Drostdy-Hof Wines
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Life’s more memorable when you’re viewing it through rosé tinted glasses…

Drostdy-Hof Wines
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Here’s to opening great wine and clinking full glasses. The weekend’s here and it’s time to bring out your Drostdy Hof!

New year. New goals. New Drostdy Hof.

New year. New goals. New Drostdy Hof. Tell us which wine you’d pick to make your 2017 celebrations memorable…

There’s no sign of snow in SA today, but you can still enjoy a white Christmas with Drostdy Hof!

Shoes off, feet up, uncork and swirl. It’s Friday and you deserve to have it all.

Your Monday night series binge isn’t quite the same without a glass of Drostdy Hof, is it?

Call up a friend to enjoy our Natural Sweet Red’s refreshing, sweet finish while catching up on your favourite show.
With a crisp taste and cheerful colour that complements rosy sunsets, our Extra Light Rosé is your go-to summer sundowner.

We can’t wait for you to meet ;)
Our friends in Limpopo have a nickname for your favourite sweet wine, Adelpracht.

Can you guess it?
Introducing our new plus-size model!

Your favourite wine’s just been upsized from 2L to 3L so you’ll be able to enjoy more Drostdy Hof than ever ;)
There’s nothing like stepping out of the front door with a brand new look!

Say hello to our new style, in stores now ;)
Having your sisters in the same space for the first time in years and seeing that you all still share the same style.

These are #MemorableMoments. Share yours:
Drostdy Hof #PairsWellWith a perfect picnic day, being chased by a few angry bees, and finding a hidden paradise beneath a secret tree.

Grab two bottles of your favourite sweet wine to share with friends. Hello Adelpracht! #ThingsYouCanDoWithR85 #MondayMotivation
A get together with the girls #PairsWellWith your top three Drostdy Hof wines, a blind tasting, and being unable to choose a favourite because they’re all SO good.

Now it’s your turn!
Tell us the moment you knew that our oh-so-sweet Adelpracht was your perfect match…

Who needs fireworks when a simple twist, pour and sip will light up your night?

#MemorableMoments with Drostdy Hof.
A subtle glance, a simple hello or an intriguing smile…

#MemorableMoments begin with something small. Drostdy Hof is no exception…

Drostdy Hof’s Premier Grand Cru #PairsWellWith a warm spring evening, an impromptu picnic in the garden and a delicious platter on the grass.
Drostdy Hof #PairsWellWith buying your first flat, inviting your mother in, and seeing the pride & joy in her eyes.
Drostdy Hof #PairsWellWith leaving your wallet at home, having a thoughtful boyfriend, and getting a special lunch delivery.