You've nearly made it through another Monday! Your reward? #treatyoself to an ice-cream Or if you're the genrous type why not treat the whole squad

Thanks for sharing your pic @ling_mavis hope you all enjoyed your ice-cream!
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Summer heat calls for Summer treats! What's your pick to help you chill out during a full on day at Dreamworld?!

Pic courtesy of @rochellekhaddage
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Just hanging out with the crew from Madagascar ;)

Thanks for sharing the great group shot @elle_may_smith! :D
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So that extra serve of dessert is justified because itโ€™s free, right?!
Billabong buffet restaurant is free for a child with a paying adult until 31st of March. Conditions apply.
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"Make sure you get my good side!"

No trip to Dreamworld is complete without a visit to Corroboree! And no trip to Corroboree is complete without a selfie with one of our cuddly koalas!

Thanks to @eelizuli for sharing hers!
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The photos from our Valentine's event at Tiger Island were so popular, we thought we'd share the video! We can't wait to do this again next year.
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Dreamworld's inaugural Valentine's event was a romantic evening underneath the stars, joined by some pawsome visitors.
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Wishing everyone a koalaty Valentines Day from the cutest couple here at Dreamworld! <3
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How could you ever dread a Monday at work when you get to cuddle these cuties!? <3

Thanks to one of amazing wildlife staff @ari_forsyth for this shot!
When you annoy your big sister too much and she finally has enough :p

Perfectly timed photo from @the_themepark_social_network :D
It's the weekend! Time to cut loose and get a little bit crazy :p

Cheers for sharing your photo with us Ursula Hawkins!
We're gearing up for another claw-some weekend here at Dreamworld! ;)

Photo from @fouraroundtheworld
As if being a member of Hi-5 wasn't enough for triple threat Lachie Dearing, he paid us a visit the other day and showed us that he's just as talented on a board as he is on his two feet!

Photo from @lachie_hi5
"Legend tells of a legendary warrior whose kung fu skills were the stuff of legend" - Po

Embrace the noodle broth in your veins and let the kung fu flow through you at Kung Fu Panda: Land of Awesomeness in The DreamWorks Experience at Dreamworld!

@sarahwaterss certainly did :p
Some animals are better than others at hide & seek ;)
Photo thanks to @jhiltonphotography
Mondayitis doesn't stand a chance against the tastiest of all the food groups! Head round to our Ice Cream Parlour for a couple of big scoops

thanks to @momokosakai_
Kids got you out of bed and at the park before you've even woke up? Green Bean Coffee Co. has got what you need โ˜•

Photo by @rafbartkowski
Blue skies make the best backgrounds

Thanks to @themeparks_on_the_gc for capturing this!
Drop the mic on the week and gear up for another weekend of wicked weather here at Dreamworld!

Cheers to one of our very own Fun Police @emilymonsma for the great photo :D
While it takes a tiger a few years to fully grow, the incredible life-size LEGOยฎ Tiger we have in our LEGO store only took about a month! Watch it come together before your very eyes โฒ You can see it up close and in person at Australiaโ€™s Biggest LEGO Store โ€“ Only at Dreamworld! #DWLEGOstore