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You can stop the hunt - we've found the leprechaun's gold (chocolate gold coins that is)
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Attention Treasure Hunters: From the looks of this rainbow the leprechauns have left some gold in Dreamworld for #StPatricksDay. Keep your eyes out!
When you're not a morning person and the kids just don't get it...

Thanks @roaming_tiger_photography for sharing your pic.
We send our love and condolences to Mr Abbottโ€™s family, who sadly past away last month following several years of poor health.

Lincoln was the original voice of Dreamworld, having founded our famous barbershop quartet in 1981, and helped to create thousands of happy holiday memories.

Gold Coastโ€™s own โ€˜Mr Barbershopโ€™ dies

Great minds think alike

Thanks for sharing your pic @sugarbeetshaker. Hope he eventually found the treasure he was digging for.
Did you know there are probably more children in your local school than there are bilbies in Queensland?

Bring your kids to Dreamworld this Easter weekend to enjoy all their favourite parts of the park plus fun and educational activities to get the younger generation involved in bilby conservation. You can also talk to their school about organising their own Easter Bilby Parade to help...
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If #Mondayitis had a facial expression.
Welcome to the jungle, we've got fun and games . Don't miss King Julien and Alex the Lion at Madagascar Madness ????
Double the thrills when the Mick Doohan Motorcoaster and the Tower of Terror II launch simultaneously
Even big imaginations need a place to start - and a LEGOยฎ DUPLOยฎ baseplate does the job.

Now available at the LEGO store at Dreamworld